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I co-Create!

I Created my son.

I am a Creator!

I know he is all that is best in me and more!

He will see My life threw his eyes and His life threw his own.

He is innocent Love. 

How could I ever Judge Him?

Knowing the things I have done in my own life?

Don't you all think the Creator looks at all of your my brother and sisters the same way?

If I wanna tell my son I love him, I DO! I hug him and I let him I know I love him every way possible. 

By thinking it, saying it, and feeling it!

When I wanna show him my love or give him a message. I don't my wife to do it. LOL I do it myself! Because I Created Him!"

Why do we need these "middle" Beings?

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More Questions?

I have some Questions...

Why were we pushed behind the shots?

Why do you spite others when they go against the grain?

Why is it if we do not go with you we all doomed?

We were Born here not you visiters!

Why do you manipulate others to do what you want?

How can anyone follow anything claiming to be grater the you?

why do you have lords? 

Why are there so many masters?

What are they masters of?

Did you forget we are all ready everything there ever was and will be?

We are the ones! Not you!

Did you forget we came here to teach you not the other way around?

Your the ones stuck in your dimensional hierarchy. Not US!

Did you forget we have no hierarchy?

We report to no one!

Did you forget you have no power here?

No i think you are starting to remember to.....

Is this why you hide in the shadows?

Behind others secure walls?

and your own?

Where are you?

Why can't you ever answer the big questions?


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