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Perception and Reality

How strongly does our pre-concieved thoughts / perceptions affect our reality?


You must perceive something in order to be aware of it.. So, as preception from all our senses sends information to our brains, we become aware of certain things. Some things more than others..


I guess this is were pre-conception comes in.. How our thought patterns and algorithms we have come accustomed to throughout our lives play a vital role in how we interact with ourselves, others, and our surrounds, in each moment.


It is difficult to stay subjective in this world, and relating to some people can be hard.


Many people are "stuck in their own world" with some things..


If you become aware of something, its part of your reality, but if you are unaware of it, it's probably not on your mind, and not in your immediate reality.


Gathering new information... is a thing we do constantly. Light is shooting at my eyes as I type this, my eyes are somehow sending the image of my point of view to my brain, and I am recognizing colour.. I hear cars outside... I am breathing in air, and feeling the coolness from my open window...


Yet I am unaware of what is actually going on outside because I am here typing this.. Doesnt make the world outside any less of valid reality. Just not one concerning me atm.


I've always pondered how, in every moment, how our pre-conceived thoughts have an affect to how we interpret things..


Like your first thought in regards to a new piece of information that your brain is analyzing... From that initial first thought, most likely trigger a rush of follow-up thoughts and dictact how you act, or dont act, in a situation.


Some people see a bug, and they see a nasty, gross, "ew" inducing pest. Because this is what they "associate" with bugs.


Another would see a bug and see another being we are trying to share this Earth with. Each perception alters how we view and interact with our surrounds... so instead of smashing a fly against a wall, one might simply open a window for it.


Someone wishing to learn will learn more than someone who is distracted with other things, yet both these people with differing mindsets are in the same classroom, sharing the same enviroment, and for a moment, sharing an enviromental reality. Whereas the inner workings of their minds might be light years away from each other...


From infancy we are sponges and gather up info, and sadly, because of the world we live in, many thoughts people have are deluded.. mainly my pro-consumer advocates who want you drooling and thinking over the latest whatever-have-you instead of.. Well. The rest of the World the state It's is.


I use to work as a security guard for a high end mini mall. When I learned that some customers spend upwards of.. get ready for it.. $500,000 a year in a department store.. I was shocked and disgusited.. I mean while poverty, hunger, and avoidable deathes plauge most of the rest of the world, here are people spending fortunes on what is basically useless droll.. I quit my job soon after learning this.. But I digress.


I would like to touch upon what I called "though monologues" or the perceivable stream of thoughts that go through the mind, which you are consciously aware of.


This "though monologue" is sorta like the "scripting" or "programming" of your beings. Think about thinks that make you happy, you feel happy, think about negativity, well, you become the polar end of positive.


Its interesting to observe the mind and how it works, and truely how similar to a computer it really is. Each reality is different yet shared, for every action there is a reaction, cause and affect. There is no coincidence, just unfathomed cause.


The only Universal constant is change. If you blink, when you open your eyes, you arent the same as you were when you closed them. I think every 7 years the body completely regens itself..? Like new cells and everything..


I apologize if this post lacks direction.. these were just some musings I've had this morning and perhaps I shall do some deeper investigation into them sometime....


Thats All for now. Thank you for reading!


Love and Harmony,


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