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Gov. George Wallace

This is a time in which there is lots of controversy about what is taking place in the world today. It has been revealed that Greg Giles is now with the Galactic Federation back on his home shop the New Jerusalem, with his father, Sananda.

I wish to explain a bit further about the placement of Greg on the Internet giving his messages of light to all of humanity. It was done in order for all of us to see and feel the love that was inherent around the globe. As he sent forth the messages, he did so with the full knowledge that it may not continue too long with out the interference of the powers that serve the fear energy.

This was proven to be true, for as he sent forth the messages of truth, the ones who sought to retain their power over the people took their measures to silence him. They did so in the manner that he foresaw could happen. He saw this as an opportunity for the people to see what it really represented, and how they were being given the opportunity to use their own discernment. That is the degree of trust that Greg had for the people of this earth.

He did this because he was one of the ones who brought forth the disciples that followed Jesus around his path of enlightenment. He was the son of Jesus and Mary and as he saw what was taking place he vowed that he would forever serve in the light that his father brought to the people. He knew that through the evolvement of the species of humanity there would be an ensnarement of the people by the ones who sought to empower themselves in the energy of control through fear.

That is when he began his pilgrimage through the evolvement of humanity. He did so in his own evolvement, through the destiny that he was created for. It came to be that he gave his life in several lifetimes in order for his word to get out to the people. He gave his life in those lifetimes for the evolutionary process to strengthen in what he saw to be an ever present series of steps that were to be taken in the pursuit of the power that would disempower all of humanity who did not join forces with them.

It is now the time in which this is all coming to a head, as is expressed by so many. It is time for the truth to come out, and as it does it will show people who read and hear of this that there is only one power that has the complete ability to discern and tune in to what is truth. That is the inner voice of each and every one, as the strength of the creator is felt and accessed in full.

I now identify who I am and I wish to show you that there is a wonderful new awakening coming for all of you. I am the one who seeks to walk with you in the throes of the almighty truth and to see with you what it is that you have been being shown. I am Governor George Wallace of the United States and I have been in communication with the rest of the ones who have walked in this energy of truth since leaving the planet. I saw what was taking place all along this journey since I left the planet and the identity in which I played my part.

Now I seek to instill within each and every one of you to turn inward to your own inner guidance and to know what it is that is taking place. In this way you will be able to walk these steps to freedom and be able to show the universe what it is that you are capable of. I commend you all who read this and pass it along, for within your own knowingness is your knowledge of using the discernment with which you came into existence.

I love you all so dearly, and I ask that you realize that no matter what you do on earth and no matter how it turns out, there is always a matter of what brought it about and what is learned from it. You are dearly loved! Walk in that, and come to your destined ascension in full glory!

Thank you dear Governor George Wallace,

Love, Nancy Tate

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Jafree Ozwald | September 29 2012

Dream Dialoging is a powerful tool that can help anyone manifest their Dream Life. A Dream Dialog is a conversation with someone (or yourself) out loud where you talk about what you most want to manifest as if it has already happened. It is harnessing your imagination to act and feel as if you have already accomplished one of your dreams. It is super fun to do with a partner on a 20-30 minute walk. You take turns talking about how your dream/goal or desire JUST manifested for you. Speak in an excited voice as if you just won the lotto jackpot yesterday!!

Teach your partner how to communicate with you while Dream Dialoging so that they’re asking you questions that elicit more juicy details such as, “And then what happened?”, “So how did that feel for you?,” “How exciting! Tell me more!,”and ”Who was with you?” Dream dialoging is FUN and doing it with 2 or 3 people becomes a conversation where everyone’s fantasies come true. You can also use an imaginary partner if a physical one is not available. This is your opportunity to have some REAL FUN and get as energetically wild as you possibly can!

“You can achieve anything you want in life if you have the courage to dream it, the intelligence to make a realistic plan, and the will to see that plan through to the end.” ~Sidney A. Friedman

Practicing your Dream Dialog in the past tense helps you manifest it faster and easier. When you relax your body about achieving your future dream, your body thinks it has accomplished it. So always Dream Dialog in the past tense as if it has already occurred. This emotional mixture of excitement and relief raises your “Manifesting Vibration” and attracts your dream faster into the physical form! The present tense is useful for affirming what is already here, yet isn’t as powerful as experiencing the feeling that you have ALREADY manifested a great desire. If you said, “I am now making $5000 a week”, your mind will be continually trying and efforting to make it happen. If you said, “I just made $5000 last week!”, your mind relaxes and allows for sensations of joy and excitement to occur. In a few moments you are feeling and vibrating on that higher level.

“A soul without a high aim is like a ship without a rudder.” ~Eileen Caddy

Why does Dream Dialoging help you manifest your dream life easier? The Universe is a mysteriously alive intelligent energy that is connected to everyone and everything. It actually FEELS along with what you are feeling! If you truly feel you have already manifested something, it wants to follow through with the actual PHYSICAL manifestation of it. So when you are ranting and raving about how you just made a thousand dollars yesterday, your body and other peoples’ bodies get excited about the idea, and the entire Universe starts to respond accordingly! There is always a perfect balance between your thoughts and the physical objects and situations you encounter.

Dream Dialoging can change a challenging life situation very quickly because the Universal Mind does not know the difference between what is real in your mind, and what is being imagined. The Universal intelligence is in tune with what your body is feeling. If something or someone is bothering you in your life, start creating a new future with them by dialoging how easy things shifted between you. Explain how they have already changed, and how they are NOW so very supportive it’s truly a miracle! Remember to always use the juiciest details! The main motto is, if you don’t like something, dream up a better experience instead of focusing on what isn’t working.

“The energy born of love is creative – it makes everything it touches new. To see how passionate you are, look around at what you have created.” ~Deepak Chopra

Practicing your Dream Dialog with a partner is one of the most powerful techniques you can use to manifest your dreams. Jafree’s coaching clients rant and rave about how quickly Dream Dialoging has helped them manifest their hearts’ desires. After just a few weeks of acting out their Dream Dialog, people have manifested phone calls from Hollywood Producers, sold a house in 10 days that had been on the market for three months, and even made $70,000 in one day! It really is amazing..

The fascinating part of manifesting is the amount of time, emotion and creative energy you spend acting out your Dream Dialog isdirectly proportional to how quickly and accurately it shows up in the physical world. Like a rocket shooting towards your dreams, whether you use rocket fuel or regular gasoline will determine the speed and power of your mental and emotional thrusters.

What kind of fuel do you want propelling your rocket ship today?

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September 30 – October 7, 2012

Beloved Ones,

A great many of you are experiencing fear in ways that did not bother you before. Know that you are picking up on the fears of the mass consciousness field and that you have control over your mind and your thoughts. At such moments all you have to do is remember that you are always surrounded by a legion of Angels. There is no place upon this Planet that you walk alone. As you have trodden upon your spiritual journey in this lifetime, you have amassed a greater following of Light Beings who watch over you so that at this point in time, you each have a veritable army of Light to protect you.

To counter the chaotic energies that are prevalent in these times, look closely to find the beauty all around you – in people, in places, in your surroundings, in every small vignette of physical perfection, and make this your focus. You are holding the vision of a beautiful and pristine World for all of Humanity and you are making a difference. Too often, you allow the projections of others to influence your consciousness instead of imprinting your conscious intent into each situation. You are the creator of your reality. Train your thoughts to always hold the highest vision and intend the highest outcome for the highest good of all.

These current times call for greater discernment and lightning quick decision making while assessing each event as it occurs. Always trust your first impression and take note of it, for invariably this is the correct assessment and it comes from your Higher Self. Trust in this guidance and act upon it in whatever way is most appropriate for you. This guidance is unique to you in every situation you encounter and requires that you detach from the seeming appearance that is before you so that you can make the correct choice for you.

You are all in the process of connecting to your own power in a greater capacity and this sometimes requires stepping into the unknown, which can take on the appearance of a void, a stuckness, as you re-orient yourselves. This void is as nothing if you but remember the Light that you are, for your Light cuts through the deepest darkness and can truly be a beacon to guide others. It requires confidence in your own ability to shine. You are your own greatest treasure.

Sometimes being fully in your mundane life is the most powerful place for you to be and on a higher level it is exactly right for you, so do not feel that you are out of the loop of higher service. At this point in time, Dear Ones, you are all exactly where you must be. Stand tall, stay strong, stay focused and be in peace.

Until next week…

I AM Hilarion

©2012 Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu-tana (Soo-tam-ah) Keeper of the Symphonies of Grace

Permission is given to share this message as long as the message is posted in its entirety and nothing has been changed, or altered in any way and Scribe's credit, copyright and website is included.

Thank you for including the above website link when posting this message.


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SaLuSa 19-September-2012

This year has sped by and so far there have been less incidents than you might have expected. It has neither been catastrophic as many prophesied, or fulfilled the promise of changes that are to lift you up. Yet, your consciousness levels have increased quite substantially and Ascension is still assured. Looking all around it is apparent that the Institutions that have held prominent places in your world, are in stages of collapse from which there is no escape. The truth is as expected revealing much about them that shows how they have manipulated events for their own advantage. You are even becoming aware that they have had an agenda for a very long time to enslave you and gain world control. You can see how near they were to achieving their aims, and also the great movement amongst the people that have awoken to their plan and defeated it.

You are the ones who are taking over and deciding the destiny of your civilization. You have the power to determine how the end times work out, and you are visualising a peaceful transition. That is creating the time line that will complete the cycle according to your intent. However, Mother Earth also has a say in it and desires to carry out a cleansing, as part of her preparations to ascend. The more you send out Love and Light to her, the more easily will the end times pass. Naturally the expected changes will commence very shortly, as the New Age must be launched so as to break up the old paradigm. The new one is waiting to be introduced, and its benefits are to shared by you all. Completion cannot however take place until you have ascended, as those who are the dark Ones are not to be the beneficiaries of that which is for those of the Light.

The changes will come and new governments will take over from the old guard. Financial changes will go ahead to ensure that there is never a repeat of the corruption that is bringing them down. That will certainly happen soon, and our presence will be acknowledged, enabling us to draw closer to you. Regardless of what you may have thought, there is no rush to complete the changes before Ascension. Indeed the process was always going to run into the New Year, when we will have a greater opportunity to work together. We need those who are of the Light to be part of out teams, using your skills and knowledge for the betterment of all. Then we will all really be able to rapidly move ahead knowing that we would not be impeded, or deliberately delayed in our work.

Everything you expected to take place will do so, and as progress is made you will find that it will take you further than you thought possible. It will be a wonderful time that will see you relieved of all of the old problems that have held you back. It is time to go speeding forward and move into a new world that reflects your upliftment into the higher dimensions. There will be ample facilities including the Cities of Light where you can be healed, as you are to be fully restored to a prime condition. Eventually you will also be able to reverse the aging process and return to a youthful appearance, and so it will go on until you become a Galactic Being. All of these changes await you and they are not too far in the future. Think positive about them and you will be helping manifest them much sooner than we have allowed for.

While the cleansing takes place it may appear that all is in some state of disintegration, and that is true to the point that the old ways and systems have to go. Anything that cannot hold up in the higher vibrations clearly has no place in them. So do not despair or get depressed as all is ready now to replace the old systems. All will arrive in good time and you shall eventually need for nothing at all. We know from our own experience exactly what you will require to settle down in the higher dimensions. The Galactic Federation of Light has unlimited resources and personnel, that are fully versed in what is needed to be done. Unbeknown to most of you we are still very much engaged in keeping the Earth clear of pollution, and but for our efforts it would be far worse than you aware.

In the future there will not be a repetition of the pollution you are used to experiencing. The use of polluting type machinery or installations will no longer be necessary or allowed. Instead you will have new methods of operation that will be "clean" to use. The biggest changes will be in your present forms of travel, and the combustion engine will eventually disappear from use. Not only that but the new vehicles will be much quicker and safer to use. They will be using free energy which is our source of power for our craft. Everyone will have use of them, and they will be absolutely pollution free. These changes have been planned for a long time, and are ready to go ahead as soon as it is safe to introduce them.

Naturally we are very keen to meet you, and are doing all we can to move things forward. Disclosure is creeping in through our allies efforts, but we obviously would like it to be speeded up. However, the more people that become aware of us and our mission, and learn of the purpose which is to see you through Ascension, the nearer you will be to meeting us. Of course there are still those who for different reasons desire a different outcome to the changes. They attempt to confuse people with messages of disinformation, but if you are well informed they will not deceive you. Always use your intuition and be prepared to change your beliefs if you are sufficiently certain you have the truth.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and bring you our Love for your great efforts to bring this cycle to a speedy conclusion. There is not long to go before you will become more involved in the end time activities. There may be some disruption to your normal life, but it will soon settle down. We are bound by Universal Law to apply ourselves in a way that does not interfere with your freewill, so we cannot just speed up events by imposing ourselves upon you. The dark Ones know this and still interfere because they do not acknowledge the Laws as we do. However, if matters do not proceed within a certain time frame, we will be authorised to take more direct action.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.

Website: Tree of the Golden Light

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JULY 29, 2012
We are the Arcturian group, here to assist those wishing to ascend into the new energies pouring forth onto your planet at this time.  You are creating and we are assisting.  We are not the doers, you are the doers.  Many must, and many are learning to come into their power; the power of trust and the power of confidence which pours forth from true knowledge and awareness.  
When an individual begins to really believe and know  (not just  intellectual knowledge) that they are the Divine in manifestation--not a just a part of it, but the actual expression of IT,  embodying  all the Divine qualities, then that individual is able to finally release those bonds of fear born of the false concepts and beliefs that have gripped mankind for eons. This is the goal of the journey dear ones.  
This realization is the last step before moving into a new state of consciousness, the realization that you are actually that Divine Consciousness from which all manifests--  because IT is all there is.  
The energy of mankind on earth up to now with few exceptions has been one of duality and separation which led most to  believe themselves separate from each other as well as the Divine.  The beliefs resulting from this sense of separation and duality have been  taught, promoted by those you looked to for answers,  and generally fed to you in all forms for eons.  
There is no blame in that you accepted and lived from that which you were taught because you chose the  experience of duality and separation.  You chose to evolve in the earth school-- to find your way back to truth through and  in spite of the difficult and often painful manifestations created from these beliefs.   You have done it and  are ready now to graduate and leave behind the concepts and beliefs of third dimensional energy.  
Not all are ready for this evolutionary leap which is why many of you find that you must lovingly move forward in your personal journey alone,  leaving behind  friends or family  who refuse to leave what they already believe is truth.  
You are ready to take this  next step and this is the big one.  The gate to the new awareness and energy is the realization that you are ONE.  One with Divine Consciousness, one with each other and not just humans--all living things for there is but one life.   
You must also understand that you are one with your manifestations,  for you create your world.  Many believe that they are victims, and indeed they are  victims, but of what?  They are victims of their own ignorant state of consciousness which will always manifest in the outer as...this sounds harsh, but you must realize that consciousness always manifests and if there is even a small bit of consciousness of duality and separation, it will manifest.  There is no blame, we simply explain how it works.
All that is real is governed by law and is forever.   Anything formed of the false beliefs and concepts of the third dimensional consciousness is not governed by law and can be changed.  You are doing that now as you open to more and more light through your decision to evolve and seek truth within yourselves.   You are beginning to trust that you can do it and are  adding more and more energies of  truth to your state of consciousness which in turn is  then manifesting in  higher, better, and more evolved  forms in the outer.   You are seeing much chaos now and you question, but know that it is the Light pouring onto the  earth at this time pushing to the surface all that needs to be looked at and released.  
An un-evolved  state of consciousness, one  heavily enmeshed in duality and separation will manifest as war, rape, abuse etc.  You see, it is the state of the consciousness through the mind that manifests in the outer.  God has never decreed that suffering is good for you.  Because of who you really are, you are  creators,  manifesting your state of consciousness on  personal and universal  levels.   
Many who suffer  say; "We did not create this".  Dear ones, you did not intentionally create the painful issues of your lives, but the fact that you still have a consciousness of  duality and separation, simply functions to manifest it  in your experience.   Please understand that you hold great power of creation, for you are indeed the Divine in manifestation.  Not your human self, no, don't go around saying I am God in an egotistical way, but simply understand that your true essence, that which is your truest Self, is Divine.  
A great master revealed this to mankind  2000 years ago, but the people were not ready.  You are ready now.  You have been on a journey that only the very brave undertake... strong and courageous souls choosing to evolve through the fog of duality and separation which is the hardest of all evolutionary journeys a soul can choose.  You chose this path brave ones, and when you graduate you will understand how powerful you really are and  how much more knowledgeable because of the difficult path you willingly chose.  
We send love and light to all.  You are doing a fine job.  Soon you will understand better that which you do. 
Trust, center within, know, and most of all love... for all, yes all, are One and this realization is love.
We are the Arcturian Group        

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My Beloveds,

It is an honor and a privilege to connect with you today in this lovely way. Being an Ascended Lady Master I lend assistance to you in the most important times by far in your history. As Ascended Masters we are often confronted with sordid tricks of the Dark Lords and with impurities in general. We lend our helping hand in removing these impurities from your energetic fields and from your Beloved Mother Earth. It gives me great pleasure to be of assistance in these matters.

Furthermore I am also at your service if you are in need of proper guidance in your spiritual evolution. The latter is almost solely founded on “balance” as it is an essential part of your spiritual evolution. Every kind of imbalance can result in a disturbance which can manifest itself in each of your lower bodies. Two extremes, two opposing energies complement each other when they are balanced ; forming one complementary whole. One cannot exist without the other as they split off of the same Source. In the case where one element is redundantly present while the other element is in minority, one gets out of balance resulting in an unhappy feeling. However, in the case where both elements are present in the same quantity, one reaches a so-called “Zero-Point” state where a balance has been struck. No tension, no disturbance ; only ZEN, balance, peace, harmony …

Before you can reach the point of being physically balanced it is imperative that your Etheric Lightbodies are also balanced. Inner harmony reflects outer harmony. What you create on an inner level, you create on an outer level which results in its manifestation. Balance is the key to it all! So balance yourself and see to it that you enjoy inner peace and that you achieve balance. Find yourself in the state of "Knowing" and "being"!.

My Beloveds, you are most wondrous souls whose path has been arduous and lonely on the road to Ascension. Beloved I AM presence that you are, brilliantly shining like the sun in the sky. You can be truly proud of what you have accomplished. As Lightworkers you are that close now from being removed from the wheel of Karma[ego]. Everything is nearly rounded up in duality and all remaining karma has played its last trump as it has to wither away with the coming of Ascension. Karma[ego] will then be non-existent and its last remnants must be completely dealt with NOW! That’s why it is now possible that those last remnants of karma[ego] come up to the surface to be cleared and to leave your energy fields once and for all. Don’t block its surfacing for it has to exit! It cannot and may not be transferred into the Higher Dimensions. Now is the time, now is your opportunity ; take it with both hands and work to dissolve it. Remove even the last karmic aspects from your energy fields and do it now! Ask that they be removed from your energy fields and from your life. Express unconditional Love to all that exists! Be Love!

I Am that I Am.

Lady Portia.

Copyright © 2012 by Méline Lafont. All Rights Reserved. Permission is given to copy and distribute this material, provided the content is copied in its entirety and unaltered, is distributed freely, and this copyright notice and links are included.

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Initia must take place for these arrests that so many are hoping upon as the end of their old way of life that no longer serves their higher good and the beginning of their new way of life that will allow them to experience more of what this universe and their Creator offers them as his children who deserve all the gifts that he has created and that he has shared with his other children from other worlds. You are not the only children of our Creator. Our Creator has many children living throughout the far stretches of his magnificent home and all of these children, with no exceptions, enjoy his love, his protection, his gifts, his guidance and the wonderful experience of growing up learning and playing in this joyous wonderland of love, adventure and excitement, joy and bliss, challenges and friendship.  

Your Creator does not wish for you to go one more day without the gifts that he has so carefully selected for you and has personally gift wrapped for you and has given us to load our spacecraft with and deliver them to you like your Santa Claus loading his sleigh with Christmas presents for all the children of this world. You are all the children of your world, no matter how long ago it was that you were born into the physical. We are all, in the eyes of our Creator, his children, even though some of us are millions of years old. This is a fact. Some of us of the Galactic Federation of Light that some of you will meet very shortly are over one million, and some of us are even over two million years old, although of course, we do not necessarily age the way you may feel we must age, as most of you on your planet at this time understand aging as a must and have come to understand aging as a rapid depreciation of your health, your vitality, your gusto, your tirelessness, your sharpness and focus and your aesthetic beauty.  

This certainly does not have to be the case, and you will see this firsthand when you meet us and learn that many of us are hundreds of thousands, even millions of years old, yet possess all of the attributes and the beauty as someone you would feel, according to your ages and standards, to appear approximately twenty to twenty five years old. This is a gift that is not entirely out of your reach as well. Not all of you will be receiving this gift; this must be made clear, as not all of you will be graduating to higher dimensional worlds where such a gift is possible. We would like to add however, that at least on some level your health and vitality and a more youthful appearance can and will certainly be made available to all of you, no matter where it is your destination lies at the culmination of this upcoming great dimensional shift that you know of as ascension.  

It is upon this ascension that there are those of you who will be free to journey to new lands and new realms beyond the borders of this 3rd dimensional planet you call Earth. Where it is you will be going is really a matter that has been left up to you, although we will say that for some of you your roadmap was already planned for you by you yourself before your current incarnation, and we will also say that many of you have been creating your roadmap throughout this incarnation and many of you are at this very moment in the process of drawing up this map and your destination has not yet been decided by you.  We of the Galactic Federation of Light do not in any way pick and choose who it is that ascends and where it is they ascend to. We wish to make this perfectly clear at this time. What we, the higher dimensional members of your own families do is assist you on your journey, but it is your journey and not our journey, that is the bottom line.  

We have our own journeys as well, and we are also being assisted by higher dimensional beings along the paths that we have chosen. No matter which dimension you call home there is always a helping hand in the form of a guide or even more than one guide to assist you, to lead you, to offer you guidance when you make it known you wish for this guidance. We at this time are here in offers of guidance to you, our brothers and sisters, while at the same time receive guidance from those in dimensions higher than ours. This will be your experience after many of you experience ascension, as it will be your task one day to offer guidance to those of a dimension below you, and you very well may choose to continue to receive guidance from those who will be of dimensions above you.  

We would like you to envision this as helping hands that traverse the dimensions to reach each other and lift each other up and help each other to learn and to grow in so many different ways. We feel once many of you can visualize what our mission here is all about and how the beings of one dimension help beings of other dimensions, we feel many more of you will more clearly understand our motives, our purpose for being here and how, although we may differ from you in some ways, we are all the same family. In the days ahead that we assure you are approaching and approaching quickly, we will be able to extend our hand in friendship and guidance directly to you without the necessity of reaching down, if it were, into a lower dimension, as there will be a joining of our two dimensions not unlike your two great railroads that met at Promontory Summit, joining your people from one coast to another in your United States.  

This joining of dimensions and a joining of beings will be historic as well, as this kind of experience has never before occurred in this entire universe. What we are engaged in here and are attempting to accomplish is something that not only has never been accomplished before, but something that many beings of great wisdom and experience believed could never be successfully accomplished. We wish you to understand the magnitude of this challenge and see that it will take everything that you have and everything that we have working together to see us succeed. We have had great obstacles present themselves to us and to you as well throughout this mission already and we, together with you, have successfully removed each and every one of them before us, and it is our intention not to allow any obstacle no matter how formidable to stall us and we say to you we will never allow any obstacle to stop us, as we must continue forward to lay these tracks one section at a time until we reach that day when a Golden Spike of love, determination and universal cooperation is driven deep into the last rail that connects our two magnificent dimensions. 

Help us in our task to continue laying these tracks. Do not allow anything to slow you and do not ever consider allowing any obstacle, challenges or difficulty to stop you and nothing will ever succeed to keep you from laying the tracks on your side of our great universal endeavor to join our two worlds in unity, love and service to our Creator and to our magnificent and shared universe that we call home and will call home for millions of years to come. 

We are your coworkers building this great railroad. We are the Galactic Federation of Light.
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The Lightworkers Objective

We are in the midst of a revolution in consciousness which is affecting everyone. Even the most staunch traditionalists in society are being dragged into a vortex of ever-increasing change.

The 80-20 rule states that 80% of any change is typically caused by 20% of the people. The 20% consists of the leading thinkers of the day.

In spiritual matters, these leading-edge people are sometimes called lightworkers or old souls, indicating that they have learned more from their experiences through many incarnations. This advanced learning is stored as wisdom in their souls and they benefit from it consciously through intuitive inner guidance.

Today’s leading-edge thinkers planned ahead to be incarnate at this time in history to help make the essential positive changes in society possible. Social science has now begun to recognize them as a major group in today’s society.

More than 1 in 5 adults have made a shift

A survey in the 1990’s by researchers Paul Ray and Sherry Anderson found that 26 percent of American adults had become what they termed Cultural Creatives. Over fifty million Americans now fit the definition of a newly emerging type of humanity that has made a comprehensive upward shift in worldview, values and way of life. In Europe, a 1997 survey conducted in fifteen European countries showed figures that are very similar to the United States.

So, in a social setting the term ‘leading-edge thinker’ actually applies to more than 20% of the people today. Most of them don’t think of themselves as leading edge, nor do they typically realize how many other people are just like them.

The term ‘lightworker’ is synonymous with ‘spiritual seeker.’ You may or may not think of yourself a lightworker but, if you’re reading this, then you fit the definition perfectly.

The two categories of Cultural Creatives identified by Ray and Anderson fit exactly into the consciousness patterns of lower and upper fourth density. While our physical bodies are currently located in upper third density, our minds are free to soar through heart-centered fourth density and into fifth-density soul consciousness.

When a person moves from the third-density function of developing basic intellect into lower fourth density, their worldview expands and they become more aware of the needs of society. They take into account the local and global effects of their own actions and the actions of others that they support. Environmental, organic and peace-making concerns all come under this frequency band of consciousness.

Then, as outlined in my book, The Shift: The Revolution in Human Consciousness, when people move from lower to upper fourth-density consciousness they pass through the gateway of the heart. This brings them into the first level of spiritual awareness and they become more concerned with inner development and enlightenment.

Leading thinkers are simply people whose normal frequency of consciousness is higher than average. The higher your frequency, the greater your awareness and the greater your ability to lead change by showing others how to resolve the challenges in life.

Freedom from control issues

feelfree.jpgTwo popular issues today are control issues and self-empowerment. People who were raised to feel the need to be in control are now recognizing that this was just another form of fear which has no substance in reality.

Reality comes from your soul’s intuitive guidance because, at a soul level, you see everything that you need to succeed and achieve your purpose in life.

The opposite side of the same coin is the issue of self-empowerment, which is learned by people who break free of control by others and establish their own sense of inner strength and self-dependence.

The issue of self-empowerment is being explored at a societal level as well as an individual level. Every person who begins to realize that they are being deliberately disempowered and turns off the fear-inducing news broadcasts leads the world another step towards liberty from the chains that are designed to bind people to a life of servitude. Thanks to the awakening of lightworkers and leading thinkers, the world is waking up to a whole new standard of personal power and dignity.

Lightworkers often choose to experience major challenges in their lives, not because they need the experience, because they have mastered those challenges in previous incarnations. Instead, lightworkers choose to experience challenges because other people need leading thinkers to show them how to resolve these issues. The more the leading-edge people succeed in resolving these issues, the easier it becomes for the rest to follow.

ClearEarth.jpgThere is a global mind atmosphere or ‘mind belt’ of human consciousness around the planet. You are subconsciously linked with the mind belt 24 hours a day. It affects you and you affect it. Your contribution to the mental and spiritual health of the world is made every second of every day.

The Lightworker Objective is to be a pioneer in the advancement of consciousness, often adopting certain challenges in order to work through them and, by doing so, creating a pattern in the mind belt to make it easier for others to follow.

If you are currently working through a major life challenge and feel as though you’re going round in circles and getting nowhere, STOP and look for the gift in that challenge.

The gift is that, by loving yourself and others more, you can rise above the challenge and become more of who you really are. Then, the experience changes from one of challenge to one of self-empowerment.

Real strength does not lie anywhere in the outside world. It lies within you. Once you find that inner power, you rise above any limitation and stand as a self-realized leading thinker in a world desperate for spiritual freedom.


This article was written by Owen Waters, author of 
"Spirituality Made Simple"
and the Infinite Being Insight E-Books

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Greetings, fellow Lightworkers! A new era has begun, a new beginning for you; it is only for you to embrace it.  Many things behind the scenes are transpiring. You will be able to feel it if you go into your heart. You do not necessarily need to know all the details, but if you can accept it in your heart, you are well on your way to a new life, a new beginning.

Dear friends, there is so much you still are not aware of and the coming days will reveal more and more to you. Take it in stride and remember to stay centered and in your heart. Whatever is puzzling to you, just run through your heart like it was a decoder device. Allow it to sift through and come to awareness there.

My dear beloved Lightworkers, you don’t even realize as yet the enormity of what you have accomplished. Time will tell, as they say, and it will sink in more. For now, keep leading with your heart and your love for all Beings, including the cabal, for they need it now.

I would like to address some more points to help you in your ascension process. You know by now that you are changing in form quite a bit. The crystalline structure of your bodies is becoming quite settled and prominent. It is causing you to want to eat lighter and purer, and you will notice that fresh, raw fruits and vegetables, nuts, seeds, and legumes will give you the high-vibrational energy you need. 

Purifying your environment will also help you. Staying away from electronics as much as possible, especially cell phones and television, and being in nature as much as possible will nurture your being to the level it needs to rise to. And you know that being as present in the moment as much as you can be is helping you to counteract the dizzying feeling of time marching so fast and furiously.  

It may feel at times like you are at the center of a twirling ride you would see at an amusement park.  Stay rooted in the center and watch the world spin until it stabilizes and you have found your bearings. Breathe in the Light fully every moment as if it is the air you breathe, in gulps, if you will, and intend to allow it to reach all cells in your body. We have told you this, but it is very important now.

Just observe the negative sensations and memories and thoughts and notions you are experiencing and allow them to float on out like the waves wash out everything in their wake, out to the sea. In this case, the sea would be the Aura around you and let that transmute everything negative and recycle it out into the atmosphere and cosmic milieu as positive Light, Love and energy.

Pay attention to the creative thoughts you are getting as to what you wish to be participating in as the New Earth takes shape. Pay attention to the visions you have while meditating, of how you want to feel and be. Allow anything to be possible, and create with abandon, dear Ones.

The stage is being set for the Light to be more prominent and sustaining, as the darkness is being removed and transmuted by you with our help in the Spiritual and Galactic Realm. Know that you are so much more able now to participate in loving acts towards yourself and other; see it as the norm, as all the prior situations you have found yourselves in that bring you concern or pain will start to melt away, like a fog that is clearing to reveal beautiful blue skies.

Be prepared for memories to emerge of your True Essence, of who you really are before you donned the cloak of duality and tried out so many roles in so many lives just for your edification and transformation and evolvement, only to find your true glowing Self emerge with so much Divine Love and capabilities.

You are so close, my dear Ones. Please keep yourselves centered in your heart and do not be too concerned with the shake-ups and changes going on around you. See yourself as if at the center of a vortex and ground yourselves into Earth until you feel stable. Nothing besides your Divinity is real right now. Nothing besides your connection with all others in that Divinity is real right now. Nothing besides the Truth that you are One with all Beings here on Earth, and throughout the galaxies, is real right now!

Be prepared for changes, but see it as a return to your True Selves. Stay in peace and calm, as if in the center of a hurricane. The hurricane will not cause any destruction to you if you remain there in the center.

With all my love,
I AM Sananda and I am always at your service.

As Channeled Through Fran Zepeda. Permission is given to copy and distribute this material, provided the content is copied in its entirety and unaltered, is distributed freely, and this notice and links are included. 
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This week's summer solstice continues the wave of transformation that is bringing us to new levels of awakening consciousness and enhanced forms of inner perception. Some may begin to see the movement of energy on the inner screen of their mind while others may experience other-worldly sounds that bring greater communion with life-force energy and the echoes of interdimensional tones. New areas of perception can take many forms and are unique to each person. Sooner or later, new perceptions and inner experiences trickle into our physical reality, triggering profound change.

As a result, during the summer of 2012, many will find themselves walking in two worlds. This dual reality happens as these changes bring about clearings that allow greater access to fifth-dimensional consciousness. At times you may find yourself moving along familiar reality threads; at other moments, you may find yourself juxtaposed into new and unknown realities. These new timelines are best understood through the lens of inner technologies.

Perceiving through the ‘Inner Senses’

As you begin regularly accessing fifth-dimensional consciousness, you find inner technologies activating to help you navigate these inner spaces. These include telepathy, clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience and other psychic and intuitive abilities that allow the gift of clear-seeing. It’s this crystal clarity that helps you "see-through" the illusion.

It’s important to understand that information coming through inner technologies does not arrive through the physical senses. It may seem so because inner technologies generally involve one or more of the “inner senses” of hearing, seeing and feeling. Each of the five senses has a corresponding spiritual sense. These inner senses are the means by which our higher self, guides and angels communicate with us. It’s easy to recognize information that comes through the inner senses because it lifts us to a higher place.

Clairaudience involves receiving or “hearing” messages and thought forms from frequencies and realms beyond the physical. You may actually hear a voice in your mind or a sound frequency that entrains your consciousness to other realms. Clairvoyance involves seeing with your inner eyes. You may “see” a single image or entire scenes or “movies.” Inner seeing also involves seeing images as symbols. Clairsentience is yet another form of inner knowing. People who are clairsentient receive guidance and information through bodily sensations such as tingling or tightening reactions. Another intuitive doorway is claircognizance. Those who are claircognizant may suddenly know something without knowing how they know it.

Each person has access to all of these inner senses, though a person’s natural orientation often determines which sense is used more often. A visually oriented person, for example, might pay more attention to their mental visions.

Your Natural Abilities of Inner Perception

As you heal and clear your emotions, as you trust and follow your highest vision, and allow the greatness of your being, you will find your natural abilities of inner perception opening and expanding. There will be moments when you know something is about to happen or you see through the surface of physical reality. You may suddenly catch a glimpse of another "you" in another time and place, or you may suddenly know something you didn't know before. This intuitive knowing will take many forms. If you choose to develop these abilities, you will find you’re able to move between dimensions. It will become easier to access fifth-dimensional consciousness. Cultivating skills of clairaudience, clairsentience, clairvoyance and telepathy will greatly enhance your ability to access fifth-dimensional consciousness. Likewise, as you exist more in the fifth dimension, you will find that your intuitive abilities expand exponentially.

Pay close attention to feeling states as you enter new spaces. You will be able to recognize fifth-dimensional states by the high-vibrational feelings your experience while in them.

Excerpt from The Future is Here Now: Steps to Accessing Fifth-Dimensional Consciousness By DL Zeta
For more information, visit

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Sirian Archarngel Hermes

Greetings fellow beings of light. I come to you now through your expanded consciousness, upon reading or hearing these words you will know this as well. Many of you are going through immense changes on nearly all levels of being, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Soon there will come a great activation of lightworkers on a level not yet seen before, and this will shift the global consciousness to new frequencies of thought and eventually manifestation. With this great activation comes a chance to more freely distribute information through your various sources of media and communication.

This is when you can call upon me, to aid in helping you better communicate and build a bridge between you, others, and the higher dimensions. There will also come a great disclosure of information that will greatly affect the consciousness of some who had become strong in their own beliefs and religions. They will feel lost and isolated. This is when you may be finding yourselves in the role of the teacher and counselor, those who are ready will know and offer their wisdom to those who will become greatly dis-oriented as the new paradigm is quickly becoming manifest. You will find your telepathic abilities increasingly more adept, as well as synchronistic occurances. These occurances will further strengthen your confidence in your abilities as confirmation greatly aids in building self confidence and motivation toward your highest goals.

Since you have began to incorporate infinite time into your light bodies, many of you now realize that you are much more multidimensional and intricate then you had previously thought. Memories of what you have been will begin to return to your own consciousness and you may find yourself at times overwhelmed or even in doubt. Remember that you are allowing what is happening, as you have chosen this path long before you incarnated in this sphere of existence. You may feel a great need to share information, remember though that you must not impede upon the free will of others. To argue with them is to direct further energy and effort toward confusion and doubt.

I wish to reveal to you at this time a bit of knowledge that was lost over the ages. Those who are seeing/hearing these words will be ready for the knowledge bestowed. With the advancements of technology will come the liberation of the inhabitants of this planet. In ways far beyond physical requirements such as energy for homes and resources. The Ark that is referred to in many of your scriptures, as Noahs Ark, or the Ark of the Covenant, applies to much more than what is revealed in your historical scriptures. It is a stargate, however not in the concept of many of your modern day portrayals. It is known as the source-consciousnesss-quantum, or bridge to the fourth spacial dimension. Your CERN or Large Hadron Collider are indeed one of these types of devices. It has been symbolized in many forms, such as the torus or the thornlet. It is capable of harbouring the cosmic consciousness as a toroidal ring in the third dimension, which allows communication with the fourth spacial dimension due to the multiconnectiveness of the toroidal geometry. This is due to there being a 'hole' in the 'doughnut' of the topological deformation of the doughnut into a singular connected spherical encompassment. A 'Hole to Infinity" in three dimensional geometry. Those of your scientists who discovered this, known as the "Math of God", were able to communicate with higher dimensional consciousness through thoughtforms. This is what triggered the great wave of technology in the early to mid twentieth century of your time. New ideas began to form after seeing this technology, and this is infact, the fourth dimensional consciousness. It is a multiversal symbol, indeed, it is creation.

Thought is, thought creates. In the coming days being mindful of your thoughts will be very important. Staying grounded and remaining compassionate, yet emotionally stable will serve you in the best ways. In infinite love, I am looking at you this way. Blessings in light

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(Thanks to Titus for sharing this... ♥)
Jun 2012
We all have experienced times when our ‘feathers get ruffled’. It may be a difficult person at the workplace, a spouse or a child. Their behavior, their way of being or utterances seem to get on our way or ‘steal’ our joy or even ‘make’ us angry. Welcome to planet earth! These people are called “button pushers” and if you were hoping to change your workplace, mate etc to a better work place or a more understanding lover I’m here to inform you on very good ground that your next workplace or lover is still going to be a ‘button pusher’. Probably even more advanced in their button pushing skills. The world is full of ‘button pushers’ and they are not going anywhere! Isn’t that great news?… Indeed it’s great news (there’s not a shred of sarcasm in that statement) and as you as shall gradually see, you may end up buying a gift for your ‘button pusher’ or even take him /her out for dinner.

Whenever someone behaves in a way that irritates us, such as when someone says ‘hurtful’ words or becomes indifferent or difficult, it is literally a gift unwrapping itself right before our eyes yet most people bypass this gift, some reject it and others even fight their gift hoping to emerge victorious over ‘the enemy’. Whenever someone ‘pushes your buttons’ and you find yourself feeling angry, furious,feeling resentment or feeling fear and irritation, it is of great importance to remember that these feelings are inside of you not outside of you. And the good news is that you are fully responsible for your inner world. If you feel anger, hatred, resentment, bitterness etc it is because it (whatever emotion, feeling that arises) was already in you. It is not caused by the ‘button pusher’ it is revealed in you and for you by the ‘button pusher’. It is emerging from your subconscious mind. It‘s here to reveal something to you. So instead of reacting, accusing the “button pusher’’ or even fleeing from the situation it’s important that you put your ‘curiosity cap’ on and explore your own inner-turmoil. Explore it with an intention of healing and releasing any feelings of resentment, bitterness etc.

In relation to the mind there’s no such thing as ‘it’s not a big deal’. Yet most people downplay their emotional signals normally in a bid to flee from a particular feeling (because it ‘makes’ them feel bad) or they just repress their anger, bitterness, fear etc in order to avoid expressing or appearing to experience ‘bad feelings’ in the presence of others because this would give them a ‘bad name’. Truth is; our experience and our interpretation of experience (whatever our experience maybe) is not just some random insignificant happening. It is embedded in our subconscious mind and it plays a key role in our co-creation of reality.

Consider this, when you squeeze an orange what do you get? You get what’s inside it. You get orange juice. We all would dismiss one who answers ‘mango juice’ as insane yet in our daily lives we fall for the ‘mango juice’ idea whenever the ‘button pushers’ are at play. We very easily blame external circumstances for our internal turmoil that has been ‘squeezed out’ by our ‘button pushers’. Some religious people may even label it as “attacks from the enemy” and this dichotomous, dualist approach to life issues is responsible for very many wars and conflicts. I love this passage from ‘Awareness’ written by Anthony de Melo about 30 years ago, “Do you know where wars come from? They come from projecting outside of us the conflict that is inside. Show me an individual in whom there is no inner self-conflict and I’ll show you an individual in whom there is no violence. There will be effective, even hard, action in him, but no hatred. When he acts, he acts as a surgeon acts; when he acts, he acts as a loving teacher acts with mentally retarded children. You don’t blame them, you understand; but you swing into action. On the other hand, when you swing into action with your own hatred and your own violence unaddressed, you’ve compounded the error. You’ve tried to put fire out with more fire. You’ve tried to deal with a flood by adding water to it.”

When you squeeze an orange you get orange juice! Whether you squeeze at midnight, noon, winter, summer, whether it’s a child, tweezers , priests , girl , boy or 80yr old man who ‘squeezes the orange’ the result is the same: orange juice. Whether it’s an orange from china or Kenya or Greenland or Israel. Similarly whenever a particular life experience elicits a particular reaction it’s important to observe the reaction in you instead of projecting it and observing it outside in another. It’s important to be curious as to what that situation is availing for you to recognize, heal, and release. To do this requires a lot of self –love (unconditional love for self) so that during ‘button pushing experiences’ you observe yourself none judgmentally in order to understand the trigger as well as the sponsoring thoughts behind the trigger that make you react in a particular way in certain situations.

With each successive ‘button pushing experience’ you get to know yourself even better and deeper and heal your psychology. You get to release thought forms that no longer serve you and experience greater joy. You get to love yourself and accept yourself, not in a pity party but in growth and Self-evolution. To embody your highest self in your present life experience.

The people we think are difficult and unreasonable are the ones who really help us grow. They teach us to LOVE, to be less rigid and exclusive and become more flexible and inclusive. They help us to know ourselves, to take life easy , to learn that it’s important at times to recognize that you would rather be kind instead of being right. This is normally a challenge as we tend to project out ‘truth’ on to others because we know it’s ‘the truth’(this can be quite insidious because it was instilled in us very early n life). What is the point of being right yet lose your joy? After all, if your truth is the truth why do you have to or need to defend it. No one needs to write a thesis to defend the force of gravity or the fact that lightning precedes thunder and not the other way round. It’s obvious to all. It’s self evident. It’s unnecessary to ‘defend a truth’. So friends, in your next encounter with a ‘button pusher’, choose to respond to the situation from a place of Love rather than from reaction. Observe the reaction trying to emerge from within but this time without flowing with it. Choose to respond from a different space and soon all button pushers and their drama will become non-issues. You will radiate so much love and peace from within you that all drama peddlers will enter into a cease fire agreement with you. You will become like the sea floor. You will remain undisturbed, unperturbed by the ripples on the surface. You will become an alchemist transforming the lead of dramas and conflicts into the gold of understanding and acceptance. Wherever you go you shall become as the great book says ‘the Light of the world’ not through avoidance of people opposed to your ‘truth’ but through inspiration that will touch even the people farthest removed from your particular world view. In my own life I reached a turning point when I came to the realization that when I say ‘I am hurt’ or ‘I am frustrated’, the ‘I’ that is speaking in this case is not my soul. It is simply a mental-emotional response to a neutral situation. The mind always wants to attach meaning to situations based on its ‘inner chatter’. The Ego always seeks to protect itself because it sees itself as ‘Separate’ from others, from nature etc. It resides in reactive Consciousness. Yet the SOUL knows the inter-connectedness of EVERYTHING that IS. The Soul wants to Love to the Max, to Give to the Max, to Forgive to the Max, to Share to the Max. It resides in Creative Consciousness.

I conclude my article today by sharing a story that truly inspires me in relation to ‘button pushers’. It’s an incident that took place many years ago during the civil rights movement in the U.S. Dr. Martin Luther king jnr was once in an Assembly one Evening when a man in the Assembly Hall walked up to him and said, ‘Are you Martin Luther King jnr?’ and dr. king said ‘Yes I am’. Then the man spat on him…Dr king looked at the spittle on his suit and reached into his pocket, took his handkerchief, wiped the spittle off, neatly folded the handkerchief, handed it back to the man and said calmly ‘I think this belongs to you’.

Dr King’s response is such an inspiration. He responded from a very high space. He could have reacted, yelled, screamed for help from security (and this would have been normal) brace himself for a fight etc. Yet as an architect of non-violence who had been in deep prayer and meditation He responded from Soul rather than from Personality.

So, when the rubber meets the road, as we encounter ‘button Pushers’, the Priceless question as we observe our inner response becomes, ‘Is this coming from the Personality that I created in order to fit in or is it coming from the Soul part of me that wants to express eternal qualities?’

Blessings and Light!
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June 17- 24, 2012

Beloved Ones,

You are in a period of stillness awaiting the influx of greater energies that are soon to flood the Planet. Be receptive and open to these energies and absorb as much of them as you are able. Set your intention to receive in grace and ease and it will be so. Many changes continue to take place within your physical bodies and your DNA is being further activated. The next six months will bring through many revelations and a greater connection with your inner truths. Much that has been hidden from you will emerge into the light of day for you to ponder and absorb.

Stay connected to your inner core essence and let it guide your way. This will help you to stay in the knowing of yourself and that which is important for you to follow for the highest and best outcomes in all that occurs in your daily living. In dealing with others, always look to meet them in the areas of common interest and endeavor to reflect to them your Light, and in turn, allow their Light to reflect back to you. You are in a period of igniting each other to the unfoldment of greater visions and dreams. It is an exciting period for all as each seeks to merge with their greater aspects.

This will transpire in different ways for each of you and the outcomes will be wonderfully diverse as each of you express through your Beings that which is uniquely your own essence. Become each others greatest cheering teams, for much joy and laughter will facilitate the moving forward of each of you to your true and rightful place, as the shift of the ages continues to occur. Let go of all remaining fear and doubt, for all that comes through you is the merging of the higher aspects of yourselves. There will be prolonged periods of the feeling of joy that bursts from within you as you leave all thatwas behind you.

Stay grounded into the Earth each day as she will support you as the metamorphosis within you continues to take place. Drink copious amounts of fresh, clean water to help facilitate the movements of the new energies coming through you and be outdoors as much as possible. Practice deep breathing exercises each day to help move the new pranic energies into your cells. Allow the expression of all that comes through you and observe what comes forth. You are reconnecting to skills, abilities and talents that have lain dormant for a long time.

We watch over you and walk beside you Beloved Ones at all times. Do not forget to invite our presence into your daily lives and remember that all is well, all is perfect and give thanks for all the wondrous miracles that come to pass.

Until next week…

I AM Hilarion

©2012 Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu-tana (Soo-tam-ah) Keeper of the Symphonies of Grace

Permission is given to share this message as long as the message is posted in its entirety and nothing has been changed, or altered in any way and Scribe's credit, copyright and website is included.

Thank you for including the above website link when posting this message

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sananda-breaking-Illusion.jpgAs Channeled Through Fran Zepeda – June 10, 2012

My ascending Lightworkers, I greet you again. We gather far and wide to usher in the New Earth.

Preparations are being made and the stage is set for a glorious new future, which is becoming evident to you now.

By all observations from the Spiritual and Galactic Realms, you are proceeding splendidly and we offer our deepest appreciation for all your brave, hard work.

Today, I wish to address the subject of illusion. You have been immersed within it for such a long time and you are beginning to break the chains and restrictions that have held you back.

You know it was necessary to be fully immersed in the illusion in order to gather all you needed to transform yourselves into the Divine Beings you always were, but forgot for the sake of experiencing duality to the fullest. And so the time has come to step out of that role and welcome the true essence and reality of your multi-dimensional lives.

You know this, but what you may not fully grasp is that you are already experiencing the absence of illusion many times throughout your day, and during dreamtime, especially. You are finding that you can “bend” time with your mere focus and intent, to slow it down or speed it up, or make it stand still because you guessed it, time is just an illusion.

As the veils are thinning more and more around your perception of your identity and place among the many changing realities of your existence, you can begin to see that you are not separate and powerless at all and you are just beginning to see what you have created with your combined collective prayers and intentions for a more peaceful, balanced and loving planet.

And yes, I am referring to all the group meditations you have been holding, However, on a deeper level, I am referring to the change in perspective deep down inside your consciousness as you remember more and more of who you are, and moreover, accept it gracefully and peacefully within you, as you eradicate the fears that have held you back for so long.

This has been no easy task, we know, for as you expand and infiltrate more and more of the new energies from the Great Central Sun, it spurs many hidden fears and issues to come to the surface, and the more you allow the Light to overtake you, the more it spurs changes in yourselves and others that is not always comfortable.

For you are shedding the cocoon that has protected you until now from seeing the Truth and you are discovering all the magnificence of your new butterfly wings of transformation. They may still be a bit wet and sticky but so capable, nonetheless, of flight.

And so you embark on a new journey of destinations into the unknown, filled with possibilities that are becoming more clear as the illusions come tumbling down with each new revelation and insight you gain through your awareness of your true essence of Divinity and eternal connection with All That Is.

Please continue making meditation and frequent periods of stillness your priority as you continue to let go of your fears and clinging limiting beliefs that you are separate and unworthy and powerless. Step out of that illusion and greet your new Reality, that you are powerful, precious, whole, and One with All That Is.

I AM Sananda, and I am with you always, and am always at your service. (Blog) (Website)

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SaLuSa 1-June-2012


This year you have come a long way in such a short time, and our allies have progressed to the point where their efforts are about to pay off. At times it has been a precarious journey, as the more successful you have been in anchoring the Light upon the Earth, the more the dark Ones have been determined to halt your progress. Yet you have risen to the challenge, and the possibility of you being stopped before you have reached your goal has passed. It is therefore plain sailing from hereon, as our plan unfolds and almost everything is in place for the final thrust. Timing as always is the biggest factor at present, and when we get the signal to go ahead matters will move forward very quickly.


As people have awakened to the Light within, so the Light quotient upon Earth has increased exponentially and has reached a powerful level. The result is such that the lower vibrations are being transmuted, and that a far greater level of consciousness exists than before. It means that all of the planning and hard work to raise such levels has been a great success. Suddenly more of you are receptive to the new ideas that are being put forward, that will lift your civilization up and out of the dark period that you have just gone through. The idea of dramatic changes to your life, ingrained habits and beliefs, is suddenly being welcomed, as you can see the benefits it will bring. Nothing comes without some sacrifices, but as we have often informed you, it is all for your future happiness and wellbeing.


We view your present position as one that enables you to cope quite easily, and we look to you to carry other people forward who are less aware or uninformed. The preparations that we have made, will at some stage take over the responsibility of keeping people up to date with what is happening. That is viewed as very important, as we must be seen to be operating in your best interests at all times. It is in fact very easy for us to superimpose our messages upon your television sets, even when they are not switched on. However, once we are allowed to openly meet you the circumstances will change, as we can then appear live and operate our own channels.


The extent to which there has been an ongoing cover-up of the truth for many, many years, is quite astonishing to us, as your Governments have spent enormous amounts of money in supporting the organizations that are being used for this purpose. Even now it continues with SETI who search the Universe for signs of intelligent life, yet your Government has had a continuous dialogue with the extraterrestrials you know as the Grays. It has been going on for some 70 years, and on a regular basis. Even we of the Galactic Federation of Light have had contact with your leaders, and our offers to bring peace to the world were refused. That did not surprise us, because the agenda of the dark Ones was to take over the world and enslave the people. Their plans were well advanced and within sight of success, until you suddenly responded to the Light and began to understand the truth.


In the past you have looked to us to save you, but that was not permissible as with freewill choice you created the circumstances that developed and trapped you. It relates to the Law of Attraction, and when the vibrations reached a very low point it allowed extraterrestrials Beings of a similar vibration to contact the Earth. That was when agreements were made to allow them bases on your world, in exchange for advanced technological information. It was of course used for ulterior purposes, and mainly weapons of destruction. Very little of it has been passed on to you considering how the great advancements would have benefitted your lives. That suited the dark Ones plans, as they knew that people who have a lack of the necessities to live a normal life are reliant upon them for their existence.


The most abominable aspect of the plans of the dark Ones, was their intent to keep you in a state of war even if it meant starting them by false means. They have the guilt hanging over them for the deaths of millions upon millions of souls. We know some of you cannot understand why in such circumstances we did not intervene, but we are not allowed to interfere with a civilizations evolution. The only exception is where we are given divine authority to do so, as happened more recently when  it was decreed that no more wars would be allowed. We will add that it also includes off world wars, and a long time ago your big powers were told in no uncertain terms that nuclear weapons would not be allowed to be taken into Space. Even so they ignored our warning, and suffered the consequences when their craft were destroyed or removed.


Dear Ones, if you really knew the truth about the dark operations that have been carried out, you would be so shocked and upset. People that you have looked up to have often been behind such happenings, and have wielded such power that those who are honest and good willed have not dared come out with the truth, for fear of their lives and often their families. However, we are pleased to note that in very recent times more people than ever are prepared to openly come out with the truth. It is revealing the covert operations of the Illuminati, that are mainly directed and supported by the powerful banking families. Fortunately, the same whistleblowers are able to inform you of how those who work for the Light are putting the pressure on the dark Ones, to the point that many of them are marked for arrest and will answer for their crimes.


What we have revealed has not exactly been kept secret, and if you know where to look you can find much more information on your Internet. One of the most atrocious acts of the Illuminati was 9/11 and since it occurred it has been privately investigated by many professional bodies, and reams of information is there on your Internet. Your mind will not perhaps allow you to believe that the whole attack was a false flag operation, and that it was rigged even to the extent that the enquiry into it was also set up to support the Illuminati version of events. There are others and 24/7 in England was a similar scenario, with people being set up to falsely take the blame. However, all responsible and involved are known and will stand trial for their crimes.


I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and assure you that peaceful times lay ahead.


Thank you SaLuSa.

Mike Quinsey.

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Is Obama A Lightworker or Not?

I decided to write this as I know SOOOO many others are having problems dealing with this aspect of the equation as I have been. We have been inundated with negative info from MSM and the internet re: what he;s been doing in the WH since being elected. Everyone feels they've been let down. 

I've been reading channelings that show the Galactics are in total support of him...that he is an old soul of the highest Light and regard, and truly is working for us. I used to choke on that thought but now I think I'm coming to terms with it better.

I decided instead of relying on what I read, that I would go within and get my own answers. On this particular subject, I channeled an energy I hold in the highest regard and love - Beloved Master St. Germain. (whew!)

The conversation was short and sweet as I was on a time limit (I did this while my husband had gone inside for a few minutes). I needed answers so I invited whoever was of the Light and was compatible with my energy. I immediately heard:

"I AM St. Germain." (This startled me...His energy was so comfortable and the connection was so clear.)

"Wow...thank you St. Germain...I just have one question. Is President Obama a Lightworker for our cause?"


"So after Disclosure, am I safe to assume he will be re-elected? (If Obama announces NESARA to the world, and discloses his reasons for everything he has done, that's a pretty safe bet.)


"Thank you St.l Germain...I adore you."

"And I you" (This made me giggle with his Love)

So who AM I to argue with an Ascended Master who specifically spoke to ME on this subject?

Yesterday, my husband brought up the subject of Obama. I offered him the flip side of the coin that just maybe he's actually on our side. I brought up several scenarios and then said I'm willing to give him that. When I said that, I felt this energy of affirmation which was undeniable. (I've always relied on this energy when making a decision.) Again, who am I to argue with myself?

I know this is a very controversial subject for a lot of people. I just want to end with this thought:

In your meditations, use the Violet Flame of Beloved Master St. Germain, and send it to the WH to transmute any negative vibes and surround the place with a Golden Light of Love to hasten Disclosure of our Galactic Family, to hasten the process of the removal of the Dark cabal, to hasten the announcement of NESARA, and to allow the awakening of many more people. ASCENSION HAS BEGUN! So be it!

In Love and Light...Namaste


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