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My powers have progressed so far.

About 5 months ago I posted a blog based on finding people like me. Interestingly although there wasn't people exactly like me but its comforting to know that people have abilities far beyond the scope of what we consider to be normal standards. Anyways I have been training my powers and I have gained additional abilities.More importantly I have begun to have a fundamental understanding on the true nature of our universe. Meaning we are all made of energy. With this knowledge I have tapped into a few hidden abilities. If anyone is familiar with sun gazing. Its the practice of absorbing sunlight though your eyes and converting that energy into usable energy for the body. I highly discourage any practicing of this method without proper training and the know how and when to sun gaze. I can look directly into the sun with no damage to my eyes because I'm one of the few who can. Meaning that I get my energy from light and water. I go days without eating with no negative repercussions as long as I drink water and restore my electrolites. Every so often I still need food. With these practices I was able to develop enhanced abilities of my current levels.This blog is simply a progress mark to keep track of the progress I have obtained through omnipotent qualities that are the key to reaching our highest potential. Anyone is more than welcome to come here and offer an opinion or insight on my marvels. I highly value anyone who wishes to discuss this me and to seek knowledge. Knowledge is power.
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