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12/12/10 LQ Channelling The Earth & Sky Council 


LQ -The two councils have collectively been speaking and there is a message they would like to share collectively, this is the message:


It has taken us great care so that you all may come together now and this is in many ways as we speak. For It is not only in your sitting here together as one, but also in our coming together beneath the earth and above the heavens and one withon and within the earth plane. This is an evenly stretched and beautifully marked time in space which we have come to now, give you a chance to have the centeredness of being. This is a space of understanding. It is a space that you know well and are moving into and through in every moment. This is the time now for us to claim every aspect of ourselves of each other and of this universe and beyond. For it is all yours and it is all ours.


(LQ) *The Earth council would like to speak first*). Earth Council (EC) - It is the rivers which run upwards, which we all speak of. (LQ 'they are speaking collectively right now). (EC) Rivers flow up through this rich diversity. You see the home of our spirits, the homes of our ancestors, and the feets of many routed here now in the earth but we rise up to you. Water goes up, and the waters go down. We have flown to you, and have spoken to you through the rains, through the rivers, through the pools and puddles and the streams and vallies, through the dew drops in the morning sun. We are here in your waters, just as your sky. We bring the mud we bring the dirt. We bring the life, of the earth as solid contact. As a solid truth, of Your own will to be on Earth.


Given our space here, we have come to find you all, a very ravenous bunch, wanting everything, more and more, this is understandable as we too feel the same. This is a space for us all to enjoy and one must come to see the destruction  within this creative force and visa versa. For it is the space that is natural and one must not worry, for it is all natural and is coming together. There are walls within which are coming down, the walls of every plane. This  here is our space to be here with you. As we find it easy to come together now and we assist you in doing so. As the earth councils as all of your earthly consciousness grow and counter partners connect as  you remember your own connection, in your own  part or  spark if you will. This consciousness which you share with the entire universal plane, and especially with this mother you walk upon.  She is finding you here to bring you and draw you nearer to your very earth kin, your fellow humans. your fellow beings. For these bodies are here for you and the coming together is very necessary indeed. For it is a space of healing and it is a space of knowing. We ask you to spend as much time as you can in close proxcimity to many bodies. Those which you love, those that you just met, a minute ago ever. This is a Space to see one another and to see the faces of all those you share the space with. This is a space of knowing. We are here to tell stories, and it is no coincidence that this history is truth. 


These stories they are of your choosing and you wonder what stories am I telling? What stories are you talking of? These stories are everywhere and you simply create them by thinking and this is the space for you to create. There is nothing here which can not be done and every truth in your heart  may come fully into it's own. This is a space to have the deepest connections you ever imagined with another being on this planet, weather it is the person sitting next to you, the plants in your garden, or the animal sitting beside you.You may hear the wind and speak to it, just as you may hear the rocks and upon the leaves that speak the language of the earth through them. This heart is here with you and we are here to bring it forward to you, as you can remember it so clearly, It is simply a reflection of yourself. Imagine a grand animal with a very large and long tail, its like we are reminding you that you have a tail that you have forgotten because its so far away.


We all sit here together, in the fire in the earth or Hearth around the clay in the building of mud. The mud we speak of.... Feel the dirt,  the earth is here and is a part of your consciousness. Just as the stars. Imagine every star in the sky as reflected in every grain of dirt and sand upon the earth. These all have conscious energies and understandings and generous knowings as do the stars and  they are here for your disposal and for your knowing and gaining. We have placed ourselves  here to remind of this and everything else has been placed with this intent as well.   with that intent. So you will remember, and we will see each other once again.


They’re laughing at me because I’m surprised they’re come through a stone I usually use to meet my sky people and Im surprised because they’re saying they’re connected to Orion as well, which makes sense but its just a big joke to them right now. 


So this is the sky council coming through and they are picking up where they left off. They’re speaking upon the relation, the relation between the shining of a light and the thing which produces that light. The relationship between the action and the being, or the action and the truth, or result, or continuing, if you will. This is a connection of great speed, and of great intuition and is one most powerful indeed. The colors we speak of, of these powers of this space are green and yellow. Actions are very powerful, yes, but in so many ways. How can we know how strong they will be, how can we know the intent? How do we know how strong this intent is? Is this intent strong enough to defy our our very own understanding  of our reality? Is this intent strong enough? The actions that are here are powerful and one can bring forward actions which are driven from many spaces. This is a time where your fears  maybe driving your actions.  Or your heart maybe driving your actions. Undoing all these planes you will find one truth and one truth alone. That no matter what the action, you will always shine within the completion of that action, and something will always manifest. This is a very simple truth which could be overlooked or perhaps taken very directly, even too directly at time, for this is actually quite powerful. 


We know that what we do, the actions we create bring us forward. This is the space for you to shine. This is a space for us to know with out a shadow of a doubt that you are golden. That what you say is so. This time is upon us. The heart has a great knowing. A knowing so loud that you may hear it within your selves. This heart tells you amazing things, things that you yourself cannot believe. However you seem to find almost as if it may be a burden as if you have been discovered by some secret force. You have actually discovering yourself. And this is an undeniable space of knowing which is why we bring you the yellow and the green. For it is a space of truth and of knowing and of action. This powerful action a very subtle and soothing floating action with  a swiftness of miracles, with the swiftness of light, this is a space which you create every day in every single way, but are you aware of it? How are you seeing the space? What is guiding it? What is driving it? What intent do you put through this mechanism. For this what will describe what is manifested.


There have been many opportunities in your life time for you to clearly connect with the green of the heart. This gorgeous connection of creation and abundance and the compassion for yourself to understand that you can do anything that you say that you choose  and bringing it into the space of action and of movement so swift that you simply manifest without even questioning for one second. Think of when you surprised yourself in your own life, when you gone beyond your own perception of your self. This is a very easy thing to do and many of you have done it  naturally, many times, however it is also something you can call upon when ever you wish and use it as a tool with in the earth plane and your astral journey. 


Trusting. It is trust. And knowing. Get closer to this knowing than ever before. We challenge you! Remember the times when you knew without a shadow of a doubt that you can do something. Something amazing. Something that would amaze everyone, something that would make them stop and say ‘wow! how did you do that.’ Inversely Inspire others to go beyond them selves as well. This is part of being on earth and it is part of your truth.


Similar to the effects you would get, upon learning anything new at first you find yourself struggling wondering if you could possibly do it again. Like riding a bike, wondering how you did it and whether or not you can do it again. Every time you get on a bike imagining that you will surly fall this time and that the last time your where just having good luck. Suddenly the next thing you know you are completely  riding this vehicle and it is almost effortless to the point where you can even take the hand of the bars and even wonder how the hell your riding this thing to the point where you could even leave your body transporting your self to other modes and thought and perception, while still riding this Vehicle that you once could hardly move upon. This is a similar space it is a beautiful physical representation of an actual perceptive reality which is a truth that we all share, that we all live with. Your perception is your reality, and coming into these things as a learning experience will greatly help you stepping into these new modes of understanding and of action. For if I told you that you could do something like ride a bike, other people ride bikes, this is  something which happens, you would say “ok I’ll give it a go.” but then again there are times where you do not know. If anyone has ever done such a thing that this is a space where it is even more important to do exactly what  you know must happen in order for it to be so. This is the action we speak of, this is the gold, the golden light that is shining you back to all those around you. It is the heart’s flame. 


The sky council is telling me to take a break, as the the Earth council comes through again. They would simply like to speak more upon this ancestry and this span of proof, if you will, span of evidence, span of experience, which stretches out before and behind you, and in many directions. The space of history, these stories we still must speak upon. These stories, this history, these people, who have walked here, all of them are connected to you, and there is a great truth which lies within this understanding, for many have had similar experiences, and in these experiences one can find the universal laws of this place. One Can begin to see the truths of the greater experience of all. We can not share all this with you here, for it is one you must find in your heart alone, but it is one you will know without a shadow of a doubt and is here to serve you. This is why we have the gift of voice and speech and of the sound of the earth plane, to vibrate and share, and to send our waves to one another to continue to tell the story. This is how it stays alive quite literally Our perception of ourselves is the very fabric that binds us.  Ourselves In each other and each other in ourselves.


See the lines which we have walked, see 'the hardship' we say. See the places we have been.Hardship is relative. We mean a place of experience see what we have experienced. See what all have experienced. Knowing this, seeing this you may understand that there are many different ways, all upon one another. And that it is never easy, although it can be effortless all at once. These truths are hard to speak and put into words even for you, yes, because it is something truly profound in it's Beauty and is a main reason this place even exists.


They’re both collectively speaking right now upon the the pathways. They’re addressing the circle, saying that many question their own pathways, like how do you find the pathway to your doors? your many doors within an externally and they’re making a clear distinction about the fact that it is whatever presents itself to you, it is what ever is simply there and that this is also a great multitude. Also a great space within you. There can be many many many things all at once. They’re reflecting this, because it is something which is easy to reject at times but this is the truth, for us all to hold, as the multitudes or multiplicity of your own self, of your own truth. 


There’s no one answer. There is no one truth. Knowing this remembering this will help you through the space of transition. You are no singular thing. Know one is singular, It is all connected. Allowing everything to be at once. This is the space, for any questioning that one may have. 


This is another time where they... it’s funny. They were saying to act in support of your heart. Support of action. Let your actions in life be supportive actions. In every way that an action can possibly be of that nature. You’ll find this being the foundation of your life, creating supportive actions, creating the structure of the strongest tree. 


I’m getting a lot of the tree of life imagery tonight as well. The waters of the earth being drawn up into the roots from below, their just really showing the reflection between the two planes. How the top of the  tree drinks from sky and how the roots of the tree drink from the earth. There’s something there. there's something on both sides and you’re never without, wherever you are. There’s something to drink on both sides *they are laughing about that*.


(laughing)LQ *They’re saying to visit us they keep saying*, They’re really encouraging everyone to trust their inner vision, because your inner vision is your pathway to the universe that is your vehicle and many of us have this inner vision and it is here with us very often. So it is hard for us to think of something so mundane to be such a profound vehicle to the cosmos. For this is simply the truth of the matter. just as your legs they can take you down the street but also can walk across walk you across this entire planet if you want to. It is simply your choosing. 

Simply walk into this space. Walk into this space and trust that you have arrived, once you get there and however it is, that’s how it should be. That is how it is, that it is, how it is. You can not deny your reality. So bring yourself to these spaces and stay there for a while. Trust that you have arrived. However ordinary  or familiar, or strange and unusual this space may seem. Trust your heart it will take you where you belong and it will take you where you remember and it will take your where you will never ever ever be alone. 


You know your doorways, you cosmic gateways  as well and your soul never forgets once it has passed. They all keep telling me to relax.



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Soul Name - there is know one soul name - names our made up for us to recognize each other on earth.

Soul Origin from the Source - we are all infinite beings traveling through the universe.

Purpose in creation - Is to fully express your self and be your self and to live your truth.

Purpose on Earth - To Experience.

Life Design - The life that keeps your heart at peace for you and those around you.

Past lives - you have had infinite lives there is no number - what do you remember? trust your self, what where you drawn to as a child - these are your clues , what is you heart say - Trust your self heart.

Past life learning - That's Now, there is no Past it's all now!

Where you are going - your the captain of the ship.

Star Origin - What star do you feel your heart is connected to in the sky where do you feel you belong to - Answer Trust it.

Star Name- Names are not nessicary as there is something more behind a name much greater.Connections with Ascended Masters and Angels

Guidance coming from spirit at this time - You are an Ascended master Wake up to your self you have all the answers. Trust your heart it's the part of you that speaks the truth weather you like it or not -

we are one with everything - not seperate

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March is a month of double stargates. Almost everyday is a stargate.
This means that our support system is taking tremendous advantage of
the astrology and downloading to us big time. So if you are feeling
headachy or just plain tired, dragging your butts along. This is
probably why...and just think it's just the first week of the month!
This is also a month of activiations - translation: profound changes.
March 23rd the Crystals will be awakened and I am looking forward to
this big time as these are an amazing generation of starseeds. So -
hold on tight. We are all in for a month of change on many levels and
a month of awakenings too. But when its over - we will feel so much
more 'right' in our bodies and minds than we have ever felt before
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Planet sized UFO's flying out of the sun -

The Sun is a Portal - My girlfriend LQ channeled this info about a year ago the The Earth will go through the SUN in 2012 as we all move into the 5th dimension, (energetically of course) as our bodies have now begun to change. We don't go through the sun though we through are own star portals from which we came out of. Follow this link which links my new truth discoveries to this info I just found. One Love Brett
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