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Whatch Out In Greece We Undertand This On Anargy


The idea of a society without authority, power or violence. It is the collection of thinking which is to bring back to the idea that an individual in no way subordinate to or from something or someone may be. Today, the term is often used to anarchy chaos

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Ancient Curch Inportend Information

I Not Promote Any Religion

I Respect Every  Humanbean i post this because i believe that this information is verry inportend and manny "religius groeps" dont have promoted whit the ages love but terror pain en dark ages en times wars en so

Over the all world are Good peaple in al lot of religius

On Earth the try manny years to kill and prosecude the God Peaple

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"economic crisis " lol God His Holy Light Let Us Never Down

Never and Hes All Creation  all Human's

Holy Andomeda

We Never Belived In Money

We Always Believed In Oure Creator

Come One All Alle Nation's

We Are A Lot Protection From The Holyness


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Not cold

Lyrics: Locomondo
  Music: Locomondo
  First performance: Locomondo

Not cold in Greece
  Cold has never
  Come tonight to feel
  As I never felt

Wanna go for a ride
  In a magical place
  Where all fun
  They say 'how it' and specialists

But if you laugh you lose
  Says Regulation
  And if you dare to dance
  In threatening foreclosure

Not cold in Greece
  Cold has never
  Come tonight to feel
  As I never felt

From the abyss of grief
  The meadows of joy
  It's a small door
  Where you hold the knob

The very night party wants
  Wants sweat and voices
  Not trendy catwalk
  And culture-woes

Not cold in Greece
  Cold has never
  Come tonight to feel
  As I never felt

Be the child of the sun
  And the laughter of fire
  Yes there is power in the world
  Chains can you break

Sweaty embrace
  Love is everywhere
  And if you fancy a kiss
  I see the stars of heaven

Not cold in Greece
  Cold has never
  Come tonight to feel
  As I never felt


Song 2    same Youtube movie

Markos Vamvakaris

I have a fire, a flame in my heart
As if you did magic on me, sweet Frankosyriani

I'll come to meet you again at the shore
I want to enjoy your kisses and hugs

I'm going to take you to all places - Finika, Parakopi
Galisa and Delagratsia, even if the strike hits me

We will have a good time in Pateli, Niohori and in Alithini
And we'll have a romance in Biskopio, my sweet Frankosyriani


Song 3

The earth, the earth turns, turns around
  hot lava from the depths to gush.

The earth, the earth turns, turns around
  rain and watering of the soil.

The earth, the earth turns, turns around
  a melody from the air spinning.

The earth, the earth turns, turns around
  a melody, a love sculpting.

West and East
aililili aililili
  have a rug

to dance bumped you ...

aililili aililili
  magic carpet



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Lovely Brothers And Sisters Ik sent You Al Lot Of Love From My Greek Heart I Life Now In The Netherlands I Love all my life Bob Marley The african Peaple and all peaple in the al word ther's is no Difference My Lovely Sisters And Brothers The Are A Lot Of Light Workers And "Warriors" On The Planet Earth en Out The Planet Now I Sent You My Love And Greetings To You All Sometime's The Asthar Command and Asthar and a lot Of Light Commanders "Ask" To Light Warriors to go down to "the hel""

My Friens We Are Never Alone ;) God He's Creation is perfect We Always will succes Love to You All Nice Greetings and a lot of Lot To You All From Greece The Country Of My Parents And Grandparand And Me.

LIght Of God Protect His Light Us Humand

;)....................:D      LIGHT OF THE ONE AND ONE CREATOR


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