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‎11:11♥ 1,000,000 Lightworkers ♥ Focused Intent ♥ Collectively Synergized ♥ Calling in Shamballa ♥ Bringing Heaven to Earth ♥ We Now Collectively Invoke ♥ Peace ♥ Love ♥ Unity ♥ Abundance ♥ Joy ♥ For ONE And ALL ♥ Music~ Oliver Shanti "Journey to Shamballa" Words~ Kasha Glazebrook Images~ Cather
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world day of interconnectedness 10-10-10


Invitatation for everyone to join the 2 hour longcermony in the Medicinecircle, medicijncirkelritueel, with Mariza10-10-10 day of interconnectedness.

look for info about an event in your location at


10-10 Ceremony Medicine circle with Mariza,
On 10-10-10 I will join the world interconnectedness All are invited to join! Much love to ALL!
By: mariza
Date: Sunday, October 10, 2010
Time: 10AM until 12PM EST
Last Activity: 5 Days Ago
Location: location is in Friesland, The Netherlands
Address: you can contact me for more info and details, let us know if you join!


On10-10-10 I will join the world interconnectedness and will do a 2 hourwonderfull medicine circle ceremony in Holland,Friesland.Starting at10.00 in the morning.. Hope to meet a lot of people here! All areinvited to join! Much love to ALL! Let us join into One conciousness ofPeace and Beauty ,With Joy,Grace and Love

Hello Everyone!

Ijoin the world interconnectedness day with a ceremony of onness in thenature. we will also have a fire ritual and alive happy healthy water.there is a place for letting go, and recieving. and for a deepexperience of connection.
You can also organise your own ritual oractivity you are making it a wonderfull experience for all when youconnect with an open hart and mind with all of US on this day

aLLARE INVITED. THE ONES WHO CAN COME, YOU Can contact me for the locationand details, it is free , you can donate if you feel to, and it takesabout two hours, but you can also stay shorter.
It is wonderfull fwe can all unite that day more conciously, and also from distance wecan all unite and be toghether in cermony.
The ceremony will be outside.
You can all ask everyone to join, please do so and lets make a hudge cirlce of onness and peace!
Inthis circle i will also guide you and give space to your Souls tospeak. We will experience deep connection if all just open for theunited energy's and give and share.
It will be inspirational and warm your Heart.
Please warm Us with Your presence and let us celebrate our next steps into the light, back to the source!'

All of you a wonderfull yourney and so much love and courage to win every obstacle that makes you stronger and fly!

Weare angels and protectors of the Earth, Gaia and together with her andall lightbrings from heaven and earth we will celebrate!
We are family!

all welcome and have a good flight!
lots of love and comfort
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what a true accurate post, i love to read this!

oo all my beloved ones!
wat a wondefull fulffiilling promise!
yes let it come in our lifes! what we wanted and desire!
love love love1 may we all be albe to step into action and manifest and work with our gifts into the world with all people to cocreate and all forces and energys in universe of love and light to co-assist cocreate and manifest!

love and adventure!
to all of you i wish you fullfilling of your long wanted desires1

your heart is your guide and it will be so happy when you spend more time in there instead of your mind..haha
lets go for it!
And don't forget to ask all minerals to work together to make the hole of the oilsplill and all the damage in balance..minerals can restore and heal so much, we can ask for all help to all elements and give them extra power!@

love you all!


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life begins

HEAVEN #3448

Life Begins,
May 4, 2010

God said:
Thereis leisure for you in My heart, for, in My heart, time does not exist.There is no hurry, no haste, no eventuality that you have to meet oravoid. You do nothing but loll in My heart, and yet you are wide-awake.There is an enlivening presence in My heart. Everything is hurry-less,and yet your pulse, as it were, speeds up. There is no tempo. There isno pace, and yet the non-pace is not slow. There is no hurry, yet, asyou loll, there is alacrity. There is no metronome. There is Stillness,and yet slowness does not exist.

We could say that therelaxation you experience in My heart is something like the gap betweenheartbeats, the gap between words, between thoughts, between theinception of an idea. We could say that what you experience, even thoughit is non-experience, is the pause that refreshes.

You are sofree within My heart. You know Who you are, and you know you arelimitless. And you know what to do with your freedom, and yet you don'tdo anything. Like Me, you ARE.

This relaxation is Being,beloveds. It is Being without rush, Being without requirements, Beingwithout grasping, asking, or anything at all but Being.

Being isthe state before activity. It is love established and embraced withinitself. It is very powerful, this state of Being, Being love, love infull force, love brewing, as it were, love readied on the stove, a herdof love ready to go out the gate, love ready to bolt beyond knownproportions in the extant world, love bulging at the seams, love readyto burst through in a surcharged embrace yet not an embrace, a birth oflove ready to be born, a fullness of love on the very breach of itself,centered in itself, not yet of the Earth, yet for the Earth, right forthe Earth, the solvency of the Earth, the gold of the Earth worth morethan millions, love uncountable, love beyond count, love fulsome, lovecomplete, love yet without object, love with nothing in mind but loving,love like yeast, love at the right temperature, love incipient, loveburgeoning, love ready to cascade, love ready to burst forth like thesun, love ready to exist on Earth as it exists in Heaven, love ready toovertake anything less, love ready to elope with the Earth and everyoneon it, run off into the sunset and turn around and come back and be lovemeeting itself all the way, love dissolving everything in its path,love overturning any imagined thing that is not love, love doinghandstands, love like a million stars sparkling until there is nothing,nothing at all but love expanding in the openness of itself, a bagful oflove on every doorstep, perennial love, eternal love, love and nothingbut love, love in common, love for all and not owned but given, loveabundant, love one-pointed in establishing itself as it is, as it is theway of life, for love is to be known, and love is to take over, andlove is to be known as love is which is all that there is.

Nothingholds sway in the face of love. Nothing exists but love. Nothingcompares, even if something existed to compare love with which it doesnot.

There is an attunement to love on Earth in this moment. Allhearts are beating anew, set to the Stillness of My heart, yetthrobbing still and making music like a chorus of cicadas. Love is here.Hearts are joined. Life begins.
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