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21st December 2012 : How will we feel on "The Big Day"!

I'm just wondering, all else aside, how it going to feel on the big day and the following days. Are we going to feel a big shift, or will it be more subtle? Energy poring in from the centre of the galaxy sounds quite epic.

I also wonder what part the stone circles, new grange, other sites and the Giza plateau if any will play in this.

I don't know if anyone's been following the Giza Geo matrix theory (the great pyramid being a technological device for free energy and/or Earth protection shield).

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Venus and Saturn Rising this morning!

I just wanted to say that I was awake early this morning around 5am in Ireland and saw Venus rising in the East with Saturn above it. It was so amasing, I have never seen a light in the sky so big and bright, it was a true gift to see it come up in all it's glory. I don't know if any of you will be up at the right time tomorrow but if you are be sure to look east and I hope it will look as huge for you as it did for me this morning. If you are in a different part of the world you can download Stellarium and see a movie map of the sky and what time Venus rising is for you. X
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