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We are Coming!

This just in: And so it is ~ (snip) the Celestials and Great Higher Beings say, "We Are Coming! The end of the darkness has come and the Light now resides permanently on Planet Earth" and further, "the meek shall inherit the Earth." It continues to say, within the next week. (snip)I am happy to report this great news to you! It changes everything and is glad tidings, indeed, for all our hearts this day and forevermore.Let me explain: Before this could happen enough light had to be projected from EARTH TO HEAVEN and it's taken a very long while in linear years to get there. It seems that the Earthquake visited upon Japan, no matter how dastardly this was from the dark, put us over the top with all the heartfelt compassion that came from it ~ and this allowed much negativity to come forth and be released from Earth to get us over the last hump of darkness and negativity at long last. Stranger yet, the dark never considered this possibility in their deeds against us. Well, too late now there is no going back!A quick review: First it took eons in linear time to receive Divine Intervention. This was only possible once a Feminine Christ Consciousness returned to Earth (this I learned two years ago) but it was limited until another benchmark could be reached requiring enough light, again, to come forth and light up a new grid to overcome the dark that had been unleashed upon the world by our own collective consciousness ~ prior to getting OPEN Divine Intervention. Now we can get outright OPEN assistance to begin cleaning up the Earth ourselves with benevolent guidance from Celestials. We know these to be the Sirians, Arcturians and many others of the Galactic Federation of Light. I call them the Heavenly Hosts because that's what they are comprised of ~ Too many to name here.They know what they are doing and will catch us up on releasing technologies long held captive from us for the last 60 years and longer and then once that is accomplished and new governments are in place, who actually work for us, they will share their own technologies with us.In the interim we will be able to learn about our true origins and purpose and everything will finally make sense. Those who desire to ascend with our beloved Earth can ask for and receive assistance in getting their frequency high enough to ascend ~ if it is the desire of their own heart. Anyone who asks ~ will be granted this gift.There are Crystal Chambers within Inner Earth where we can go with our closest Angel Guardian Mentor with us since birth to work through any last vestiges of negativity that remains from our previous lives and incarnations on Earth; where we will be Clarified, Purified, and Sanctified. We've created many parallel universes within our own beings that require integration and unity of purpose. All the fragments of our many beings can be healed and united into One. Mentors will be made available for any who so desire this and many other great services and kinds of assistance. Something called, the "Knowledge" is a source open to us even now at this moment in time to ask any question and tap into Akashic Records and much more like the contents of the libraries at Alexandra. Again, this will be a free will choice and no one will be forced to do anything that doesn't come from within their own hearts. We will be able to "see" those we have believed were lost to us; our loved ones and family members and other Star families. We will understand for the first time our Karmic choices and ties to those we've chosen to incarnate with over and over again and our real relationship lines; where they come from and where they go.Those who aren't ready for it and who like things as they are now ~ they get to choose ~ it is still very much a free will arena by Universal Law and they are under no obligation to do so ~ as working towards ascension is happening on millions of other 3D planets in various stages of ascension and they can go there and progress at their own pace. There will open, many dimensions, that have been closed to us prior to this time. Our own frequency is the key that opens these doors unto us. For those with lower frequencies assistance will be granted again, if asked, to enable them to achieve higher levels of frequency.No one makes these judgments for or against us. We may not realize it but we are the judges of ourselves and true masters of our own destiny ~ it has always been so. We reap what we sow by the frequency of our own being. Negative thoughts and actions reduce and put us into lower vibrations, attracting events that match and find resonance within our own hearts. It's a pretty scary thought when we were wandering around the wilderness there ; ) Positive thoughts and actions through kindness and compassion increase our resonance with the higher frequencies and bring true happiness and bliss. Unconditional love is the goal and it's frequency is well known to be 528 HZ and open to any willing to put forth the effort to catch up at any time and even go beyond these frequencies.Many hearts will change as the Solar Winds blow Adamantine Particles and blessings upon us ~ to raise our consciousness. This is becoming a joy to watch among our brothers and sisters at this time. Don't know if you've noticed or not. If you are not in tune with these particles it is true, they can damage your body. They tend to bring things to the surface to be expressed whether it be anger, frustration, hate, or love and amplify the effects. Addictions rise up to the surface to be addressed and overcome as they hold us back and limit our progress ~ it is necessary to work diligently to be free of them enough to raise into higher vibrations. All influences will be amplified 1,000 fold! Whether you do good or things of a lower vibration. Frequency has become more important now than ever before. The higher your frequency can be maintained the easier your way becomes when there are less negatives to amplify. Peace and serenity are possible and can be amplified as well ~ even as they increase and are felt more strongly as days go by.New ways to increase our frequency and assist in own healing will flood the earth and we will be assisted if we ask ~ and a vital necessity to receive help ~ is that we ask, and eventually no illness will be found on Earth. Can you imagine a world without the need for drugs, hospitals, doctors? No health plans or socialize medicine needed. Each of us will become the healers we have always been. All of our gifts will be restored as Masters.No money will be needed either as we will be provided literally the Bounty of Heaven freeing us up to create our hearts desire. While I can't speak for anyone but myself and through my own experiences, my Heavenly Father told me of his great love and desire that his children be provided with the desires of their own hearts. It's of the greatest importance to him. I believed him when he told me this and that will never change. He asked me to teach his children how to love again and I have done this on every occasion when I could do so. If we believe, we can all join in teaching about love to one another. It is not asked just of me. He said that we should walk barefoot and let our roots grow deep within the Earth, Gaia. And swim in the oceans and lakes, again growing our roots ever deeper to anchor her in love and light. This, we, all can do and in great joy.Before anyone gets too excited ~ know this: No one is coming to conquer the Earth; what is coming is our own higher selves and Celestial brothers and sisters and even the Agarthans from Inner Earth will be with us again. They have always been here as our Angels and Guides, as our I AM PRESENCE, and Higher Power, and have arrived in great force and numbers to assist us OPENLY. Expect to see millions of Mother ships of all sizes to arrive in the skies above us and do not be afraid when you see them, let your hearts be filled and mirror back the greatest love and adoration between us as in days of old prior to our Earthly experience.They are there now but haven't de-cloaked yet. Many of us can see or sense their presence and it's the greatest show of force I've ever witnessed with the greatest love and adoration towards us. Even now these Mother ships are open~ if we wish to visit them. Most of us have been visiting them at night while we sleep on other etheric and spiritual planes and dimensions. Again, to do so, requires only the asking and is open freely to all.They say that certain media sources will announce them finally and that it will come first to those in communication with them at present ~ as in channels and other spiritual connections before these public announcements. It is said that we each will take these events through our own hearts and find the meaning there.That's what this is ~ for your benefit now. There is a whole different feel in the air today, have you noticed? Time is very short before wonderful things begin to happen. Woo Woo! What the "government" does or doesn't do will not have much effect on us either way since this makes it a whole new ballgame, indeed. Many have ridiculed the idea of Divine Intervention, and now, they can judge for themselves whether it be true or not!I'd like to take this opportunity to express in an open forum, my deepest and abiding love and appreciation for these Great Celestial Beings and Heavenly Hosts who have been with us every step of the way since we left the preexistence to come and experience duality upon the Earth. Although, we may have forgotten it, we were once anxious and eager volunteers, and now, after all the endless incarnations (some say 400 lives) through so much darkness for the last 13 million years, we have arrived back to our origins once again. Full circle. Wow! Let's take a deep breath and appreciate this accomplishment. Imagine our long journey to get here! Appreciate our diligence and passion to see these most exciting times arrive and be fulfilled.We have achieved what no one in the Universe expected and they are thrilled on our behalf that we have done what was impossible to do up until this time! Yes, it's never been done before on any other 3D planet! This comes from the highest authorities! All the World Councils on Saturn and All Universes including 50 New Star Nations and all members of the Galactic Federation of Light are present and watching these developments ~ and at long last, we go forth into the light of a new day! May the trumpets sound the notes of our celebration! I call my Silver Mac Air, my trumpet, as in days of older equipment and other silver and gold trumpets.If the Celestials are amazed at our progress and achievements, don't you think we should be, too! Well, it will all come back to our memories soon! Ask that all veils be lifted, so we can become ready and able to see again.Most of us, have no real concept yet of all that has been achieved but that shouldn't diminish our joy! It reverberates throughout all Universes and Solar Systems in delight! Can you feel the great joy and celebrations? Tune into it, it's available!This calls for group hugs here and in throughout the Milky Way Galaxy and far, far beyond! Let the celebrations and reunions begin at long last! And in my absolute gratefulness, let me express the fabulous gratitude I have to have lived long enough to see this day arrive. It is enough! Let us gather together now and begin to experience all that the Earth has offered throughout these eons but for which we were unable to partake of freely and fully until now in the fullness of time. And so it is... Amen. xoxoxoxoxox
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By far this is the most important video ~ I've ever seen and it is cause for emptying the cup of our knowledge ~ so it can be filled with ingredients for a much more balanced take on Earth's ascension and a new middle ground we must seek; it explains our transit through the heavens ~ and puts things that frighten us into a new perspective. It opens up our eyes about how we keep the cycles of duality spinning and calls forth a new requirement within our own hearts. It's 40 minutes you shouldn't miss.*Revelations*Here is the the link: http://vimeo.com/20337999Suggested: Download a utility that allows you to save this video, so you can share it with others and watch it more than once. It's that great! It is 40 minutes long, so pick a time when you won't be disturbed. Much love! xoxox
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A New Banking System Comes Forth...

A New Banking System Comes Forth...
by Darla Ken Pearce on Friday, February 11, 2011 at 8:52am

A new banking system will be announced and brought forward ~ that will change our world by bringing prosperity through global settlement packages; with new money distributions to be handed out throughout the world by way of local banks. Since Friday night, in a sequence of interlocking events, Chinese took over (bulldozing) power and authority from dark forces who have been withholding them by foot dragging and endless delays.

Although all has been in readiness for these settlements ~ delays ensued that have now been removed. Further delays made it necessary for the Chinese to take over processing authority to see that deliveries are made of these packages and this was done to prevent further interference from other levels. The interference was to withhold these programs indefinitely. What is needed and coming forth now ~ is a level economic playing field ~ not based on debts nor a debtor system such as that which enslaved us. A way has been provided for us to go forward into the light of a new era.

The new system comes forth and is being manifested with the approval of 140 nations who want this done immediately if not sooner. Chinese negotiated and funded this recovery operation in good faith and are calling the shots to ensure it is brought forward successfully. All indications so far are that banks are loaded with the new currency and ready for business. Our economic prospects have taken a new economic turn for the betterment of all and with it comes free energy that was long withheld from all of us.

And with abundance comes prosperity and sovereignty ~ and with prosperity and sovereignty for all comes peace ~ so that love may prevail over the whole of the Earth and all beings who dwell upon her. In this new reality comes responsibility for each and every one to honor, respect, encourage, and bless all others.

Brothers loving brothers ~ sisters loving sisters, the lost tribes being reunited and an enlargement of families and tribes working together ~ united ~ for the well being and prosperity of all. And so it is... xoxox

Let love and prosperity flow over all the Earth in ascension and peace from this day forward into the dawn of a new day. xoxox
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