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A dream I want to share with you guys

I had recently went on vacation to Myrtle Beach with my boyfriend and his brother, and the first night I was there I had such a wonderful dream:)

I was dreaming that I was working with my boyfriend and my room mates mother, (we all work at subway) but it was kind of a shack like old barn looking place. (thats prob how I feel sometimes about it lol) And all of a sudden I heard a very loud sound, kind of like a jet going by flying low and everything was shaking a little bit. Startled, we all went outside to see several UFOs flying around and we watched as if it was a fireworks display. They even made lights looking like beautiful fireworks and making figures of hearts and all kinds of pretty designs in the sky. It was all so beautiful and peaceful. Everyone was mesmerized by the show, and I remember thinking I knew they would come! And I was thanking them for showing the people I am around most that they are here, and how I can tell them everything now.

It was definitely an awesome dream that I will never forget, I sure do hope that when and if they appear in our skies, it will be just like in my dream. Who could fear extraterrestrials when they are making heart shapes in the sky!?

Light and Love to all.


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