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Why are you here in this website?

I'm just observing all the different personalities in here and I thought Id ask the question .. why are you here? .. what brings you to this website ?

I am here because I like being in a Spiritual website where I can choose from a wide range of topics at my leisure, and to have the opportunity to make a blog post now and again, to make friends and to know that there are like minded people in here. I follow the guidelines set out by Ben Arion.

I'm pretty quiet, I don't contribute all that often, I occasionally do.. usually with a bit of light humor.. I enjoy being around other Spiritual people and I learn a lot.

I am here to connect with other star seeds.. people who express love.. people who are compassionate and wish to uplift others... I also love when I read something that is loaded with uplifting data and makes me feel good.

It is also great that people leave heartfelt comments and uplifting pictures on other peoples pages .. showing that even though nobody really knows anybody else, that they care about them just the same.

So, that's more or less why I am here..

why are you here in this website?

Love to you.


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A Parable


A Parable

“Imagine that once upon this time, there is a sealed fishbowl (made of one-way glass) inside of a large aquarium. The fish in the aquarium can see into the bowl, but the fish in the bowl cannot see out. Their fishbowl is their only reality. Imagine that the large aquarium is filled with salt water and anemones, crabs, and all kinds of wondrous fishes. The fishbowl is filled with fresh water and goldfish.

The glass of the fishbowl is getting thinner and thinner. Small amounts of salt water are seeping through and the goldfish must evolve very fast to handle this change in their environment. As the wall grows thinner, the goldfish begin to get glimpses of the creatures in the aquarium. Some of the goldfish see these other fishes as The Enemy, and fiercely try to defend their bowl from imminent invasion. They see the anemones as Evil, and accuse other goldfish of being “anemone-influenced.” These goldfish hide their personal fear by projecting a climate of fear around them.

Some of the goldfish assume that the fishes in the aquarium have been controlling their fishbowl all along. They see themselves and the other goldfish as hapless victims. They assume that the creatures on the other side of the glass have kept them in the fishbowl just so they could be eaten someday. As their bowl dissolves, they meet each passing day with dread.

Some of the goldfish see the fishes on the other side of the glass as holy, all-powerful superiors. These goldfish relinquish all inner authority and wildly swing from feeling especially chosen to feeling worthless. They try to interpret hidden messages from their “masters” and base their actions and beliefs on the messages.They swim here and there in the bowl, creating lots of ripples, but no lasting effects.

Some of the goldfish see the other creatures as brethren and marvel at the miraculous variations “The Great Fish” has used to express Itself. These goldfish know that the evolution of their species, the dissolving of their bowl, and even the reactions of fear, martyrdom, and unworthiness in the other goldfish are in the fins of “The Great Fish.” They follow the Spirit of The Great Fish with each gill and each fin. They experience ecstasy as they prepare to swim in vaster waters.


So, the holographic bubble is collapsing, at times causing massive parallel mergers numbering in the tens of thousands per minute. Linear time is collapsing as it evolves towards a simultaneous time structure (Infinite NOW). Linea space is expanding, as it evolves towards simultaneous space (Infinite Presence).

Which fish are you? Are you busy fighting “The Enemy?”Have you pulled out your Light sword and are righteously battling the secret government, the greys, the dark forces, etc.? Does this truly match your vision of Heaven on Earth? Are you focused on extraterrestrials trying to control the Earth? Are you participating with pictures of reality that hold that humankind are victims, dupes, or a colonized food source? How does this mesh with the view that each person is a vast, multidimensional master? Have you exchanged your connection with your own Spirit for one with a guru, an Ascended Master, or a channeled entity? The entire universe will rearrange itself to accommodate your pictures of reality. What do you want – really? Your Spirit is shifting your positioning in relation to ascension. Allow the sweetness of transfiguration to fill your soul. Follow your own beloved Spirit, with each breath and each step. Live Heaven!”




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