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The Childs Future

Will we run through the fields,

through rainbows of rainbow flowers?

The trees are so green,

they show us Terra's great powers.

How can we go on blind and asleep?

I think of you throughout the hours.

Show me the face you're hiding,

under the moon we'll go riding.

The hills are shaking and the rocks are sliding.

Overhead the birds are gliding,

in the distance a baby is crying.

You head for the beautiful infant,

you find yourself running so far.

Look into the childs eyes,

they're brighter than any star.

The baby's body is so pure,

you tend to the helpless Avatar.

When she was young you cared,

for a while you weren't scared.

We'll be confused once the truth is aired.

Over the hills we've always stared.

Inside my soul, you glared.

What do I have to do for you,

when will you see the truth?

What do I have to do,

to make you acknowledge the proof?

How long must I be blue?

I see a bright future for me and you.

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Inside the Planet (Pt.1-2).


Balancing on a tight rope,

the world miles below me.

Between the feet and ground,

there's way too much space.


I reach the side of a mountain,

the rope shrinks to disappear.

With my feet on land,

I begin to walk the mountain.


With no destination in mind,

I make due with what I find.

A traveler from an old space,

I'm looking for a new face.

A dweller from a different time,

life is a mountain I climb.


There is a cave up ahead,

in a blizzard, onward to shelter.

A cave of crystal labyrinths,

many lives of wanders lie inside.


A staircase leads me down,

towards a new civilization.

They all have their shit in gear,

they await the darkness to fall.


With no destination in mind,

I make due with what I find.

A traveler from an old space,

I'm looking for a new face.

A dweller from a different time,

life is a mountain I climb.



Inside this hollow Earth,

the planet hides her riders.

They ride through any storm,

there are storms above.


Many of us above this place,

will rise towards freedom.

For now I enter this cave,

this one is sealed by Light.


With no destination in mind,

I make due with what I find.

A traveler from an old space,

I'm looking for a new face.

A dweller from a different time,

life is a mountain I climb.


They tell me of more life,

thousands of miles below.

These inhabitants are cruel,

they hide far down below.


If only we all knew,

I wish we could all see.

The end will never come,

we're here to restore our fate,

and it's never too late.


With no destination in mind, 

I make due with what I find.

A traveler from an old space,

I'm looking for a new face.

A dweller from a different time,

life is a mountain I climb.





musko-underground-military-facility-1.jpg255703154_26f0ba757f.jpgMyfirst1.jpg    :D we're like these kids haha.

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Re-occuring Emotions

Come on and hold my hand,

let me be your only man.

Join me in this band.

My thoughts won't change from where I stand.


A new beginning will be here soon.

Let's sing the Universal Tune.

We'll rise above the doom,

you deplete my gloom.


The hours move so slow,

times beginning to glow.

Defeat demons with a mighty blow.

For you, my heart continues to grow.


I've been waiting for so long,

seconds drag out way too long.

Sing with the greatest song,

I thought my feelings were wrong.


I love the way you dance,

please just give me a chance.

Just one sweet chance,

I loved you at first glance.


Have I gone insane,

is there something in my brainf?

I want to ride your train,

climb aboard my plane.


Come on and hold my hand,

let me be your only man.

Join me in this band.

My thoughts won't change from where I stand.



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New Page

Seeking freedom, must blast out of here.

Wanting answers I visit the sight seer.

Onward to freedom, don't speak a word.

To complete this life I join the herd.

Things to see, tell me whats to be,

hands so steady, do you think we're ready?


Live to earn a wage,

tell me, whats your age?

Turn a new page,

become a wise sage.


The time is thinning no ones winning.

Deaths face is grinning, my heads still spinning.

I can taste freedom, it's so close.

Don't fear the monster, a mutation with six toes.

Break the chains, destroy the defiance.

Meditate, break away from the evil alliance.


Live to earn a wage

tell me, whats your age?

Turn a new page,

become a wise sage.


Tales of darkness, tell new stories.

Set free everyone the darkness carries.

Sour faith becomes an obsession,

when one is taught the wrong lesson.

The sky's so blue, with its help I grew.

Hate and fear was all i knew, but now I'm with you.


Live to earn a wage

tell me, whats your age?

Turn a new page,

become a wise sage.



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The gloom

The sun the moon, the night and noon.

End the doom, I can feel the gloom.

Play that fine tune we'll all hear soon.

I become the groom to high volcanic plume.


Look upon the sky, you want to fly.

We'll never die, we can fly so high.

you don't ask why, soar to the suns eye.

You let out a sigh, there's no need to cry.


Things are so obscure, I need a cure.

Wipe the devils tears, there's no need to fear.

We were so pure, our evolution is near.

I don't know where to steer, lets have another beer.


Pour a stiff drink, look inside and think.

The population will shrink and islands will sink.

Cities become ice rinks, let loose the Lynx.

This place you can't jinx, negativity stinks.


I'm here to stay, enter the new day.

Rise a new way, for eternity we'll play.

Do what you may, beautiful sun rays.

Deep in the hay, a face made of clay.




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We could pet dragons that fly over mountains.

We could speak to the moon late at night.

Jump in the water to swim with the dolphins.

We could be one underneath the twilight.


In life there's so much that can happen.

Many times I've been denied eternal trust.

I sit quietly with my blade which I sharpen.

To escape this enslavement is a must.


Take my hand and we'll ascend to freedom.

Don't be shy, stand tall and walk in light.

I'll give you my love, everyone needs some.

For a while I've had you in my sight.


What could become of us in the end?

Join me by my side and be the only one.

Societies rules were made for us to bend.

We all wait for the rise of a new sun.


Keep pushing, keep climbing, never stop fighting.

The end is almost here, we've made it so far.

The thought of death is no longer frightening.

Mind races while looking above at the stars.


Never hide who you truly are inside,

shine with an everlasting glow of creation.

The worst thing to do right now would be to hide.

I decide my future with contemplation and manifestations.


When it's all said and done we'll be together.

We'll control the future together,

our futures will be joined, together.

We will walk on Jupiter together.




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Ancient Song.

I don't believe in coincidence,

where can I go, where do I belong?

Share the feeling of sentience.

The moment is near, sing your song.


In a dream they always come to me,

voices of ancients, they always sing.

Words of wisdom, they reach for me.

When they come, what will they bring?


The song of ancients,

it plays in my head.

They teach me of patience.

I no longer see red.


I wish I had a fast car,

ventilation system and a big engine.

I would drive from here to the stars.

The pollution, I begin prevention.


I'm a highly skilled and rare breed,

deep inside lives a magical ninja.

H2O, food, and THC is all I need,

they're calling, light the sacred Ganja.





-I havent read this book yet, but seems interesting, so we all should giv'er a go.


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The wait

Condemned to harness powers of creativity,

people don't want to see me be me.

The pen is my sword, music is my shield.

I wish you could understand the powers I wield.

It could be a wonderful living,

instead we watch corrupt music barely shining.


Do you believe what you see on t.v?

You are what they want you to be.

Your brains full of fame and fortune.

Soon you see a new moving motion.

You begin to see the lies and the demons,

you now have a different view of the United Nations.


I want to share my thoughts,

destroy the hate that darkness brought.

Gaias wolves always howl at the moon,

the end will be coming soon.

On this planet I will always stay,

I await the morning of a brand new day.

Beach Morning Sun Rise 


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Galactical Canopy.

Resurrection of the ancient prophecies,

so much to happen, so much to learn.

We might be part of an endangered species.

What will happen when the ancient wheels turn?

Enclosed in light with the holy ghost,

fly high, speak with a heavenly host.


Space bound flight, we will fly.

we wont grow wings, mind power.

Soon the truth will no longer be denied.

These time are getting bitter and sour.

Humble terrestrials will soon intervene,

for now I focus my eyes off this scene.


I hear of star gates and reptilians,

still I focus on the oneness inside.

I would prefer to meet an arcturian,

hearts so bright they never hide.

In lost words and insanity this could be false,

that doesn't matter, either way we're breaking down the walls.


Distrust, disrespect, hate, corruption and insanity.

Love, light, kindness and oneness, everything balanced under this galactical canopy. 

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Nobody wins.

Every time I gaze upon your eyes,

I see another world, what a surprise.

Your beauty makes my soul want to rise.

Deep into space our love spreads and flies.


I've always thought you completed my soul.

The love that's there makes me whole,

but soon it fades and begins to roll.

Down a steep hill to a cold rocky shoal.


To start a new life is confusing and strange.

I must find love to complete the change.

So many options and skirts in my range.

They never respond, I see gloom and rain.


I guess this is whats meant to be,

you in my dreams for so long I see.

I was trying to live my life righteously,

but these days new thoughts are coming to me.


How far should I go before something begins,

because now I know that here nobody wins.

I hope to hell we're forgiven for our sins,

because every day our time here thins.

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The crawl.

 Sorry if this seems weird, and raw in a way, I assure you everything happens for a reason and everything turns out good.



Motionless, sick and broken,

you wait for some kind of miracle.

Feel the warm blood seeping through the skin.

You call for the herd, the sheep.


Fixed upon a cold raw deal,

you sold your life for fame.

The devil haunts your dreams.

The nightmares never change.


Your so weak, you let go.

What was good for such a long time,

has led you through streets of hate.

Back home you crawl, crying.


The road burns, hot sun above.

Body so weak, the skin tears.

Mind full of power with one thought in mind.

Find the one that was yours.



What has man done, it's terrible.

So much greed and corruption.

Was it worth it to be them?

The body crippled, keep crawling.


Arms and legs bleeding,

the blood stains the pavement.

The dirt is a muddy red,

the aftershocks rumble and scrape.


The body quivers with pain,

the home, so close, very far.

The ships hover above,

people are lifted and on board.


To crawl so far with no mercy.

arrive at the destination,

body shaking, mind racing.

You lift your head, open eyes.


What was once your home,

is now blue rolling oceans.

Mind screams in pain and defeat.

The heart stops and the body dies.



Your body on the hot ground.

The buildings burn so bright,

you knew this wouldn't last.

  Your soul takes flight.


     Journey to a new realm,

     a different dimension you see.

     You meet ancients in an old time,

     you learn from their wisdom.


       The new sun had to rise,

     the children of cannabis had to rise.

     Send seed everywhere, new consciousness.

     The Earth lives and heals fast.


     Your real home was your planet,

     not a spot on it, don't you see.

     You could have crawled anywhere.

     Back home you start a new life.


   Everything you knew was gone,

   now it's back for you.

   Untouched and untamed,

   standing upright you don't crawl. 



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Spiritually occupied.

Reaching out to touch your face,

but I'm motionless in this place.

What was once a holy embrace,

has now lost its divine grace.


I've walked up the sides of mountains,

I've visited naturally occurring water fountains.

I dream of swimming with dolphins.

Feel the heat as the sun brightens.


The sick greed surrounding us all.

Things will change on this ball.

Towards shining illumination I crawl.

The leaders are used like voodoo dolls.


The sound of the prophecies bells ring,

the darkness, the eyes of death sting.

Jesus was lifted by a mechanical flying thing.

The ultimate message, we're part of everything.


Enjoy this life now, forget the tribulation.

Live eternally, leave behind devastation.

Lock the mind, set up spiritual fortification.

To serve the truth is my affiliation. 

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course of a life

Recruit the all source,
learn everything, the all that is.
We're trained to follow thy course.
Add it up, supreme math wiz.
Bust out of the chamber,
meet the population of strangers.

When you sleep, its the fourth dimension.
Read the story, become evil.
Next chapter, into a space convention.
Sit down, listen and be still.
Welcome to the dream state.
Open, and walk through the gate.

Back to real life, the third dimension.
Evil is here for a reason,
learn great things from space convention.
Everything changes with the seasons.
The many worlds to travel to.
My dreams always involve you.

I travel with my destiny,
to be lead from past confusion.
There's no telling what my eyes will see.
I know good feelings will win.
The old lives are all gone,
rise as one with the universal song.

Inhale the mist of sages,
this green herb, ever lasting.
Obtain solitude through the ages.
We wait sitting here chanting.
Rise and awake, children of the sun,
From light, darkness always runs.

The ancient prophecies prevail,
sent by the way of destiny.
Echoing heart, the sound waves wail.
Become whats meant to be.
Nothing more left to fear,
the pounding rhythm we hear.
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New Form

It begins with a bang,

watching the sights to see.

Wear the veil with no exchange,

live the life of a cross-breed.


The simple unknown resurrection,

pretending to be gods sent son.

Removal of the falsifications,

the wisdom is not to be shunned.


Revival of the eternal light,

forever remaining with us.

The D.N.A forms like stalactite,

forever remaining with us.


Travel through the sound waves,

multiplying wormhole, travel through.

New land, avoid the tidal waves,

Third eye opens, time to be you.


Reveal the ways of the chronic,

open all chakras, obtain energy.

The feeling is super platonic,

uplifting new breed of clergy.



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Auto-pilot Off

Like fine wind I move,

steadily going down the track.

Stepping to the groove,

The strange, the weird, I attract.


Into the energy beam,

release the secrets to us.

Death isn't what it seems,

the emotions are surplus.


Why do the birds fly,

and where are the bees?

Flying into the deep sky,

hold yourself, never to release.


Move on down the course,

the end holds great treasure.

Now become pure love source,

move from pain to pleasure.


My guides cried to me,

I slowly opened my ears.

They show me whats to be.

They've been there all these years.





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Face of truth

Reveal hidden thoughts and patterns,

fly far beyond the rings of saturn.

Stay amused with the face of god,

throw away every single cattle prod.


Far depths of space,

we've left no trace.

Witness truths face.


The patterns of civilization eat away.

Vanish the negativity, to God we pray.

Corrupt patterns of what was insane.

I stay alive by rocking in the brain.


Far depths of space,

we've left no trace.

Witness truths face.


Fly through night, run through day.

The "I" that is will never leave you a stray.

Lock onto reaches of the outer-most.

Attend retribution, visit the holy ghost.


Far depths of space,

we've left no trace.

Witness truths face.





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Like sand

Heal the time, this land.

With open arms, accept yourself.

Stand together, be like sand.

Cluster together, with stealth.

A journey upon a caravan.


Show Immortal Celestials,

watch ancient burials.

Attend future memorials.


Listen to sound, open mind.

To be a part of the all-source,

Godhead is what you find.

Ending age of "physical force".

Open the eyes of the blind.


Show Immortal Celestials,

watch ancient burials.

Attend future memorials.


Could this be the end of time?

So many options to consider,

the galaxies intertwine.

Now you know why not to litter.

This process is highly divine.





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Forever shining.

Go about your trials,

with unconditional love.

Hurry the process,

shine the light above.


I just want to hold you,

become your only one.

Walk down your path,

the one you never shun.


Bring me back in time,

show me the old forgotten ways.

Show me all your love,

to god everyone prays.


Thoughts of you inside,

I think of you all day.

Your beauty shines light,

like a beacon to me, I never stray.


Without you, I've got the blues,

hair of sun and eyes of ice-fire.

When I speak of your love,

I get hung out on the wire.



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God of this Land.

Is this the end?

Tell me Great Wise One,

Creator of this Universe.

Whats the message you send.


Come on, show yourself,

make yourself be know.

Complete the love you've sewn.


Is this our destiny?

Forever walking in circles,

with no realization of the outside.

Let us all know whats to be.


Come on, show yourself,

make yourself be known.

Complete the love you've sewn.


Strange dreams every night.

Are these what I should be,

are they divine signs?

I try to look at them with third eye sight.



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