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UNITY is the key right now!

Dear fellow Lightworkers,

I've been in this site since july. I really like most of the people here, certainly the discussions here have teached me a lot.

I have noticed though, that we're missing a key point in all this awakening MOVEMENT. It is, that we're NOT generating a true movement. We're not putting our focus in what needs to be done in order to trully generate an awakening process for the people we're in contact with outside this site (or wherever else you're learning and discussing).

What I mean is, before we can agree to disagree in some matters, we need to understand that firstly and foremost, the CABAL needs to leave the place... We need to UNIFY our thoughts, beliefs, manners, meditations, etc, for the world to be free of the cabal. Right now we're giving them the joy of seeing us (supposedly the advanced 3d souls), fighting, arguing, doubting each other, thus generating SEPARATION between us, that clearly don't generate LOVE neither UNITY, which feeds the Cabal and their agenda, specially when this SEPARATION, come from us lightworkers.

We need to be able to leave our thoughts behind in this moment, so we can beat this CABAL, and finally set us free for the future. Only AFTER we accomplish freedom, we can argue which way is the best to go, hearing what the other has to say with respect.

We can't pretend that our thoughts are the only ones that are correct, even though TRUTH is only one!

We need to be able to unify the teacher, the student, the soldier, the football player, the musician, the scientist, the religious, etc, against the REAL threat our life has in the cabal. If we all believe in LOVE, than we can listen and agree which way to go, but that HAS to be after we beat the Cabal, and make them leave the place.

We need to set the example, we need to preach Unity and act like that, so we can generate what this site and spirituality is all about... and that is LOVE and FREEDOM.

We need to love ourselves and not doubt whatever others loving beings have to say...

I trully love you all, I wish you understand what I'm trying to say, since english isn't my main language.

Peace and Love to all of you. We need to be unified against the CABAL, and not against ourselves...


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