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We are sharing a series of esoteric transmissions, invocations, activations of the sacred Divine feminine of Shekinah through Blue Rayto assist you through the great shift of 2012 and beyond. You the BlueRay and many Light Bearers carry the new earth frequency of ascensionthrough the sacred heart of the holy divine feminine.

As you read this information know that it is your own knowledgeawakening, your sacred heritage and lineages. You the Blue Ray and themany Light Bearers true divine nature have been undercover of your fullexpression, gifts, talents and abilities, and as this information isbeing revealed so are you.

Higher Realms Number Code Sequences Activation

The higher realms, ascended masters, the Light and your guides communicate with you in many ways in your world and life. We are inconstant communication and communion with you. One way that isincreasing with momentum is through the sacred number sequences. Theyare more than mere numbers. They are sacred codes, energetic frequenciesof dimension and light. These sacred codes of communication form sacredgeometry and gateways, creating activation of your higher nature.

How the sacred numbers activate you

It is not that you are looking for the numbers or just seeing them, it is an activation and remembrance as you and the higher realms, themasters of ascended light and love, are aligning at a divineconfiguration of reality of time and space. It is a holy moment whenthis occurs. As you acknowledge this communion, it builds a strongervibration of higher light in your energy field and life.

For some time now, many of you have been seeing the sacred numbersequences occurring frequently in your life. It may have become such acommon occurrence that has been easily discounted to, "Ah yes, I see thenumbers all the time and that is all."

Downloads from Spirit 44

If you have a connection with spirit in this way, we wish to remind youto stop for this holy moment and take it in. We know that many times youare busy with your life, and through mental processing may feel youcannot take time to be activated by the higher realms. Know that you arein a holy moment beyond time and space, a place of divine power, where amoment can become many hours, days or even years. When you return tothis time space you will see that it was only a moment or minute in thisreality.

Ah, yes, you can stop and stretch time and this is only the beginning of your unlimited potential multidimensional divine power. 55 It is whythe power elite of times ago did not want the general public to knowthis esoteric wisdom. And why they created fear as a deterrent in everseeking this knowledge and deeming it unholy. These age-old energies areleaving with the shift and emerging of the new earth. 44

Sacred communion with the higher realms and Masters of Light and love through the number sequences

You will see, hear or read a certain number sequence coming to you over and over. The number sequence will keep coming to you everywhereyou go: when you check out in the store, on license plates, clocks, TV,movies, media - spirit will find clever ways to get your attention. Itmakes you stop for a moment; there is a knowing, a recognition that youare in communion with spirit; you feel it in your body and that is yourconfirmation. Trust this direct knowing through the sacred vehicle ofyour body, as it tells you of a meeting of two worlds, your holy moment.13

You are now being given more information, energetic transmissions on the sacred number sequences. You can use them 44 to ride the informationmatrix, giving you exactly what you require energetically at any time.333

Codes of the New Earth through sacred number sequences

13 –33-333 represent the new earth, golden age of Gaia through the sacred heart and the Christed female - the return of the Goddess,Shekinah and Sophia, the sacred divine feminine.

It is divinely powerful when you see these combinations of 13-33together and 333 each one coming to you throughout your day. Togetherthey are telling that you are a sacred way shower, a frequency holder ofthe new earth, that cellular rejuvenation of your light codes is takingplace.

The Sacred Power of 13

13 is "The Return of the Goddess in all things"

Unity and balance, the natural order of life through the Holy Divine feminine and through the Sacred Heart. 13:13 and 10:10 The Sacred Powerof 13 brings and carries the frequency resonance of Transcendence ofmatter and the embodiment of ascension, the new earth frequency code,Unity and Oneness, Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary, Shekinah and Sophia;natural rhythms coming into balance and sacred order; taking back yourpower through the sacred divine feminine.

Mary Magdalene represents the 13 and the shift of 2012 that will bring the new earth codes. She and her essence have re-emerged at a timewhen earth and the people would be ready to receive her lost knowledge.This will bring the Christed female of the holy spirit of theembodiment of Shekinah.

13 is a unifying vibration, it is the Christ with the 12 disciples.
There are 13 lunar cycles in a solar year that honor the sacred divinefeminine and at one time you followed here on earth.
13 was the sacred number of the ancient Egyptians, part of the sacredgeometry of Creation to activate their sacred light body.
The Mayans, many Native Americans, Lemurians, Atlantean and ancientsacred cultures used the holy code frequency of 13.
The turtle represents the primordial goddess of 13; many turtles have 13segments on their shells.

Mother Mary of Fatima appeared to the children of Fatima on May 13, 1917, for 6 consecutive months on the 13th day of each month. Herpresence will come again on that day of 13 through Shekinah in thecoming shift of ages.

13 has a secret divine power and esoteric frequency of the Mother essence to transform all things. In the past, the 13 number vibrationwas one of fear. As the power elite of the time wanted to steer you awayfrom its true direct connection with source creation. It is why theydistorted the truth creating instant fright around 13.

Your indigenous and ancient cultures used a different system of time and communion with the cosmos, life and Spirit that was more in tune tothe natural rhythms of Creation and heartbeat of Gaia. This holy way ofbalance is returning through the great shift of the ages. The 13vibration is a part of the holy alignment and healing.

Sacred code frequency meaning of 33

33 is the sacred heart, ascension, the masters of ascended light and love, the return of the Shekinah, the holy sprit heart flame of theMother of Creation.

Sacred code frequency meaning of 333

333 means cellular activation of your light codes and you are working with the teams, legions of the masters of ascended light and love andhigher light beings and realms.

We will continue to give you information through the Blue Ray on the esoteric hidden information of the sacred codes to assist the activationof your divine original blueprint. This will be a series of the sacrednumber frequency vibration of activations, invocations, esoteric wisdomand information that is now ready to be released. 11.11

You are being activated by reconnecting to the true meaning of the holy numbers, transmuting fear that brings holiness back to your cellsand to God’s true nature. You are divine; we bless, honor and thank you.All of God and Creation are reaching out to you in the highest Lightand Love empowering you. You see, we are One! 13

© 2010 Shekina Rose, All Rights Reserved

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Your Personal Wheel of Creation

Beloved masters, envision, however you perceive, a vast, vertical column of Love/Life/Light pouring forth from the heart/mind core of the Supreme Creator, thus providing a central axis
for all creation. This column of Living Light is the power source or
the Lifeline for all creation. Now envision great spokes of Light
radiating forth horizontally from the central axle at many different
levels via the Divine Blueprint carried out by the Elohim, the Builders
of Form, and the many divisions of the angelic kingdom. Thus the
Omniverse were created. Each wheel of creation would become a universe
composed of a great variety of star systems, galaxies and worlds
without end. The spokes extending from the great central column of
Light are the pathways of manifestation and are the prime source from
which the ‘fuel of life’ is supplied. Since our universe is one of the
most recent to be manifested, its placement is at the bottom rung of
the ladder, and is composed of galaxies, star systems, solar systems,
planets, as well as the mineral, vegetable, animal kingdoms, and YOU,
beloveds. We have explained before, and we hope you have taken this
truth as your own: we are not existing in a ‘fallen universe,’ but a
universe of half-spectrum Light, instead of full spectrum Light which in
this universe is called Metatronic Light. Your God Self bears the full
spectrum of this Divine Light and you will draw forth as much as you
can incorporate as you traverse the Path of Light.

We are endeavoring to give you another ‘mind picture’ of creation and how the creative process works so that you can better understand the very complex process of how the Omniverse was created
and how it is maintained through the Living Light or Adamantine
Particles containing the Essence of the Supreme Creator. With this
picture in mind, hopefully, it gives you a better idea of the concept
that ‘everything is happening in the NOW moment.’ We often suggest that
you rise above a stressful situation in order to gain a better
viewpoint, which leads to insight and, often, to a solution. Envision
our Father/Mother God looking down upon the wheel of creation that
composes this universe: they see the central column, all of the spokes
and the wheel that comprise the outermost rim of this manifested
universe. They can view everything that has been created, as well as
observe what is taking place at any moment in time, the NOW moment. You
can also get the ‘big picture’ of what is happening in your world, but
in a vastly diminished way. The gigantic wheel of life is ever
changing and turning so that it seems you are moving from the past into
the future. Older creations are being modified, having gone through the
devolving process, and are now evolving in order to experience the
many wondrous facets of creation, while new creations are in the
process of being manifested in the worlds of form. Our universe is
spiraling upwards on the wheel of creation so that we are gaining
access to more and more Creator Light (the higher, more refined
frequencies of creation). Therefore, your journey into the future is
taking you on a spiral path within the confines of your earthly
experience. The Earth is spiraling into a new position in the solar
system, the galaxy is spiraling into a higher position within the
universe, and our universe is spiraling into a new position within the

Humanity has been trapped in a horizontal, physical reality for many thousands of years. It is now time to cast your vision upwards toward the stars, and inward so that
your inner vision can begin to expand in order to incorporate the
vastness of creation, and also the vastness of yourself. It is a time
of self-awareness, and also of cosmic awareness as you expand your
reality beyond the confines of your manifested third/fourth-dimensional
world. You must begin to view life with a child-like innocence, or
with neutral perception, in order to acclimate and function efficiently
within your swiftly changing world/reality. You must refresh your mind
by releasing old, outmoded concepts, and when you learn to function
within the Still Point of the moment, you must consciously focus on
what you are doing with an open mind. When you are functioning with a
closed mind of preconceived ideas, you will do everything the same way
as you have in the past, with the same ineffectual results. The NOW
moment is the birthplace of new ideas and expanded consciousness.

We have instructed you as to how you are to build and use your Pyramid of Light/Power in the fifth dimension, and how to become an Alpha Master, which is another term for self-mastery. We have
given you the formula for using the universal laws of manifestation
and, if you have followed our teachings, you will have scripted in
great detail the things that you wish to manifest in your life, and you
have placed them on the crystal table in your Pyramid in the fifth
dimension, asking for your greatest good and the highest good for all.
We have stressed that it is not just material things you are seeking,
but a quality of life or a ‘State of Being.’

We have informed you of the importance of the Breath of Infinity, and have given you detailed instructions on how to breath in this sacred way.
Last year (see LM-4-2007), we gave you the Flower of Life pattern of
the Infinity Breath sequence. We would now ask you to envision this
horizontal pattern you have created with your sacred breath as your
personal wheel of creation. You are the central hub and the power
source of your microcosmic creation. You draw forth the Life/Light of
creation via your personal column of Light, which will always be the
appropriate frequency patterns for your present state of evolvement.
Once you have set up your personal energetic wheel, the energy you draw
forth unto you will automatically radiate out into the satellite
spheres you have created in your Wheel of Life. Within those spheres
will be the virtues, qualities and attributes of God consciousness you
are seeking to incorporate, which will result in perfecting and
magnifying your abilities to create anything you desire, as long as it
is for the greatest good of all. Remember, the Adamantine Particles
that you draw forth to you must be ignited with your unconditional
love, for the greatest good.

If you will refer to the illustration we gave you in Scripting Your Destiny of how the Supreme Creator sent forth the masculine and feminine aspects of Self
and began the process of creation, you will see that we are asking you
to create the same Divine schematic around yourself. Within each sphere
of consciousness you will place the attributes, virtues and qualities
you wish to integrate:


Each of you came into this lifetime to balance your masculine and feminine natures, using the Divine will, power and authority of the Father Creator, but
also to integrate the love/wisdom, compassion, nurturing, creative
aspects of the Mother Creator. You incarnated to experience the earthly
plane of existence in order to learn how to function fully within a
physical vessel while allowing the Love/Light of Spirit to infuse,
inspire and take sovereignty over your mental and emotional bodies once
more. You came to balance knowledge and communication, to learn and
integrate your own highest truths, and to live those truths as an
example for others. You came to learn that each person has their own
individual path to follow and their own lessons to learn, and that you
are to take full responsibility for your own spiritual growth and allow
others to do the same. But most importantly, you came to experience
and express love, unconditional love, by first loving yourself as a
precious, Divine Spark of the Supreme Creator so that you can begin to
radiate that love out into the world. And, in loving yourself, you gain
a sense of self-worth and sovereignty of Being, thereby, learning that
you cannot own another person, for they too are a sovereign Being. You
came to be a living, physical extension of the Supreme Creator, to
manifest heaven on Earth, and to be a living tribute in honor of your
God Parents.

In our last monthly message to you, we asked you to call upon the loving Goddesses of the Devic and Elemental Kingdoms. We were asked, "Can you please tell us what
"Devic" means?"
We are always pleased to help you attain a
better understanding of our teachings and the workings of the universe.

DEVIC is a Sanscrit word meaning ‘Shining Ones.’ It is the name of a special division of angels. The Devic Kingdom is under the direction of the Elohim, the great Lords of Light called the
Builders of Form. The Devic angels instill and maintain the life force
Essence of all creation that is not ‘ensouled’ or that does not have
consciousness of Self as an individualized expression of the Supreme
Creator, such as the oceans, lakes, streams and mountains. The Devic
angels direct the natural forces or nature forces of fire, air, water,
earth and the ethers. The elemental forces or what is called Elementals
are under the direction of the great Devic angels which could be
termed as the Archangels of the Devic Kingdom. The Elementals supply the
life force energy for the trees, flowers, vegetables, and rocks.
Everything in Creation is either ensouled, or has a Devic angel or an
Elemental assigned to it. The Rays of the sun radiate the life force
energy through these wondrous Beings. All objects have a portion of
life force energy, no matter how small, or they could not exist. In the
beginning, the forces of nature worked in harmony with humanity, and
the Earth and humanity did not experience the cataclysms that are now
so prevalent due to the imbalanced forces of nature. As you balance and
harmonize your individual force fields, you will learn to work with the
many divisions of the Creator’s helpers who will willingly assist you
in your return to harmonious living. They are already actively
assisting in the healing and ascension of the Earth.

The forces of nature were not meant to be harmful and destructive; however, they are influenced by the negativity of humanity and, therefore, once you move more fully into the harmonious
frequencies of the fourth/fifth dimensions, the erratic, destructive
weather patterns and cataclysms of various kinds will cease. If you
will consciously acknowledge the Devic forces around you, you will be
amazed at how beautiful and healthy your trees, flower and vegetable
gardens will become. If you will, once again, learn to commune with the
forces of nature, you can be a catalyst in returning the Earth to its
pristine beauty. Your automobile, computer and all appliances have
precious Elementals assigned to them. Ask their names and solicit their
cooperation, and you will be surprised at how much more efficiently
they will operate. Everything in creation responds to love. Another
question that was asked that we feel is important for your

Is Mohammed a great saint or an ascended master?

Mohammad was/is an avatar (or an enlightened Being), a Divine Spark of the Creator, called a Lord of Light, just as Yeshua (Jesus), Buddha, Rama, Lao-Tzu, Confucius, Abraham and Moses were, and
as are all the other great Wayshowers of the past, masculine and
feminine, who came to bring the wisdom of the Creator to various races
and cultures. They came bearing more of their God Essence than the
masses carry within their incarnated Soul-Self. The amount of God
Essence each soul embodies depends on their God Self or I AM Presence,
and the mission they have accepted before incarnating on Earth during a
particular era. They came to Earth with a message from our
Father/Mother God that was appropriate for the times, and they leave
their loving aura/Essence in the higher planes of consciousness so that
they are always available to humanity. Much of the teachings of the
Great Beings of Light have been distorted, for the primary message they
all conveyed was that we all are Divine Facets of the Supreme Creator,
under the direction of our Father/Mother God of this universe. Their
message was/is love of Self and love of all creation; that you all are
here on Earth as extensions / representatives of our Father/Mother God
as cocreators in the realm of physicality.
These great Beings
have reconnected with their Divine Selves or the many facets of their
Being in the higher realms of consciousness, and are available to
assist and overLight anyone who asks. It is so interesting that
humanity is always in conflict as to what is the true way of
'godliness,' when all of these beautiful Light Beings come from the same
source (just as we all do), and their messages are ultimately the

Remember, brave hearts, love is a natural State of Being. Love is a natural, inborn condition. When Love is the radiating force in your life, fear disappears. Fear is created by the
absence of love. Fear is only an imbalanced-frequency state of mind.
When you turn inward and tap into the well-spring of love within your
Sacred Heart core, it first fills your inner Being and then radiates
out into the world. You begin to see through eyes filtered with love,
and it changes how you view the people in your life and everything that
happens. An overlay of loving energy creates miracles. We honor you
for your bravery and steadfastness and we joyously tell you, the best is
yet to come. Each of you is an integral facet of Divine creation and
you are loved and treasured beyond measure.

I AM Archangel Michael

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Monday, 22 February, 2010 at South Africa

I am Kuthumi-Agrippa and I come forward upon the solar rays of love andwisdom to greet each of you at this time and to bring unto you the
blessings of transcendence, abundance, truth and trust. Greetings
beloved ones.

And it is with great joy and pleasure in ourhearts that we may gather with each of you at this present time as we
celebrate this reconnection of lights, hearts, minds, bodies and souls.

Preciousones, there are many levels of energies which are being integrated at
this time. Each layer is a language of light communicating to the
systems which feed you with energy and transmit divine inspiration and
guidance. Your journey along the Pathway of the Authentic Ones has
revealed to you many truths about yourself. It has also revealed to you
the truths regarding that which has set up the ground laws for your
world. The more you realize these ground laws, or, ground rules are not
aligned entirely with the systems of light, the easier it will be for
you to step out of those systems and integrate the divine mechanisms of
growing with the flow of life.

2012 is not far off. The time isupon you for all of you to move beyond the delusions of your current
world. Your world is filled with many levels of illusion. This has
created many aspects of pain and sorrow as you know already, therefore,
one of our intentions in our transmission to each of you this evening is
to perform a clearing of the collective money matrix. This will release
the embedded false beliefs and attitudes regarding this form of energy.
Why would we do this now? Because it is the fear of lack of money which
causes many to remain trapped within systems of delusion.

Theprinciples of life span across many, many worlds, many dimensions and
one of the ways that all of you will recognise how it is to bring these
powerful new energies into formation and manifestation is by applying
the Principles of Partnership. These principles reveal to you the
importance of collaboration and how it empowers the grids of light and

Every time you join your forces of light, of love andintention, the energy grows beyond your ability to imagine it. It
creates a system fixed within a fluid grid, therefore, it is a new fixed
system, which has been applied through the understanding of the
principles and laws of nature, life and the universe, which result in a
strengthening of the fluids which run through your body, through the
earth and through the ethers. These fluids are in your blood, and every
other bodily fluid you come into contact with.

Now this mightstartle you a little, but it is important that you know that all over
your world, everywhere that you go every single day, you are physically
touching another person's DNA; not just one, but many, many other
people's DNA. Now think of this. If you are touching their DNA as a
result of the bodily fluids that have been left behind upon structures,
and all sorts of other items in your world, you are then tapping into
the energy held within that DNA, and, how do most people in the world
feel about life, feel about money, partnerships, principles and working
together? It is filled with fear. This is not to say that you now all
have to develop a serious case of OCD and keep on washing your hands or
your body every few minutes - no.

With the energies we bringforth to you this evening, we are creating a powerful coning of
protection around all of you, blocking those impulses and imprints
contained within the DNA of the bodily fluids you come into contact with
every single day. Now what will happen is where your DNA imprints are
left behind, it will send a shockwave, of sorts, through the bodies of
those touching it. It will cause an automatic internal activation of the
inner desire to rise above the mundane, the illusional and the forms
which have trapped humanity in this mistaken identity as such.

Everysingle flow of light coming to you is absorbed by your body; it is
absorbed into your chakras and into every living organism around you.
This is how powerful energy is. Everything stores information and energy
it is exposed to. Your world is exposed to billions upon billions of
impulses every 60 seconds of life. It is impossible on a human level to
even comprehend what that means, however, I say this not to instill
fear, I say it to bring awareness so that you can become more aware of
how these energies influence you, how energy influences you, period.

Therefore,what you think, what you feel, see, touch, taste and say affects
everything consciously and unconsciously. This is one of the most
important reasons why we are working with all of you in the manner we
are. We are trying to help you gain the greater understanding of all the
forms of energy influencing humanity. This is one of the very important
reasons why you are urged to get to know yourself. When you know
yourself, you are able to recognise false imprinting and rise above it.

Therefore,through the energies of this 22:2 activation, the Master Architects of
the Universe gather with each of you, their collective energy form a
magnificent crystal grid around you and we extend this grid to embrace
all of you.

It is a fluid grid communicating to every singleaspect of you, urging you, inspiring you and motivating you to step
across the abyss and to venture into the unknown worlds. Precious ones,
these unknown worlds are nothing to fear. The only reason why they are
unknown is because you have been limited in your self-knowledge and,
therefore, in the knowing that what lies beyond the three-dimensional
barriers of the human world is a great opportunity, a great, grand world
filled with many worlds, many vistas of incredible potential. Within
these worlds are even more worlds of powerful creative energy. These
creative energies are coming to meet you, flowing into all your major
and minor chakras, creating a magnificent symphony of new sound, the
orchestra playing this symphony with grace and ease for it understands
the principles of these other worlds.

So, precious ones, we arecalling to all of you to gather together in numbers, to drop your lower
ego, to leave your fear behind and to look into the eyes and hearts of
your fellow brothers and sisters who travel along the Pathway of the
Authentic Ones seeking, as do you, desiring freedom, desiring liberation
of soul and spirit, so that harmony can be created, peace instilled
within the hearts and minds of all who live. This cannot be done if
those of you who walk this path go against one another.

When youcompete against each other, when you gossip about each other, when you
say negative things about your fellow brother or sister upon the path,
you are breaking the grid. You are dismantling the weave connected to
you and to the rest of the grid. Those who stand in strength and power,
honouring the sacredness of these partnerships, you strengthen the light
coming toward you.

Some of you may recall what was considered avery harsh delivery approximately two years ago where I spoke of this.
The power and force with which I delivered this message was for a very
important reason, and that is because sadly in the world, which
Lightworkers occupy and work within, is filled with many levels of lower
ego; many negative energies. This can and will no longer be tolerated,
and this is why we are saying there is no more time to waste. There is
no time to sit on the fence and observe which side is scoring the
highest points. Choose now and step into that power.

Between thisdate of the 22nd of February of the Christ year 2010 and the 21st of
December of the Christ year 2010, when we bring forth the energies which
prepare for the next four ascension gates coming at the end of December
2010 and the beginning of January 2011, people will have to choose. It
is now or it is never, and we speak primarily of those who are
vacillating, those who are sitting on the fence waiting for someone to
push them; so here the push comes. These energies come forth through the
powerful grids of light which have been built to date, the powerful
systems of co-creation which has bonded you together through your
hearts, through your intentions, through your love and through your
light, not only for Mother Earth but for yourself, for those who mean
the world to you, and for those whom you have never met yet can feel
through the essence of your being.

We have added to the energiesthat will be activated in Egypt in the next 32 days. These energies
contain the emerald vibrations of new divine and physical abundance. On
the 4th of April, in other words the fourth of the fourth (4:4), we ask
all of you to connect through your hearts, through your soul and your
spirit to those who will be physically in Egypt, and it matters not what
time of your day or night you do this, for the energies will be held in
their full force for the duration of those 24 hours.

As webring forth the almighty new Emerald Flame of divine and physical
abundance, all who will be physically present in the lands of Egypt will
have this activated in all seven major chakras. These frequencies will
speak to all the dimensions of the world. Those of you who will not
physically be travelling to the lands of Egypt, you are the guardians of
those who agreed prior to this incarnation to stand as those
mechanisms, drawing that energy in. We will extend the energies to
Russia, at which time an almighty Golden Flame will be anchored on the
seventh of the seventh (7:7). And when we extend the energies to
Turkey, an incredibly beautiful Platinum and Mother-of-pearl flame will
be anchored on the tenth of the tenth (10:10) 2010.

These threeflames, these new flames, have been created by the almighty Elohim of
All That Is. St Germain himself has added the final touches, the
energies which contain these almighty vibrations, and will be handing
them to those who have been assigned to carry them. The Emerald Flame
embodies millions and millions of minute networks of light, of love, and

As you stand within the presence of the almighty andpowerful Master Alchemists, you are being asked now to open your heart,
your mind, your body, your soul and your spirit and to receive the call
to service, to receive the light of the Principles of Partnership and
to extend your energy and your willingness, if that is your choice, to
unite as an almighty body embodying these incredibly powerful new

I, Lord Kuthumi-Agrippa, King of the Solar Archangels,now announce to all of you, and my channel does not even know this yet,
this is her surprise, I, in my energy form of Kuthumi-Agrippa
specifically, King of the Solar Archangels, have chosen this channel to
be the only human form through which I will channel in the future. The
energy of Kuthumi, as others know it, will continue to be channelled
through a variety of systems, however, this grid, this signature, has
been assigned specifically to her so that we can assign the light of
those powerful forces of love to each and every one of you.

Thisactivation is opening the doors to some of the most profound and
powerful energies you have ever been exposed to. It is at this time that
we call forth to the Quantum Goddess, we call forth to the Goddesses of
the New World, to the Gods who walk alongside them and we ask you now
to rise, to awaken and to lead, for all of you are leaders - love each

In the not too distant future, we will also be releasingthe powerful light of the Quantum Goddess. This too is held in the form
of a physical woman. Her light has been building for five years and in
the not too distant future you will be introduced to her energy as well.
She is a physical human being. As this energy reaches out to her, we
trust she feels the vibrations and we ask all of you now to extend your
love, to extend your light to this sister of the path so that all
obstacles may be removed, so that the Quantum God can come to stand with
her too, and in so doing, manifesting the presence of the Triple
Goddess and the Triple God, the Quantum Goddess and the Quantum God,
anchored firmly within all your seven major and minor chakras.

Thisdivine light, precious ones, is an amplification of the original
pathways which the Gods and Goddesses walked. All of you are a Goddess
or a God, a priest or a priestess, whatever resonates with you, but we
have called for this almighty celebration at this time to ensure that
these energies are held within the purest hearts willing to support the
grids, to collaborate as a powerful form and force of divine light and

Now that we have released this information to you, we askyou to open your inner world to receive the empowering pulsations coming
forth and we call to the sister of the Triple Goddess who stands as her
guardian, you beloved sister, you are to open the portals of power
within your own body.

Every one of you females who arelistening, goddesses, open your sacral chakra, for now it is that the
Triple Goddess begins to pour the holy waters of life into your sacral
chakra. All males currently hearing us, you are the Gods; open your base
chakras to receive the powerful pulsations coming from Mother Earth.

Goddesses,open your third eye, Gods open your crown chakra; breath in deeply,
exhaling fully, as we now begin to release to you an energy you have
never experienced before, the energies which shall now dismantle the
money matrix of the old world, the matrix which has shackled people to
their false beliefs and fears of this energy.

Breathe indeeply, exhaling fully, and now I want all of you to continue emitting
unconditional love to one another and to feed the powerful crystal fluid
grid of the principles of partnership. We want you to join hearts, to
join hands, to connect your minds and to open your spirits to receive
each other.

Archangel Michael now steps in and with themagnificent blue ray he brings forth, he amplifies these energies. St
Germain, sending the pulsations of the brand-new emerald green light ray
to each of you preparing for that which shall come upon the 4th of
April of the Christ year 2010. Breathe this emerald light in, extending
it out to your fellow brothers and sisters of this particular network,
this community, this family of Lightweavers. We shall hold the energy
amongst this group for now, building it, sending it deep into the very
core of your inner self, dismantling all the attachments to the old
paradigm money matrix.

As you feel these energies course throughyour body, imagine the cells of your body opening, your DNA and the
atoms inside of you releasing the outdated perceptions, attitudes, fears
and beliefs around money and partnership.

I want you now toimagine the almighty presences of Father/Mother God descending upon you,
filling you with their light, with their extraordinary vision; open
your mind, surrender, let go.

I want you to consider for a momentwhy it is you are trapped within a matrix which has resulted in either
lack of finances, lack of love and lack of healthy partnerships (all
forms of partnership). Most of this is because of your programming. The
majority of your fears and your inhibitions are programming stored
inside of you. It is through the repetitive programming that you have
been led to believe that you are trapped in a situation, be it a
financially challenging one, or challenges around relationships, however
it is even more than that - it is being trapped within a mindset which
tells you, you can’t do something, or be your true self.

Everytime you tell yourself you can’t, you are reaffirming the old ways; you
are strengthening the old paradigm matrices. It is your mind imprisoning
you, therefore, in order for us to clear the collective money matrix,
you need to clear the fear inside and for you, as the core group at this
time holding this energy, we ask you to please put in the effort to
observe your mind and every time you tell yourself you cannot do
something, ask yourself ‘why?’ What makes that true?

Perhapsthe fact is that there is a lack of finances, or there is a lack of
love, or an absence of skills or tools required, but that does not mean
to say it need be like that for eternity. These new energies are unlike
anything humanity has ever been exposed to before therefore, as we have
said before, there is absolutely no point of reference for your lower
ego, and that is what creates an additional fear, because it cannot
compare it to anything and nothing compares to these powerful new

Now take another deep breath in and as you exhale,release every subconscious need inside of you to hold onto the fears
which you identify with purely because your lower ego recognizes them as

Take another deep breath in and as you relax, we nowcreate a magnificent spiral of energies which we now spin into your
crown chakra, moving it through all of your chakras down your spine, out
through your base chakra and into Mother Earth. These energies bring
the universal codes of release creating the new systems which imprint
the atoms of your body. These atoms emit pulsations communicating to the
molecules of your body, communicates to the DNA, and to the cells and
into life all around you.

These energies which we are creatingare forming a magnificent new body of light around you; this body of
light is protecting you from the fears of the lower ego and when the
lower ego reacts, this body will allow you to tap into a dimension of
higher self-awareness enabling you to release this unnecessary fear, any
negative fear or emotion, which you now know is simply part of the old
matrix, simply your lower ego’s point of reference.

So,precious ones, as we stand within this world of powerful new light, the
Elohim of Grace and Peace gather with us. The almighty Master Architects
of the Universe open their energy to receive and welcome you, and if it
is your wish and if it is your will to step beyond the abyss, to move
into that which is completely unknown to you; if you are willing to
stand with us and create a new fluid grid of energy regarding money,
regarding the Principles of Partnership, the energies which call all of
those who are awakening to service, then come with us, step into the
light, follow the energy which the Master Architects are now extending
to you.

As you step into this light, there are conings of energyentering your chakras from the front and from behind. This is being
projected to you by the Triple Goddess and the Triple God. The energies
of the Quantum Goddess and the Quantum God step in. The Quantum Goddess
touches your third eye, the Quantum God touches your sacral chakra,
activating the doorways to Heaven through the graceful acceptance of
what is, as it is, knowing that what is in the future, is and will be
different to what is now, for you are being held within this light to
recognize that all your fears and all restrictions that you place upon
yourself are truly self-imposed. Even if they have been projected by
those in your external world, you have chosen to hold onto them, you
have chosen to abide by those false laws and rules.

Now you arebeing given permission to let it all go. You are being given permission
to step into a completely new frequency and consciously choose to no
longer abide by the ridiculous, deluded systems which have been set in
place, which have falsely led you to believe that there are certain
things you cannot experience, may not do and cannot have as a part of
your life.

Therefore, as we amplify the energies even more, theElohim comes to stand with you. I, Kuthumi-Agrippa, King of the Solar
Archangels, now bring my League of Solar Archangels to gather around you
as we amplify the energies even more. Breathe into your bodies exhaling
fully as we send these divine pulsations triggering through all of your
chakras. As it triggers through the chakras, it opens these dimensional
portals and we want you now to release every single person coming to
mind whom you recognize as being the projector of that which you have
falsely attached yourself to as being a law in your life - and release
it, let it go.

I, Kuthumi-Agrippa now send golden lightning wavesof energy into your body. These lightning waves penetrate all the way
to the centre of your atoms, releasing you from the negative attachments
to the old world, and I want you now to imagine all of those cords,
which are attached to the old paradigm collective money matrix now being
incinerated, releasing you. All those negative attachments that have
held you bound to the old world's Principles of Partnership, of
collaboration, of relationship, of union, of communion; release it, let
it go. For there is strength in numbers and we are calling you in your
numbers now. This is your call to service, to come forth, to bring these
energies, to release your self from the old, to bring it in and to
manifest it within your physical reality.

I, Kuthumi-Agrippa, nowstand behind you, pounding these energies into the powerful systems
that are now being activated along your spinal cord, sent through your
central nervous system, releasing the language of the higher order of
the worlds, opening you to the Tenfold Universe where the fluid energy
of all energy exists. The Tenfold Fluid Universe holds the keys to your
future, the keys to all of that which you need, all of that which brings
you freedom; freedom of spirit, freedom of your physical body to move
and be as it wishes, freedom to love, freedom to give, freedom to
receive and freedom to be authentic.

Take a deep breath in, holdyour breath to the count of six, exhaling and relaxing.

Now wewant you to take all these powerful energies that have been harnessed
within this core group hearing our words now, and we want all of you now
to extend this energy out to the rest of the world, shattering that
collective money matrix of the old paradigm. In so doing we release the
grip of those who rule the world through greed, through fear and through
ignorance. Now extend this energy to shatter the old paradigm matrices
around partnership; all forms of partnership. And we also disconnect
those energy cords through which those of ignorant minds and greedy
hearts take from those who have been led to believe they are poor in
mind, in body and in their physical realities.

Take a deep breathin and as you exhale push this energy out even further. See it seeping
into Mother Earth's body, filling every atom of her body with the same

Now, precious ones, this very powerful energy which wehave created, which you have accepted, needs to continue with its spiral
light for the next 17 minutes during which time, ideally, we ask if you
can sit in silence or within a peaceful environment, we will complete
the process during that time. For now simply relax and know that the
energies which are coming through to you are all new; energies the world
has not seen before. It makes it unique and it is through you
responding to your call to service that you have come to receive these
great gifts and blessings.

As you are held within this powerfulenergy grid, we want you now to give thanks to all of those who have
witnessed this magnificent resurrection of this pure, powerful part of
you and the amalgamation of all of your powerful lights, setting the new
foundation upon which you will create alongside the almighty Master
Architects of your Universe.

And so, precious ones, it isofficial; a new grid has been created, a grid of fluid love, fluid
light, fluid intention, an almighty powerful source of creativity and
nothing can stop it. Your union as this powerful core group of light
will ensure this, and as your group grows, as your connections to your
fellow brothers and sisters walking the path of light strengthens, so
this energy will strengthen and it will break down every false system
greedily governing worlds, manipulating them and you will see them

Over the years to come, more specifically from nowleading up to approximately 2013, many of the economic systems of your
world will fall, especially those major corporations who have chosen to
take it upon themselves to rule the world, so to speak. No man or woman
in their lower ego can ever rule the world. It is only through the
reunion and return to the inner sense of the higher ego that a human man
or a human woman will be granted access to those worlds which truly
embody power; power which creates the miraculous systems which reform
worlds, and so it is, precious ones, that the cities of light will be

Mark this day on your spiritual calendar as beingthe day when the grids were laid for the cities of light to resurrect;
you are a part of this, share this light, share this love with everyone
whom you know. Encourage those whom you feel are connected to this
energy, and who are open to this energy to join the fluid forces of
light and reform the world as such, reform your inner world and never
forget how much we love you, how firmly we stand alongside you and that
not one nanosecond of what you feel, think or do ever goes unobserved.
There is no judgment; there is observation and response to your calls,
your intentions, your questions and your pleas for help, protection and

Know, precious ones, that it is done; that theseenergies have now been anchored on Earth as they are in Heaven. You are
the Earth Angels, the gods and the goddesses of the earth world,
incarnated in human form to perform a very specific role, to reunite
with each other at this time so as to bring into manifestation this
grand plan, and this grand plan is open to any human being who is
motivated by pure soul, pure intention and with the desire to unite with
the powers of light and love, to collaborate with fellow brothers and
sisters on the Pathway of the Authentic Ones and to build a new world
based on a different motivation.

On the 4th of April we willcrack a level of the dark forces’ stronghold; we have been working up to
this for seven years. All of you are a part of this, you have been
prepared for this and we will conduct a specific transmission for that
day specifically. We will ensure that it is pre-recorded so that all of
you can attune on the day and be a part of the delivery prior to that

So hold on to your bootstraps, everyone; this is the rideof your life and we trust you will enjoy it for you have, of course,
chosen the pathway of extreme adventurers.

Now take another deepbreath in, exhaling fully. Give thanks to yourself for honouring your
call to service, for being present at this point in time embracing the
powerful light that you are, the almighty embodiment of love which you
are and share it, spread it by leading by example. Be who you are and if
you don’t know who you are, take the steps to find yourself. You might
just see that in actual fact all that you are is beside yourself.

Knowthat there is never a moment that you walk alone. We are with you in
every way, always. May all that brings you peace, harmony, health and
happiness meet you in the core of your being, and may all always be well
in your world.

I, Kuthumi-Agrippa, King of the Solar Archangels,enfold you in my wings, holding you close to my heart and reassuring
you always that you are safe, nurtured and protected. Allow all your
needs to be met. Be at peace, treasured Lightworkers; your reward is
with you. Adonai.
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