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Meditation for Noth Korean Liberation


On behalf of the Galactic Confederation, Source, the Goddess, and the Ascended Masters of Light, I command the Peoples of North Korea to be freed from the dictatorial regime of tyranny that is the Kim dynasty. May North Korea end all use of unjustifiable executions, poisoning, mistreatment and abuses, famine, propaganda, death penalties, disinformation, lying, fraud and theft, violence, hiding of the truth, slumber of consciousness, miseducation, ignorance, abuse of persons, systemic discrimination, and disparaging conflict now. May all vortexes and energetic ley lines in North Korea be restructured on Divine Plan and also polarized to Light forever. I command all entrapped and negatively polarized Lemurian, Hyperborean, Atlantean and all associated star Races and Root Race Energetic coding to be rebalanced and cancelled out to a more positive polarity, and that all Beings of Light within this social memory complex be forever and permanently freed from living in constant fear of the illusion of death, complacency, dependency, radicalization, and terror! May North Koreans be free to gain awareness of the social complexes of Earth and the Universe, and have full freedom to travel and live their lives growing in individuality and collective unity consciousness for the betterment of All. I command that all Archons, parasitic entities and antihuman forces in the nation of North Korea be released and expunged from the planet now forever (or until they ascend to a point where they can come back). May Mother Gaia and Father-Mother God provide reassurance and safety for All of the peoples of North Korea, open its borders, and stop the mind control and crimes against humanity occurring within the community of North Korea and associated zones. May war stop permanently in North Korea, associated governments, regions and countries. May North Korea be on the Quantum Financial System and Global People's Monetary System NOW and their lives fulfilled with divine abundance, honesty and unconditional love. May all use of technology to torture, dehumanize the nation and keep North Koreans enslaved be permanently and forever banned and ceased NOW. Repurposed for more positive usage that does not Impinge on human rights, or Divine rights or destroyed if applicable. May those who have experienced or experience the effects of those technologies be immediately healed now. May all North Koreans, inside or escaped, be rightfully healed now instantly. May North Korea ascend and reach enlightenment along with Humanity. May North Koreans be recognized as Divine sovereign beings, and may those who violate the rights of such beings be dealt with accordingly, Divinely, and step down if must, whether they participate consciously or not. May all borders on Earth, and illusory territories be dissolved, and may peace and unity consciousness reign on Mother Gaia in and out, and all around. May this process be as smooth, easiest and as calm as Possible - may the use of Peace be utmost, respected and honored, with minimal casualties and damages or wars Thank you God, Thank you Ascended Masters, Thank you Goddess Mother Gaia, Thank you Galactic Federation, Thank you Ashtar Command, Thank you high Angelic Kingdom, and Thanks to Ourselves. So Be It, So Be It, So Be It..



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