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I am training gen jutsu. Currently I am training with weighted 25lb wrist and ankle weights and sprinting long distances.

My training includes the following supplements for proper growth

Injections i.v.

  N-methyl 2ai for relaxation

  U-47700 for insomnia

Injections i.m.

  DHEA base for nerve chemical uptake

  GH/IGF-1 Drops by Professional Formulas for muscle chemical uptake

  Dutasteride and Finasteride for prostate muscle drainage

  Seventh Chakra (Crown) Drops by Professional Formulas for third eye awakening

Meal supplementation

  Watermelon N.O. Xplode by BSN for blood nitrogen levels

  Candy Blast Supernova by Nutrabolics for blood amino acid levels

  Butterscotch Ultra Peptide 2.0 by Xtreme Formulations for blood protein levels

  Vitamin E for skin and complex health

  Niacin for blood vessel expansion

  Vitamin D3 for bone health

  Tums for upset stomach

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Before ascension, or right now, we are living in a view of everybody is the same as me. After ascension we will be living in a view of everybody is separate from me. This is the only way I should explain it.

She was able to make the counter rotating clock start rotating clockwise in the dream. She must understand ascension in it's entirety. 

Personally, I think the counter rotating clock has a lot more meaning then just a counter rotating clock. I think we can turn back time after ascension to look young again. I think we will be able to sleep on command. I think we should be able to understand all particles and the complete flow of the universe as if it were one with us, future and past should merge into one moment of feeling. And one infinite moment of doing. Likewise the universe should turn into one infinite moment of feeling and one moment of doing. It goes both ways for two different people. The rest of us should be able to turn on and off the emotions and doing at will. The Leo One and the Messiah will be stuck in a belief of ever lasting time, because they could not understand the universe, so the universe is understanding them in return.

However, mysteries are abound. The clock has to be made, and time does not understand itself yet. So why would we trust the clock? Well I think it is because it winds backward. It shows that it knows something that we don't.

I could hear the reality in my moms voice in the dream. This is for real. Ascension is real.

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