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Artificial Enhancement of Telepathy

8108979687?profile=originalMore and more people are awakening their TELEPATHIC Potential.  Some people are finding that they had the functionality all their lives and just didn't realize it.  They find it was just a matter of paying attention and knowing themself well enough to differentiate their own channel from other's.
Lightworker's various Agenda has reached it's Time.  There are many websites of personal offerings and some collective or blog type websites specializing in Lightwork.  
I am a somewhat old school catagory personally since I am older, but I am supportive of the Lightworker's ability to think outside the boxed and packaged programs.
There is so much Cleansing and Healing to be done before beginning to Build the New Ways and New Traditions.
Military State might become Global as New World Order brings Earth into a more Galactic Friendly State of Being.
Experimenting with Groups is the Youthful thingie now during this transition phase.  Multiple Egos learning to Cooperate is Crucial and our new Crucible of Christ Consciousness in Action.
My part is necessarily as 'retired and staying in the background' playing cheerleader for the youngens every once in a while.
I've always found channeling to be an easy method of obtaining information, but then I was functioning before the world wide web made information easier to obtain than what I had access to from Libraries, Bookstores, and Magazines.
For some people who I hope can act responsibly I'm offering a schematic for artificial telepathy.  Copywrite is listed on the pdf.  scan%207-18-13.pdf

Please do not falsely accuse people you communicate to of being skitzo.  That is cruel and counter-productive.  Please be careful of falling into delusions of power that can turn you to the dark side instantly.  There is a very real corruption to delusions of power that happen to any human and it always reveals the basest of human desires that reside at the Base Chakra of sex and money and animalistic natures that are included with the collective subconsciousness of all humans.  Spiritual Evolution is about Humans learning to rise to higher levels of Self Mastery and Self Control in which they lose the tendency to fall into lower animal base instincts and appetites or negativity.  Being in control of self is the very first step that has to be Mastered Before attempting to help or manipulate others.  Without control of self a person is no better than the horror children going through ego tantrums at the horrible two year old stage of incarnations.
We want a better world for ourself so we help others who are external to us.  Their participation in building a better world makes it better for all of us.

Love and Light from Saint Michael the Archangel's Legions


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