Sweden; Helsingborg


May 25



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I am here to share heavenly knowledge with all and every one.. i am a very sensitive one..an empath ..working with healing.. art,. love music of all kind AND DRUMS .. just love the power and the rhytm..

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All humans who are walking on mother earth at this moment ..

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  • Hej du, längesen. Hoppas du haft en bra sommar. Jag har haft min systerson här hela sommare, och bytt arbetsplats, så här har varit fullt upp. Du bor i Helsinborg, eller hur? Jag ska nog dit i oktober. Vi kanske kan träffas då och ta en fika. Vad säger du?
    Ljus* Jane
  • Love your music and pictures. I looked at your picture and this poem emerged. Love, Light and Balance.

    And as I took a breath, I connected,
    connected to the wisdom of the delicate
    I drifted on the hilltop
    with the green grass surrounding me
    like a gentle carpet of soft fibers.
    And as the butterflies flew above,
    they tickled my thoughts.
    They encouraged me to carry my dreams upwards.
    They sang in the music of love
    fluttering about to match my heartbeat.
    They reminded me we are all one in natures playground.
    While my eyes gazed on their silken wings
    they celebrated, celebrated in dance,
    against a backdrop of clouds that melted in a blue grey sky.
    And while the caterpillar waited his turn, he held my energy.
    So, I whispered my gratitude,
    gratitude to Mother Earth and all that live on her.
    Than suddenly the rains came and washed away my fears.
  • buhbyez
  • Dear Maya - sending you love and blessings :-) sophia
  • hey maya :))

  • Jeg ønsker dig præcis det samme - tack det samma :-) kære kære Maya. kærlig hilsen sophia
  • jeg takker dig meget for dine smukke ord - dejligt at være til inspiration - tak for dig :-)
    kærlige hilsner sophia

  • Vilken vacker sida du har *
    Jag älskar rymden och natten... PåskLjusKram/ *Chandra*
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