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EDINIYA- is a new country on Our Planet Earth, it has formed in 2011 on the 2th ofJanuary.

This is a new state, which is located across Our Planet Earth, and therefore has no boundaries.

In this new country, living spiritual and bright people who think the planet Earth is their Home.

In EDINYA there is no any place for war and hatred, all people are equal and love each other.

Nowadays,this country is growing and developing, soon it will become a vast Empire ofLove.

Would you also want to live in such country right now?

  The number of citizens in  EDINIYA: 1206

   2011.01.02= 2 +0 +1 +1 +0 +1 +0 +2 = 7

   An unique project of the 2011 year

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 In EDINIYA are already living  1206  people, would You want to live in such country, where love reigns and all it’s inhabitants are living on the basis ofthe mutual respect and assistance, time and efforts are spent not to fight forthe survival, they are for  the sublime creativity, the revival of Our beautiful home, which is the Planet Earth, forthe fullness of life and the joy of it.

EDINIYA - it's actually existing country on Our Earth, which will develop and grow. It combines all people, regardless of their nationality, religion, culture and the other external distinguishing social characteristics. The citizens of this country - are, first and foremost, people understanding that they are the inhabitants of The  Planet Earth, what is their foundation, which is giving the  right to be called a Human.EDINIYA - it is a great and powerful state of people who have survived beyond ownership of someone else's land, religion, doctrine, culture, etc.


The features of EDINIYA:

 1. Theterritory of EDINIYA – is the whole Planet Earth.

2.EDINIYA has no boundaries - because of the first item.

3.EDINIYA has no rulers, all it’s citizens are equal.

4. United State EDINIYA - it is, first and foremost, the highest level of it’s inhabitants. That is what determines the existence of this unique country.

5. In EDINIYA no any place for the violence even on your mind. It’s inhabitants donot eat any dead animals, namely: meat, fish, eggs and the products which are containing them.

6. The main mission of every citizen of EDINIYA – is to revive The Planet Earth, to take it to a perfect level and create a solid foundation for the happy and fruitful life of all it’s citizens, who are living in EDINIYA and who will live there in the future.

7. The main principle of EDINIYA – is the transformation of the consciousness as the only way to become the only country on The Planet Earth, devoid of any flaws.


How to become a citizen of EDINIYA?

1.  Everyone who is living on The Planet Earth has the right to may become a citizen of EDINIYA.

2. A human who wants to live in EDINIYA, must consciously decide to stay in this beautiful country and comply with all points of the Constitution of EDINIYA (they are described below).


The Constitution of EDINIYA

1. All the citizens of EDINIYA realize, that everyone on Our Planet Earth is unique, ina complete and absolute measure, and all people are equal in all the respects.

2. A citizen of EDINIYA does not commit any violence, even on his mind, and also does not eat any animal meat, fish, eggs and the products which are containing them.

3. People who are living in EDINIYA should not cause any harm to the Planet Earth, foran example: to pollute air, rivers and soil, kill living creatures for theirfur, viscera, skin, or for food, to treat to the Earth's natural resources barbaric(take more than its necessary),etc.

4. People who are residing in EDINIYA spend a little time for a very simple meditation each day: they realize the fact of his being in EDINIYA, as in the only one,unifying all the people, country on The Planet Earth, which is the cosmic body of the Universe, and people in EDINIYA heartily wish the prosperity and wish to all the inhabitants - Love , Perfection and Happiness.

5. Citizens of EDINIYA gravitate to a perfection, so they partly or totally spend their time for any kind of spiritual practice, which is chosen by them and according to their preferences.

6. In EDINIYA all people according to their possibilities are directed to a simple life, therefore, as far as  possible,they limit using various "benefits" of the civilization.

7. Every citizen of EDINIYA clearly understands, that following this Constitution provides him the unlimited time staying in this country, rather than the compliance - instantly deprives him this possibility.

What is the name of the inhabitants in EDINIYA, and it’s pronunciation?

  1. The Name of Men in Ediniya is: edin.
  2. The Name of Women in Ediniya is: edina.
  3. The General appeal to all inhabitants of Ediniya: ediny.
  4. The word "Ediniya" - is pronounced with the accent on the first letter "i". Ediniya - a russian word, like the word: unity, oneness.

Flag of EDINIYA:

EDINIYA’s flag is a flag that contains all the colors. In other words – it is a RAINBOW.

2. This flag is following all the interests of all the philosophies, and this flag combines all the countries of the World into ONE, because it contains all the colors of all the countries’s flags, existing on The Planet Earth right now.

3. Coat of Arms of EDINIYA does not exist, because its a relic of the warlike spirit and the superiority some people over the others. It’s equivalent is the beauty reigning around.

4.EDINIYA’s Hymn - it's the sounds of nature and the silence being heard during the meditations. Also the songs of people with their opened hearts, their music which  is born with the desire to express all the immense joy and beauty, poured in the Universe.

8108685077?profile=original   Is EDINIYA recognized as a political country?


1. EDINIYA does not need to be recognized by any politicians or the other territorial countries, because this country uses what is existing at this moment of time and develops it to a complete absorption in itself all the  imperfect things in the World, through the transformation.

2.EDINIYA country is not a virtual or fictional country also, it exists only ina human consciousness. This is a really existing country, as its assigned by each person living in it, particularly, and on The Planet Earth, generally, ason the Planetary Body by uniting all the people living on it.


What benefits do the inhabitants of EDINIYA have?

  1. Mostly - inhabitants of Ediniya on the Planet Earth's body and in front of the face of the Universe are looking like the healthy cells of the healthy body, Upwards of will take care of them. On The Planet Earth, there are also people who are looking as the diseased cells, and they are the subject for a treatment or for a disposal. inhabitants of Ediniya can be more confident that at the starting of the Planet Earth's cleansing - they will stay living and that life will be beautiful.
  2. Inhabitants of Ediniya being the inhabitants of all the Planet Earth, creating a special global field, which unites all them, and which greatly assists them in every kind of their activity.
  3. Becoming a citizen of Ediniya, inhabitants of Ediniya start their development at all the levels quickly, moving towards to a perfection by a shortest way.
  4. In front of inhabitants of Ediniya open knowledge, that was concealed from all people who are able with their assistance to harm the Planet Earth. This is a very powerful knowledge and the abilities.

 You should understand that being a citizen of EDINIYA is honorable. That is a very perfect and unique country. You can not get to it, or fly by the usual means of transportation, but at the same time, you can be in it instantly, and also get out of it quickly - if you will or will not comply its basic principles (the Constitution of EDINIYA).


                                                        Become a citizen of EDINIYA.

 - I certify that the desire to become a citizen of EDINIYA - is my conscious choice, and my conscious decision.

 - I understand that being in EDINIYA depends only on my conscious following allthe points of the EDINIYA’s Constitution.

 - Irecognize the necessity and importance for the present Humanity existing EDINIYA.

 Click on the picture below:

Passport ofthe Citizen of EDINIYA

 Passport of the citizen of EDINIYA- is a valid and fully functional Document, which has its power throughout the territory of EDINIYA.


As EDINIYA has no any territorial boundaries, and its citizens do not consider that any site of Land is their property, then the Passport of EDINIYA servesonly to verify your citizenship and it is only a temporary phenomenon, as long as there will be a reigned complete harmony and peace on the Planet Earth , and when the necessity to have any documents disappear completely.

 Download the passport of EDINIYA’s citizen

 You may download this Passport and keep  it onyour computer, as a really acting Document on the entire territory of EDINIYA.

Hello, the Citizen of EDINIYA! EDINIYA is delighted to welcome you! Now, You became anew citizen of the new country, which is containing the bright and striving for perfection people. What tomorrow will be Our Earth like - is now also depends on You, so EDINIYA with a great hope is faced to You, waiting for Our help,from each person, particularly, and from our joint work generally.Entering this beautiful country, you will be able to see that there is another life – it is global and not selfish, pure and completely devoid of any violence, that IT is working and  already existing. And all that thanks to you and people like you. Welcome to the New World that we are creating together! Stay with us - together, and only together we may make this World better. It is like any kind of country, you also have a passport, which You can get here . Be happy, life –it is an unique gift that should be appreciated and loved. Always with You ,Your EDINIYA.

THERE IS A LINK BELOW where you can become a citizen  of EDINIYA  and get a passport of the citizen of EDINIYA ♥♥♥

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Hello to everyone!!! ☺☺☺

I have got an offering to everyone's Soul ♥♥♥ let's WE make The Powerful Global Meditation for Our Earth!We will send LOVE,LIGHT....WE will light it up and purify from the darkness.

STEP 1 - Before starting this meditation, WE encourage to participate in meditation, OUR Higher Self, our Mentor and Teacher,Divine Power and High flows of Cosmic Energies, WE ask them for Blessings and Supporting in the Purity of Our Intention and Aspirations.Everyone can find his own words and his way of expression.

STEP 2- Then
WE Unite with all LIGHTWORKERS on the Earth- mentally, visually and then WE sayout loud INTENSION - for the World Work in a Unity and for theMeditation to Help Our Earth-Mother.This Meditation is very strong, but WE may imagine what a power of our general INTENSION in the Unity will be looking like!!! WE will invest and Light OUR Egregor of LIGHT with SO MUCH POWER that Meditation WILL be COMING TRUE immediately! All the World will shine in OUR Energies and LOVE!!!

STEP 3 - Then WE pronounce the following affirmations to purify OUR Earth-Mother.
Here its what they will be looking like.


With the power of cosmic LIGHT and LOVE
WE purify OUR planet Earth FROM:
Whole energy of Evil, Hate, All Aggression, All suppression
Violence, wars, armed forces and weapons
All Aggressive People should feel
Love in their Hearts and GO on the way of LIGHT

With the power of the Cosmic LIGHT and LOVE

WE purify OUR planet Earth FROM:
Mindless consumption, competitive thinking
Wasting of the resources and energy
All people of Our Earth should be free
From all sorts of economic slavery
All People of Our Earth must have Enough Food
And the Houses for living

With the power of the Cosmic LIGHT and LOVE
WE purify OUR planet Earth FROM:
All the negative secret alliance, all the negative politics
All the negative aliens, all the Illuminati, and greedy people
All the hurtful things they have
created are Burning
out (in THE LIGHT!)

With the power of the Cosmic LIGHT with LOVE

WE purify OUR planet Earth FROM:
Abuse with the animals, Animal Prisons and Industrial Mafia
Fruits and vegetables contain with the high energy
People of OUR Earth must learn how to respect nature and be with her in a Harmony
Only then WE will get an abundance of nature

With the power of the Cosmic LIGHT and LOVE

WE purify OUR planet Earth FROM:
All poisons and diseases,
Air, water, land, people and animals are FREE from all the Poisons

With the power of Cosmic Light
WE HEAL the Chakras of all People
DNA of all people are cured and functioning correctly

With the power of the Cosmic LIGHT and LOVE
WE purify OUR planet Earth FROM:
All religions, sects, bigotry and superstition
People of Our Earth Will find true
connection with a Existence
- Is a Source of Everything

With the power of the Cosmic LIGHT and LOVE
WE purify OUR planet Earth FROM:
Ignorance of any kind , any way of madness, any kind of arrogance
WE should be able to treat all of OUR blocks and karmic problems
Everyone must have a high consciousness
Everyone should have the Universal Knowledge
Everyone should be spiritual
Everyone should be able to see the (spiritual) LIGHT
Each must activate LOVE in his Heart
Anyone who has ever experienced the Real Cosmic LOVE
He has Changed forever

With the energy of love WE're prepared for the high energies of the transformation process
LOVE - is a solution for EVERYTHING!

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