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Ascension UNITED STATES, Jan 2020 approx 3 months!


Be advised that the earth is going through a rebirth worldwide and this work is being overseen by Mother/Father God of all Creation, by Jesus Immanuel, By incarnated Angels and Archangels and along with the spiritual company of heaven and the heavenly host. We are also being assisted by many other humans, sentient beings and star families from many galaxies because ascending of a planet and the beings at the same time have never been done on planets previously!
This is a joint effort and due to the populations around the planet being over 7 billion, many not yet awakening. This means many more could help if they were awake! Also, because of centuries of crime, wars and being held captive by fallen ones and their minions, this has kept the majority of earth inhabitants in a very low frequency! Ascension Rays are badly needed in these areas! All Lightworkers and Wayshowers are being called on this time and are called into duty!
We the divine always like to keep all involved with a full understanding and Mother/Father stated that long ago in the written word! So, it is not strange for the creator to be here with us on such an important event! Jesus Immanuel has watched over the earth and its inhabitants for over 500 million years. He has had many earth lives right here with you all! He allowed the wheat and the chaff to grow together as the earth and its inhabitants progressed though 4 Solar Cycles of planetary and human growth and evolution. Now is the time to evolve to Earth Angels on a newly restored planet earth! We are not born sinners but come to planets to grow in wisdom and spiritual understanding!
Because of the aforementioned reasons the divine feel it is more appropriate to raise one area at a time on earth in ascension! The United States will be the very first part of the earth that will be remapped so to speak! There are 2 critical areas in the USA! One is the Pacific Coast Line, California, etc., and the Yellowstone National Park area. Earthquakes and volcanoes will occur than can cause some deaths and Tsunamis! We will do our best to warn our earth families ahead of an assist in needed moves in every way possible.

Linda Li, is channeling on behalf of our creators, Mother/Father God and it is critical and most important you pay strict attention to all notices! This is not to be taken lightly as being obedient can and will save the loss of life! As humans, to survive you will have to rely on one another and help one another. You all have set differences and prejudices aside! Your total cooperation is needed!
Archangel Jophiel and the Company of Heaven!

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Comment by John - Servant of God 1 second ago

Delete CommentOur creator, Mother/Father God are Spirit entities created in a burst of energy when it divided into a spirit with two individual souls, each administering different heavenly duties! Using the term God I speak of them as but one! God can be seen or imagined as a vast endless ocean. We as sentient beings are but one tiny drop within that ocean making up the totality of God! The heavens or the highest spiritual realms from 101 to the 144th dimension and are within spirit range! God through his archangels created the material realms from the 3rd to 12th dimensions. We use the creative realms such as liveable planets we created, allowing spirit souls to incarnate over and over to grow individually as a sprit! Normally an evolving planet has 1 to 3 races seeded to grow and evolve to maturity than ascend to a higher plane of existence. Because of earth location among the planets, its normal earth cycle is 365 days but its solar cycle is approximately 26 thousand years. Once an evolving planet is seeded with beings it takes 4 solar cycles to evolve physically and spiritually and the 5th cycle they evolve to a higher frequency! In the 5th such cycle earth is ascending to it's a higher frequency to the 5th dimension. As we as humans awaken we sometimes become all puffed up thinking as we awaken we are ones we are not! Awakening is a process and we will have many distractions along the way. But this awakening is very special! Immanuel said we ll have the same birthright as he did 2000 years ago to ascend! When humans ascend back to 5d and when our DNA is fully returned to 12 strands, we will be real earth angels, humans body as soul as one! So dear ones, be patient, kind and loving with one another! Remember we are all at different stages of awakening! We can be seen like that tiny drop from the ocean separate an apart from that ocean God! One that was whisked away on cloud dropped upon the land, making our way to steam, the river then back to that ocean God! In infinity, it is but a very short moment in time! Love and blessings!

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As for us , we are the stuff of stars my friends , as sentient beings (we are each an interface with the DIVINE DIRECTOR , THE CREATIVE INTELLIGENCE , ALMIGHTY GOD . Within each sentient being throughout the vast cosmos is a SPARK OF GOD'S CONSCIOUS BEING , as that SPARK WE ARE ONE WITH OUR PARENT AND HAVE ALL THE POWERS AND CREATIVITY OF OUR PARENT GOD . It's just lying dormant waiting for us to wake up , see our divinity and claim it .
That spark has a name , THE CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS , and we ALL HAVE IT . NOT JUST YESHUA / JESUS . IT'S THE LAW OF GOD'S BEING . You see , CHRIST IS NOT A MAN IT'S THE PRIMAL DIVINE PRINCIPLE OF GOD CONSCIOUSNESS . And it's centred within us , we are god expressing as individualised conscious beings within space and time and various dimensions . We are god expressing itself multi-dimensionally so as to have the experience . Like droplets in the ocean of awareness we are only aware that we are god while we're connected to every other droplet in that vast ocean o.k.
"From this Universal Consciousness we can draw all knowledge; we know that we can know all, without studying and without process of reasoning, not going from one lesson to another nor from one point to another. The lessons are necessary only in order to bring us to the attitude in which we can step forth into this thought. Then we become comprehensive and include all thought.- Immanuel

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The Essene

Since the archaeological discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls in 1946, the word "Essene" has made its way around the world--often raising a lot of questions. Many people were astonished to discover that, two thousand years ago, a brotherhood of holy men and women, living together in a community, carried within themselves all of the seeds of Christianity and of future western civilization. This brotherhood--more or less persecuted and ostracized--would bring forth people who would change the face of the world and the course of history. Indeed, almost all of the principal founders of what would later be called Christianity were Essenes--St. Ann, Joseph and Mary, John the Baptist, Jesus, John the Evangelist, etc.

1 "The Essene Gospel of Peace"
The Essene Gospel of Peace Book 2 "The Unknown Books of the Essenes"
The Essene Gospel of Peace Book 3  "Lost Scrolls of the Essene Brotherhood"
The Essene Gospel of Peace Book 4 "The Teachings of the Elect"

Other Essene Writings

From Enoch to the Dead Sea Scrolls
The Essene Science Of Fasting
Banus The Essene
Essene Revelation
Essene Holy Streams
Essene Seven Fold Peace
Essene Seven Fold Peace II
Essene Seven Fold Vow
Vision Of Enoch

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Ashtr Command Disclosure

As you know dear ones, soon we will have disclosure. It will occur with or without government assistance. Our crews have many plans. We desire to offer free space flights on certain of our craft at that time. We will have short flights around our own solar system. If any signs of agression from earth occurs we will simply back away. Lend your light and love to this  initiative. It will be a way to show them we are not here to attack their home planet! Than we can get things moving ahead.

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How to Activate The Full Power of God Inside Your-self

As for us , we are the stuff of stars my friends , as Sentient Beings we are each an Interface with the DIVINE DIRECTOR , THE CREATIVE INTELLIGENCE , ALMIGHTY GOD . With-in each sentient being throughout the vast cosmos is a SPARK OF GOD'S CONSCIOUS BEING , as that SPARK WE ARE ONE WITH OUR PARENT AND HAVE ALL THE POWERS AND CREATIVITY OF OUR PARENT GOD . It's just lying dormant waiting for us to wake up , see our divinity and re-claim it .


We Are God” , expressing as individualized conscious beings with-in space and time and various dimensions .

We Are God “,expressing it-self multi-dimensionally ,so as to have the experience . We are each, Like droplets in the ocean of awareness.

But we are only aware that ”We Are God “,while we're connected to every other droplet in that vast ocean!

From the “Universal Consciousness”, we can draw all knowledge. We know that we can KNOW ALL, without studying and without the process of reasoning. Not going from one lesson to another, or from one point to another. The lessons are necessary only in order to bring us to an awareness, in which we can step forth into this thought. Than we become comprehensive and inclusive of all thought!

In you, is “Part” of the Creator. The system is complete because “YOU ,are Part of God.”

It's important especially in this new energy, that you really become fully aware of this and feel , and sence this with-in.

There are still cultures many of them, in the millions of individuals on the planet who would greet you with a ,“NAMASTE”. “This is the acknowledgment of my God inside me, greets the God in you.”

Dear ones,with the DNA working at the degree , The first thing that's going to happen is that connection, is that it's gonna get better as the god inside, becomes the god outside and inside. You come into this planet with the creator inside you. This is reasonable and logical. Every cell in your dna has a tiny piece of god within it!


When you sit to meditate! When you sit to pray! When you worship!

Why do you lift your hands and pray to somebody, other than the, “god in-side You? In this “New Energy”, The way, to the future, is not External, no - its “Internal”!

When did we abandon God Inside?

From Ancient Times, it has become the god outside. You didn't just remove God from your bodies in this society. You created a society in which humans were useless and worthless and born dirty and had to to grovel and crawl, even to to be noticed, by this creator. Born in Sin!

These thoughts were not God's thoughts, but thoughts hard wired in our minds and hearts through fallen ones!

God inside is “Love”.

You see this is a disservice to God and Self. It's a dis-function, working against the entire body and soul!

When God is “in-side”, the evolution of the human spirit will have a great catalyst! That will be the belief starting to activate the internal compass!

God in-side” is a beautiful concept that did not take hold 2000 years ago, when previously expounded by Immanuel The Christed One.

We ask you again a second time, to create what was lost from ancient times by your fore-fathers. Something that is going to be understood by “You and Your God in-side”. Because you were born magnificent and as you breathed your first breath, the soul entered your body. It entered every single cell. Thus, your whole body is sacred, not just your blood!

All of the planning that gets you here, creates a magnificence, a beauty, that is seen by spirit and God as beautiful and yet it's “You”. The “Internal compass”, is more than just your intuition, it is God inside of every single human being, in every cell, asking to be activated.

Der Ones, You still are guilty of this!

When you meditate you're looking at an “External Source”, “Dear Spirit”(Somewhere in the Heavens) I want this, help me with this, “dear spirit”, I love you.

What if you internalized it and called it what it is!

The best question you could ever ask of God is:

Tell me what I need to know! Now ,re-phrase the question .

Now you're going to start asking “God Inside”.

Internalization of this issue means that when you sit to meditate you honor your body first, because that is where God Is present in every single piece of DNA, hundreds of trillions of pieces! Your bringing Praise to the “God Inside” your body!

There is a piece of you which is quantum, a very small part of the DNA molecule has been proven to have a quantum attribute. If God is inside. Human scientists call it junk DNA.

Dear Ones, You want to be able to sit down and meditate and start pulling forward that which you need as your “Internal Compass”, because you are calling on this source ,which has always been there!

Not the source that sits in the sky. The source is in-side and to make it easier for you, you might re-frame the way you speak or think.

You might start with,

Dear Spirit In-side”, tell me what it is I need to know. Activate my “internal compass” so that I will be able to sense my direction and not worried over seemingly apparent barriers in life!

Dear Spirit In-side”, quench the fear and doubts that life affords me!!

Dear Spirit In-side”, show me the peace that surpasses all understanding, that may cause unnecessary worry!

Dear Spirit In-side”, I'm afraid, activate that which I know is inside me. So that every single cell can feel what I know is there. I am eternal, give me the peace the quietness and do it now. ThankYou, Dear Spirit! And So It Is!

Has it ever occurred to you, that “Your Consciousness' can speak to the Creator inside your body.

There is a field of physics, that wants “Harmony', that puts things together in a synchronous fashion. We've even called it physics with an attitude, because it's not it's fair, it's not neutral. It's benevolent and in this new energy you're going to see this manifest it-self every single time you ask. This is the wind at your back!

There's a reality in your court there, that wants to help you activate the “Internal Compass”.

Part of the spiritual awakening in this new energy is awareness of things that are there, that you didn't see before. You accepting concepts that you never considered before, of having the thought that perhaps they belong to you, instead of to a guru or the channeler.

Have you not considered that maybe all of the equipment for everything we're talking about, is already in place Within You? It's been sleeping a long time. The whole idea of awakening something that's been asleep is no more just a metaphor, It is reality! Stop looking outside yourself for answers, because they rest within YOU! Meditate the same as you always have, meditate from “With-in ,Dear One!

What you're now doing, is balancing internally that which will manifest externally in your actions, in your consciousness and manifest in how you treat others and how you greet the “God In-side” of anyone who comes in your path!

We have spoken over and over about “Compassionate Action” . We've talked about a “Change of Consciousness”, that makes your actions different. Your actions will afford a confluence of Synchronicity. You will be afforded with Meaningful Coincidences that just happen and flow from with-in your being. It will bring forth a healthy life style . It leads to longer life.

This is the evolvement of the New Human Being “With-in and With-out”!

But this is a major hurdle:

Listen to the way you meditate and pray. Ask, what am I trying to accomplish in this prayer or meditation?

Add the word “IN-SIDE“ every time you mention Spirit, every time you mentioned God.

As you repeat the phrase, Dear God In-side, Dear Spirit In-side, your body is going to become accustomed to this. It's going to own the thought! It it's gonna start understanding you have recognized the divine creator “In-side Your Cells' . It's step one, to so many things that you have, but you didn't understand you were capable of!

Dear Ones, what you got right now is so sorrowful or that creates worry and fear. What is it about humanity that lets you project the worst into a situation and so whatever it is that you fear then you create a bigger monster. This is the old energy paradigm that will completely and totally be wiped away, bye expressing release to the God In-side.

Darkness cannot exist, when love rules! Hatred cannot be there, when joy rules! Sorrow cannot exist when laughter is the king and this is the teaching of the day of the year of the century!

You turn the corner dear God In-side and you join the ancients, who knew it from the beginning! The externalization of where and how God works converted to the internalization of the reality of how God works is the key.

Did you know that when you start that your biology starts to shift! Did you know that your chemistry will start to shift! Did you know that the benevolence of the field will have a greater impact upon your health, because suddenly you are allied with things that you never were before. If God is external how are you ever gonna internalize your health? If God is external how are you ever going to have the peace inside? If God is external what's it all about, why do you exist?

There's a confluence of love that flows from the other side of the veil, directly to you when you cognize and understand and internalize the Creator. As long as it's outside of you, it just sits there when you bring it in you're gonna live longer, when you bring it in it starts to be complete.

Dear ones return to Mother Earth, Walk the path with-in her trees, let nature inspire you as the sand pushes up from the earth below, and surrounds your toes. Let the fragrances fill your nostrils, Listen to the sounds of birds, crickets and let the sounds of waters cause you tranquility! As you find peace, thank mother/father God, mother/father life, than give thanks to your “God Inside”.

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New Message From Archangel Michael

Greetings dear friends and light workers. I just wanted to clear out a few things, before i return to work. Many people have been confused, due to some spelling errors in the holy texts, saying that Jmmanuel "is" Michael. Dear friends, let me now correct this once and for all. The name Kumara and even Michael in this case, is not just a name. It is also a title. Jimmanuel, is a Master Michael, and that my friends is a title. He is one of the ancient elders and also the heavenly host. I take only orders from Jmmanuel and from God, the others takes my orders as well as Jmannuel's including gods, what ever the all mighty god wishes so it shall bee done. So hopefully now you all understand that Jmmanuel is not me, and I am not Jmmanuel. We are 2 different souls, with 2 different personalities and traits. A master Michael is a tittle and that is what they left out from the holy texts "a master Michael" and this in turn have mislead people in to thinking I am Jmmanuel, which I am not... My blessings to you all...

Mike (Archangel Michael)

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