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Now more than ever I have dreams of that all comign true, I can see my leadership roll on my horizon... I don't know how... btu I have dreams of a indian man on top of a hill... and I take steps to him.. and every step I take..the man slowsly vanishes.. and ocne im beside him, hes gone.. adn im alone on the hill.. but what I see on the other side of a hill is native peoples canoeing into the bay.. it looks liek its in British columbia.. I feel like my purpiose is being fulfilled.. I ve been through so much, and I can see hwo its all culminating into this. I hope I can do what is laid out for me. I nwo know why I chose the body I have, why I chose to live the way I do. I know now that I am nto from this world, btu another. I am ahppy knowing that I will; help create beauty in this woorld. I hope all of you can help me try and understand. I feel like im livign a life of love purely now. Like we are said we should be. I finally rid of my ego thinking.. and I feel love.. adn now evrything in my life is just falling into place. I have bvisions when I meditate "Hu" I can see this elder I know from my childhood, he helped my uncle get his lfie in order, I now know that I am to go see him and he is going to give me some peice of inof that will be a big peice to my puzzling journey. I have faith and love for everythign going on around me. I lvoe you all and I hope you all pray that this goes well for me. I ahve a birthmark of wisdom in my hair... since birth ive had a white patch more silver.... The lady who told me this was 109 years of age at a pow wow. She said "You are going to be so great of a leader gfor our people, when the times comes you will elad them to greatnessn you have wisdom far beyond your age" I was 4 at that time.... I feel this coming, and im so excited..btu to lead a people? I dont knwo how to lead.. but I knwo for sure im a gatherer.. that is what im good at.. for some reason.. but hey, I beleive. Thanks everyone

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