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by April Bender via Higher Self 


Some time has passed since our last channeled message, "Collective Pulse Report: The Three Waves of Global Transformation," and while those three waves continue to crash upon your earthly shores - molding, transforming, reshaping, and redefining your core existence and overall experience - there are important updates, clarifications, and distinctions to be made at this time that will help all ascending initiates, light and magic workers, and healers (depending on how one identifies) best work with the current energetics of this ascending planetary cycle.

Clarifications and Updates

I do want to take a moment to point out that within those groups I just mentioned, there are many different levels of development found. Meaning there are those who are newly initiated all the way to those working through to actualizing a level of mastership, and many levels in-between. Soul/spiritual development is highly unique to each being. I mention this because often we speak generally of such things, wanting to be inclusive with our messages, but it is important to remember  that there are many levels of development and therefore many ascending souls, magic and light workers, and healers performing different levels of service to assist and support the current cycle. All of which are important and needed.

The reason this understanding is important is because in order to understand the current energetic processes, one needs to understand the logic behind "tipping point theory."

Scientists at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute have found that when just 10 percent of the population holds an unshakable belief, their belief will always be adopted by the majority of the society. The scientists, who are members of the Social Cognitive Networks Academic Research Center (SCNARC) at Rensselaer, used computational and analytical methods to discover the tipping point where a minority belief becomes the majority opinion. The finding has implications for the study and influence of societal interactions ranging from the spread of innovations to the movement of political ideals.  

For collective shifts in consciousness proceed along this pathway. Consciousness permeates. A fact your scientists and academics are only now just beginning to discover but the ancients well understood. And this is why to realize ascension, re-enchantment, or the healing of your fragmented world it takes time...it is a process that is part of a much larger cycle of divine creation and flow, with each awakened actor playing his/her part in order to reach that crucial tipping point where a new paradigm, a new age can be realized collectively.

You have those who are playing the role of high profile teachers and way-showers, those who are quietly working to help others awaken and heal through the healing arts, counseling, simple conversation, medicine, or prayer, you have those who are working to bridge worlds and rebuild relationships with the plant, animal, and mineral kingdoms as well as ancestral spirits, those who are healing and stimulating higher thought through various forms of art, you have those breaking new ground and challenging old thought structures within academia, politics, religious institutions, etc..., those actively fighting for the rights and resources of Mother Earth/Gaia and all her blessed creatures, those channeling crucial information/messages from the higher orders, and you have those light-workers who hold, anchor, and disseminate the light codes/frequencies as they bombard the planet as well as help transmute the lower energies that are agitated by the incoming light and energetics as part of this grand turn of the cycle. Don't ever forget the full scope of this divine movement of which you are an integral part. 

And all this is being done to help humanity awaken to their pre-Fall state of consciousness. The dimensions already exist, one over-layed upon the next, but because most humans have closed off their inner faculties they are unable to perceive them and in some cases, the pathways to them have been damaged from neglect and need to be re-established. A schism occurred between humanity and the rest of creation at the time of The Fall. Ascension or Re-enchantment is about repairing or healing that schism. For not only is humanity severely limited in its current state but so are all connected orders of life. Many of which, cannot evolve along their lines of development until higher consciousness is restored to humanity.

The Harvest

Having said that, there is a deepening or ripening in all (as a result of the three waves) that is about to take place. An opportunity for each level of development to significantly advance and for yet another timeline and/or dimension of being and experience to open up. This is because the 3rd Wave of Healing and Integration is ramping up in intensity due to 3 main factors:

1) The continued anchoring and dissemination of higher light/vibrational codes and the transmutation of lower energies on Earth. While this is a task or role that many light-workers around the world assist with, there are those who have been painstakingly committed to and singularly focused on this process for a number of years. Their bodies, minds, and spirits have taken a beating over the years as they've been for lack of a better word, zapped over and over again by highly charged magnetizing and catalytic forces - anchoring them into the Earth, her grids, to thereby lessen the shock of this energy to the masses for their consumption. This act of anchoring also serves to open up new channels of connection and communication between dimensions/worlds and repair old pathways/circuits/bridges that long ago existed. For not only is there a downward rush of higher energies to the recipient to anchor but there is also an upward rush of energies back to the source. Consequently, once the energy is anchored and disseminated, they then must transmute or filter the lower energies that are stirred up as a result of the incoming higher energetics to Earth before the wave rushes back upwards to the source. It is an invisible or "subtle" role and therefore often a thankless one but mark my words it is one that will see the fruits of all these labors first. One excellent example of a collective cohort that does much of this type of heavy lifting work you know as The Planetary Ascension Team or the P.A.T. Members of this team not only are doing this work on an individual basis but even more importantly, they are working together as one intentional collective brought together by Georgi Stankov, which is immensely more powerful. Together they focus their will, energies, and intentions to fulfill this sacred role. The more souls that can come together and intentionally co-create in this way (no matter what form of expression this work takes), the faster that ascension or the healing of your world will take place. For consciousness, will, and intention, especially when focused collectively, can literally move mountains, mitigate war, or clean polluted water, etc. Science is even beginning to become aware of this most basic natural law through group intention experiments. (See Lynne McTaggert's work - The Power of Eight.)

2) Greater healing and awareness has flooded The Tree of Life. First, a huge acknowledgement must be given to those walking a more indigenous, magical, or green path who also have been serving tirelessly over multiple generations in some cases to strengthen, rebuild, or simply hold open the relationship between humans, the divine feminine and the natural world (Gaia/the Goddess and her earthly hierarchy/nature spirits). Not only have they served as bridges and stewards but also as teachers, opening up and sharing their indigenous wisdom and teachings with the masses at this most crucial time of human evolution. There is much wisdom to be gleaned by the plant, animal, mineral, and ancestral kingdoms - they are rich in wisdom and nourishment. In fact humanity is only operating on less than half its potential and/or capacity without the support of or being in proper relationship to these beings and the Divine Feminine at large. They were placed here to support and nourish you, to provide you a greater sense of health, support, well-being, and perspective and since humanity's Fall, have been by and large unable to fulfill their roles - stunting their growth and evolution. Not to mention the raping and pillaging of these conscious forms of life by fallen human mentalities. The depth of this separation has even caused humanity by and large to live disconnected from its own nature and physical body - preferring instead to be in the head and considering such things as the physical body lowly, sinful, or unimportant. But all is connected in the One body or Tree of Life - this illusory separation is driven by humanity's fallen mentality. The rest of creation waits for your remembrance. As this healing continues to grow and permeate the Tree or Web of Life (as more engage with and strengthen their relationships to the natural world) greater alignment, harmonization, and balance takes place - which causes the veil of separation between beings and worlds to become thinner and thinner - ultimately reaching the point of restoration of the original blueprint of Creation where no such veil exists - nor do such dense physical human bodies/vessels exist but more on that in a moment. I should also mention that again science, through the study of quantum mechanics and non-local phenomena are beginning to better understand this conscious connection. (See scientist Dean Radin's latest ground breaking work - Real Magic.)

3) More human souls are actively waking up and working with spirit and/or the energies to heal and transform themselves as well as the larger world. This is really what you would call a by-product of items #1 and #2. The work that has happened in previous stages has allowed the energies and higher forms of consciousness to better permeate your world, on multi-dimensional levels catalyzing a process of transformation. As more and more souls seek to heal, reclaim and restore the broken or fractured parts within themselves and their world, they begin to unleash the authentic and creative divine self within. As more open to love and turn their backs on fear, more bridges and bonds of connection are established, personal power reclaimed, and more avenues up/down the Tree of Life become accessible. This is why the first wave was/is so crucial as that reflective mirroring of the unconscious or all that one finds horrific, distasteful, dark is confronted and ultimately catalyzes one into their own process of inner transformation which feeds or flows into collective transformation. Watching from above or the outside, the scene looks chaotic in regard to the masses, remember for example when you personally first began really waking up. It was painful, confusing, and it took you a bit to get your bearings and learn discernment. However, rest assured that everything is unfolding just as it should and there are plenty of supports in place for the masses. But this is precisely why it's important for those who already are awake, to extend a helping and patient hand.

The Fruits - A New Realm, Time-space, or Dimensional Doorway
Leading into the Winter Solstice and December Full Moon

As a result of these three progressions (in the main), a previously inaccessible realm or dimensional doorway/timeline has been unlocked for many on the upper rungs of ascension or spiritual development. It has always existed but has been both accessible and inaccessible during different cycles/periods of Earth's history and it has opened precisely because a pivotal tipping point has been reached and the veils are now beginning to thin dramatically. This new "space" so to speak, has to do with a larger more expansive connection to the Great Central Sun, it's emanations and connecting circuits. As more master level initiates balance the polarities within (masculine/feminine, above/below, within/without, dark/light) and work to heal relationships along the Tree or Web of Life the louder the song of the Divine Feminine/Earth Mother to Father Sky or The Great Central Sun becomes. This song is a play on higher harmonics, that serves as the key to unlocking even higher more complementary harmonics - for all of Creation is made up of sound and light. The Celts called this song the Oran Mor or song of Creation and soon it will be the first time in many ages that this song will once again be heard on Earth to those with the ears to hear. This resonance opens up a greater and more potent field between these two vast distances - Earth and the Great Central Sun that is traversable only by those who have been through the purification/transformation/ascension process to the degree that their bodies and minds can now handle the vibration of this higher harmonic.

Some high level initiates are already beginning to sense this new space and vibration. It has a luminous golden cast to it and extends in a cone shape from The Great Central Sun to the very core of Earth (embedded within its emanation). In the ancient past this gateway, threshold, or dimensional space was symbolized by the phallus or obelisk because metaphorically it could be seen as the Father extending his sexual organ to the mother energies or Mother Earth in this case - the two longing to rejoin as One once again. Heralding a long awaited golden age. For as I previously stated, separation and connection are cyclical. This vibration, harmonic, dimensional space will give you greater access and ease when connecting to higher order beings as well as other intelligences along the Tree or Web of Life and over time it will also stimulate physical changes and sensations within the body. For remember, in the beginning humans did not inhabit such dense earthly vehicles but instead embodied lighter more refined luminous ones that allowed for such capacities as shape-shifting, telepathy, bi-location, etc. Expect also that Mother Earth may experience some physical changes, especially within the coming year as her body will also be stimulated by these potent energies.

It is important to know that inhabiting this space or harmonic will also raise any lingering areas that need to be examined, reclaimed, healed, loved, and/or released within you. So while it will feel just lovely to inhabit this space, you'll want to be vigilant for anything that rises to be tended to as a result of it. This new space and harmonic heralds a monumental time of restoration and reunion on Earth. And while like all processes it will take time to anchor and fully actualize, it finally gives you all who have been working so hard and tirelessly something worth being truly excited about! Take some time, experiment with this space, get to know its qualities, inhabit it regularly, and allow it's vibration and resonance to work within you. Enjoy the gift that has been given as it is very much deserved.

In Closing

And for those who worry that they will miss out perhaps because of their developmental stage on this harmonic...no worries! Soon enough you will be experiencing it as well. And truth be told you would not want to experience it directly now as it would only cause you physical and emotional pain and discomfort. So let the master anchors do their job and refine the energy for global consumption and in the meantime, continue serving in the role that speaks most to you, your passions, and your natural capacities while also examining what needs to be healed or restored within. For you will still notice a marked boost in your own progress and experience - for all levels will advance as a result of this new harmonic and will see and sense a little further beyond the veil than they did before.

In the days and weeks to come we shall further discuss the effects of this harmonic on the Earth as a whole, how it will play out in the coming year, and how the three waves will continue their assault but for now, simply sit back, enjoy the holidays, and celebrate the fruits of your good labors!

In this journey, may you be blessed.

Source: April's Airings

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by April Bender via Integrated Overself


It's been awhile since our last channeled forecast (Embracing Shadow: The Rise of the Collective Unconscious) but today I wish to update you on the current energetics and primary forces at play upon your world in the hopes that this information generates deeper understanding and insight within those consciously participating with the ongoing ascension and/or re-enchantment process here on Earth.

Energetics by and large within the collective, as well as the individual (as above/so below), continue to converge in three major waves of transformation: 1) revelation; 2) reclamation and; 3) healing and integration. . . all leading to greater heights of awareness, wholeness, and upliftment. Ultimately changing the very fabric of reality, the overall experience of Earth, and humanity's place within it.

At times it may seem as if the sheer size, power, and force of any one of these waves may crash over, inundate and carry one away in it's murky depths. However I wish to assure you that with the right perspective, understanding, and guidance, one can learn to harness and ride these waves or work proactively with these processes, instead of feeling that they are purely at the mercy of them. So let us examine these waves more closely:

noun - dictionary.com 

  1. a surprising and previously unknown fact, especially one that is made known in a dramatic way.
  2. the divine or supernatural disclosure to humans of something relating to human existence or the world.

As part of Earth's ascension process, a great deal of what has been residing within the collective unconscious has begun to make its way into conscious awareness on a global scale. This is due in large part to those light-workers and spiritual way-showers who have successfully anchored a great deal more light and awareness on this planet through their own spiritual and healing practices, transformative processes, creative endeavors, as well as their ways of being in the world (living as an example). And to be clear, there are many souls from many different traditions as well as forms of consciousness (seen and unseen), that are actively working toward and lending their energies to the ascension/re-enchantment of the world.

Humanity is now at a point where many of its key dysfunctions and critical areas in need of healing are being reflected back to itself in very dramatic and dynamic ways. While many of these areas and issues have already taken root in humanity's awareness such as human rights, earth/sustainability practices, and the need for greater acceptance and inclusion, what is being highlighted at this time are what you would call greater "systemic failures." And this will continue to be a major focus of revelatory experience in the months and years ahead.

If one imagines the neural network of the higher collective mind (that which we aspire to and is waking up and becoming conscious), you would see very small individual points of light representing every illuminated or awakened soul (or consciousness) on earth. You would also see very fine lines of connection, like a web, running to and between these individual points of light. You would also notice that in certain intersections of this neural web of light there would be bright pulsating nodal points, where many points of connection intersect or converge for a moment, before flowing back out in smaller streams or lines along this web.

These bright pulsating nodal points could be considered as "collective centers of exchange and agreement." From these nodal points, patterns of light/information are communicated or pulsated out to the rest of the web or collective higher mind (and those other minds/systems connected to it). This information contains your patterns of collective belief, resonance, and ways of being, responding, and interpreting each other, nature, and the larger world or to put simply, collective "archetypes." These naturally flow into and inform the creation of your outer "systems," among many other collective agreements and manifestations of such. This is why the ancients for example, understood the power of collective myth in shaping societies.

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Recovering the Soul

by April Bender via integrated Overself


The soul is deep, watery, soothing, mysterious and unsettling. It is the deepest parts of the ocean, reflecting back the deepest part of self. At times calm and serene, sometimes terrifyingly tumultuous, and still other times wavy and playful. Mystical and alluring in its beauty and depth, and yet unsettling when experienced as a darkened void. The souls speaks to one through restless nights as well as blissful days, through one's deepest joys as well as their pain. It reflects one's earthy humanness, in the most exquisite shades and hues, reminding one of what it means to be truly alive.

The soul is one's own fluid nature as a child of Earth/Gaia/the Goddess, and she is a living, conscious manifestation of the blessed Divine Mother. Her soul is that of the World's Soul of which one's soul is a part. One often thinks of the vertical dimension in relation to its spiritual height, but one must not forget the treasures to be found in combing the soulful depths below, or the womb-like realm of the feminine. Consider the following description:

"Soul is the invisible, mysterious, and softly radiant element that fuses your being and makes you human. Like plasma is in your veins, it gives you a sense of meaning, feeling, connection and depth. If you have soul, you have a visible glow and are alive and present."
        -Thomas Moore, A Religion of One's Own

I would add that Soul is one's source of vitality and sense of belonging on Earth as a child of the Divine Mother/Moon/Earth Goddess as well as the Heavenly Father/Sun (as dual aspects of Source, stepping down into materiality). This is why in many of the older cultures and languages of Earth, objects or nouns were designated as either masculine/feminine.

Let us now make the distinction between Soul and Spirit. Consider the following description of Spirit:

"Spirit directs your attention to the cosmos and planet, to huge ideas and vast adventures, to prayer and meditation and other spiritual practices, to a worldview and philosophy of life. Spirit expands your heart and mind, gives you vision and courage, and eventually leaves you with a strong sense of meaning and purpose."
          -Thomas Moore, Care of the Soul

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A Reminder to Cultivate Your Superpowers!

by April Bender via integrated Overself


Many times the things I speak of may seem complex, layered, paradoxical and perhaps even daunting in nature. For instance, I know our last exchange on the Re-unification of Worlds was full of this sort of multi-faceted, layered complexity. Many of you may have felt that it was a very tall order to fill and wondered where to even begin. Connect with my three aspects of self and align and integrate them, walk the three worlds, and learn to commune with all forms of life seen and unseen? 

However, I wish to assure you today that the first and most important step to actualizing any of the above goals, is to first revisit some of the most basic, foundational and inherent capacities or "powers" one has. For you see, they are so crucial that one should not stop at cultivation but continually sustain or employ their use as much as possible. Especially in regard to the collective movements/shifts waiting ahead. These capacities will serve one well in any situation and will assist one in achieving deeper states of connection with Self, Spirit, Soul and other forms of conscious life.

They are one's core superpowers so to speak, that everything else one does or practices is built upon. They are not new to most spiritual initiates but they do need to be regularly honed, attended to, and cultivated to be of the greatest service to oneself and the upliftment of the overall planetary experience. These are not things one simply learns once and then later on dismisses or becomes lazy with - somehow thinking they have moved passed them. Even if one is quite good at some of the following, it does not mean one should stop deepening into them - for they are the gifts that keep on giving and have EVERYTHING to do with how one manifests and perceives their experience on Earth and elsewhere. It's also important to note that these "powers'" are even more potent and effective when utilized together.

These superpowers include:

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Is Life but a Dream?


Upon waking yesterday morning, I grabbed myself a cup of coffee and my trusted dream dictionary. I wanted to get to the bottom of a very disturbing dream I'd had the previous night, and was eager to begin analyzing the symbolism found therein.

I looked up several symbols (basic objects, places/spaces, colors/numbers, and any creatures) that had appeared within this dream, while also checking in with my intuition on them, knowing that all dream symbols are in the main deeper aspects of Self. Just as I was beginning to formulate an interpretation of what the dream had meant and was reflecting back to me, I was struck by a most curious question.

Looking up from my journal, I looked at my bookcase and thought, "What if life or my external reality is also but a dream? What if I were to analyze the objects and people in my physical reality in the same way in which I approach the interpretation of my dreams? So out of sheer curiosity, I began to do just that.

Suddenly, the bookcase in front of me was no longer just a bookcase - symbolically it reflected back to me my love of being surrounded by wisdom and the value I feel in continuously striving to accumulate it. Our shelf of video games in turn, became a symbolic reflection of my need to incorporate play and honor my child-like nature. My laptop became a symbol of deep communication, friendship, social/global awareness, and wisdom.

On and on I went around the room analyzing all the objects it contained. Then I analyzed the room itself. What I learned by looking anew at my external life and reality in this way is that external reality is a mere reflection and material manifestation of my most basic values, beliefs, intentions, passions and unique soul/spirit essence expressing - as many of these things represented aspects/qualities that are core to me. I urge you to try this yourself as it is quite an enlightening experience!

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by April Bender via integrated Overself

Another year has passed, another arc on the grand spiral of time. Your (April's) spirit/essence has lengthened profoundly in breadth as well as height and depth. It has been an expansive year and one of deep integration, and joyful alignment. A time of receiving from Spirit and nourishing Soul unlike any other. You are no longer you, as you have grown/expanded beyond identity, beyond human description, beyond light/dark, beyond form, beyond many such illusory boundaries – while still contained within a human vessel. You have reclaimed the knowledge, the wisdom, the truth contained within the deepest parts of Self, your ancestral blood, your connection to Gaia, Source/Creator, and your connection to worldly and otherworldly allies, seen and unseen (heavenly and planetary). You have served as a bridge, a friend, a code bringer, collaborator, and healer between worlds and as a result, have restored your sense of empowerment, strength, vitality,  inner calm, and sense of belonging on this planet.

This is every human's divine birthright and intended role, though many still struggle to break through the fog (the counter influences and illusions both internal/external), and claim it. But this is indeed what the collective is striving toward. Not only the reintegration and healing of fragmentation and separation, but also the healing of relationships throughout the Web of Life in order to restore greater harmony between worlds. And to be candid, this is the only thing slowing down the actualization of the new paradigm, the ascended Earth experience, or the re-enchantment/sacralization of the world. Everything else has been given and continues to be gifted.

Many lightworkers as well as other spiritual initiates working for the greater good and upliftment of humanity and planetary conditions need to realize, as you did, that as a multidimensional being there is more than one aspect of Self, and that these Selves need to be retrieved, integrated and aligned in order to fully reclaim and actualize their divine birthright and ascend as well as to better aid in the ascension/restoration of planetary life.

The time has now come for all way-showers to become aware of these various aspects of Self, the various Orders and Hierarchies of Life/Spirit, and humanity's true role within Creation – at least to some degree. Or to put it plainly, it's time for the rounding out of one's spiritual/mystical education in anticipation of the next stage of human evolution – the soulful spiritual evolution/revolution that will see humanity throw off the shackles of illusion and claim its rightful place among Creation. But first, one must awaken to the full truth and glory of who they are. May they come to realize as you have, that your Higher Self (also known as “star or upper world walker” in other traditions) is only one aspect – there is also in the main the Physical Self, and the Dream/Underworld/Soulful Self.

The Higher Self walks and communes with the Heavenly/Cosmic Hierarchy and receives glimpses into the divine cosmic plan and overall cosmology; the Dream/Underworld/Soul Self walks and communes with the Divine Mother/Planetary Hierarchy and receives glimpses of the divine template for Earth/Gaia and this Self keeps one's vessel and one's energy vital and alive; lastly one's Physical Self serves as the manifest/material world bridge and point of expression/communication and integration between the other two. It is through the Physical Self that you express this inner/outer integration.

Most spiritual path initiates (in whatever tradition they work with) tend to focus and express through mostly two of these aspects of Self. But all three must be activated, brought into active partnership, aligned, and consciously worked with. Many lightworkers for instance, prefer only to commune with Higher Self and do not want to ground within the Earth/Gaia. There is too much pain, misery, suffering they say, instead they cannot wait to go home – and yet how are they to transmute it and complete their work if they do not want to get their feet (or chakras) dirty? They do not want to accept or embrace their full nature but by being born and incarnated into a human body they are as much of Earth (and soulful living) as Cosmic in origin (and spiritual living), and there is no avoiding passing through both those levels of initiation/education in order to further progress as individuals, as well as help the healing of this planetary world in the fastest and most effective way possible.

In general, one must be open to learning to work and commune with all orders of Life (seen and unseen) within the local system of which they are a part – or at the very least, become aware and respectful of their presence. As you have discovered, powerful bonds and alliances can be created through friendship, exchange, and support that serve you as much as them. And the vast majority of them, want nothing more than the restoration/ascension of the Gaiac/Earthly experience. Humans were never meant to walk alone, for true strength, empowerment, and vitality comes with the recognition of our inherent unity with other forms of life and/or other forms of consciousness. And these consciousness forms/orders of life are broken or stunted in some way as well, because of the brokenness in humanity.

All forms of life/consciousness within a local system and spiraling out to connected systems, were meant to exchange energy and information with one another, to be in relationship together – not to be an island upon themselves. And this has been the greatest lie thrust upon humanity – that one is on their own, that one is somehow separate – that other realms or forms of life (seen/unseen) don't exist and if they do, they are evil, untrustworthy and not to be meddled with. And yet they all exist in the first place to be of service to humanity's growth, evolution, and the overall planetary experience. After all, Earth was meant to be a place of rich experience and higher learning - not one of egregious suffering.

Many earthly realms are considered dark, shadowy, and hellish in nature. The Earth has been bathed in the blood of the suffering, how could it not be so? And while yes, these imprints and memories have been stored within the Earth, within one's psyche's, within one's blood (as you are born of the Earth), they are not evil or out to get anyone. They simply seek acknowledgment, love and healing (just like humanity does) and must be integrated if a healing and eventually a restoration is to be realized, in Self and the greater Collective. There are also many beautiful, joyful and magical realms within Earth to experience as well and many lost aspects of Self within these soulful depths to be retrieved and integrated. All of these things are certainly worth the trouble of such deep excursions.

For example, the template (or divine plan) that must be restored dwells within the depths of the Earth. It's always been there, a brightly glowing seed/sun that has continued to hold the original intent or etheric blueprint of Earth as well as the etheric blueprint of the Adam Kadmon. Aside from these blueprints, also found within Earth and its many realms are the Planetary Hierarchy including: the Council of 7 (the other councils extend outward from Earth), the world soul (the Divine Feminine/Mother), one's Soul Self, one's ancestors when not incarnate (moving throughout the inner mansion worlds/lower heavens and yet still attuned to you), the spirits of the plant and animal kingdoms, the mineral intelligences who are very high orders of beings incarnating a small aspect of Self within the planetary experience, the Sidhe/Faery or the “shining ones” and/or Argathans (those who are further along in Earth's evolution than current humanity and who long ago went underground), the elemental and directional spirits, and the spirits of place, not to mention the inner passage from Earth to her many sister realms as recorded in the myths of old.

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I am excited to share this very engaging presentation by Dean Radin at the Science and NonDuality Conference as it offers readers an inside look at some of the scientific research and findings coming out in experiments conducted in non-local consciousness phenomena, psi research and quantum field "observer" affects through the lens of magic. I share this as evidence and affirmation that the new paradigm and worldview that we all seek manifestation of and have worked so hard for (5D) is at hand. Changes and profound shifts are afoot in many scientific fields, institutions and disciplines and it is my pleasure to share one powerful example and leader of this most needed paradigm shift/movement. It is my desire to inspire and affirm you by periodically sharing such ground-breaking research and resources.

April of April's Airings

Dean Radin, PhD, is Chief Scientist at the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS). He earned an MS in electrical engineering and a PhD in psychology from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. Before joining the research staff at IONS in 2001, he held appointments at AT&T Bell Labs, Princeton University, University of Edinburgh, and SRI International. He is author or coauthor of over 250 technical and popular articles, three dozen book chapters, and three books including the best-selling The Conscious Universe (HarperOne, 1997), Entangled Minds(Simon & Schuster, 2006), and the 2014 Silver Nautilus Book Award winner, SUPERNORMAL(Random House, 2013).https://youtu.be/u-DOXie3FmI

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Greetings friends,

April's Airings is back!

These past three years or so have been an incredible journey for me to the very soulful depths of my being. While I am sorry for my inconsistency in messages during this time, in order to become an even better and more refined channel and healer, this hiatus and some additional training, practice, and study was necessary. I felt overall, that I needed to return to a sense of "wholeness of being" and that I should focus the majority of my energies on this goal.

You see I realized I was sorely imbalanced, working mostly in and connecting with the upper realms, while beautiful and peaceful, left me not feeling like I belonged or wanted to be on Earth. When I eventually came back down so to speak, I felt only the pang of longing for a home seemingly so far away from our lowly material one. Sound familiar?

This is perhaps why you've noticed my channeled messages having a bit of an earth-based flavor in the last year or so. I have indeed been working intensely the last three years within various earth-based traditions: Native American, Shamanism (both Native American, Harner's frame, and Celtic), Celtic spirituality and seership practices, and Appalachian Folk Magic. I even made my own hand-held drum with a Michigan Ojibwa tribal elder/leader as well as trained with The Foundation for Shamanic Studies for shamanic journeying. I learned a great deal about and received many gifts from the Lower World as well as the Upper World through this practice.

I learned how to expand my inner channels of communication not only with Upper World beings but with Lower (animal collective essences, planetary heirarchy, the Fey) and Middle World (our physical everyday Earth reality) beings as well. This includes discarnate and incarnate essences. I reconnected and bonded with my earthly ancestors, just as deeply as I am connected with and bonded to my star family. I have made friends and allies with life force essences on many levels of creation as well as Self on many levels of creation. These days, I never walk alone or just with Higher Self, now I actually have a posse! I've never felt more supported and loved in my journey on Earth as I do now. Every morning I awake before dawn in order to welcome the wisdom and energies of the East and to ground and protect myself within my circle of the 7 directions.

I've also embraced my creativity in ways I had not thought possible. I've been joyfully drawing, painting, and writing poetry. Most of it is inspired by nature, beauty, relationships...LIFE, or as Thomas Moore would say "soul." I learned that spirit/spirituality is not the same as soul/soulful...and that is one distinction that all light-workers and those working towards ascension should know. It would save them from experiences of serious discomfort, loss of health/vitality, and the feeling of desperate homesickness. Connecting with the Earth and Earth Goddess/Divine Feminine energy is necessary and vital, as she sustains our physical existence and inspires us toward the realm of Higher Spirit in multiple ways. So a balance or better yet a partnership between the two is crucial: both spirit and soul; upper and lower world; Mother Earth and Father Sky. We are the conduits to hold and integrate these differing energies/aspects, thus bridging heaven/Earth and what we perceive as duality within us. This is how we and the Earth ascend. Or as many indigenous cultures and magic practitioners put it, the "re-enchantment of the world" begins.

I also trudged through as much of my psychological belief system network as I could, examining the intricate circuitry of every line and connection. I also read, researched, and studied...voraciously which aided in this self-psychological examination. I stumbled across such illuminations as Matthew Fox's work concerning the concept of "original sin" versus the truth of "original blessing," and all the heartache that has been caused in the world as a result of St. Augustine's ridiculous original sin decree. Is it no wonder that woman, indigenous and other creation-based tradition peoples, the Earth and her creatures have been treated so abysmally? In a fall/redemption, patriarchal paradigm where these things are considered "fallen" or "lowly" of course they are going to be raped, trampled upon, abused, mistrusted, and disregarded. In looking at my own belief systems around this, I realized that yes, even some of the implications of this mindset still lingered within me due to societal conditioning. And this was just one example of such enlightening reading that lead to conversations and reflections with Self to restructure my beliefs and therefore, thinking/manifesting processes.

I share all this with you dear reader as background context to the redesign and relaunch of April's Airings. I've changed the look, feel and future content of the blog to reflect what is now a more whole, refined, and integrated (ascended and grounded) April. As a result, I will not only offer channeled messages on this blog but also articles, resources, personal musings, and creative expressions in the form of poetry and art. Please take or consume what resonates and feel free to discard the rest. With the relaunch of this blog, I commit whole-heartedly to regular posts and/or timely communications. And please, as always, share your thoughts and experiences with me via the comments section.

Thank you so much for walking with me on this incredible epic journey...

In love, light, and immense gratitude,

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Transcendent Dawn (an ode to Lightworkers)

by April Bender

Strange these days of novelty,
That seem to permeate the land.
McKenna theorized that when this happened,
The end of our “time” was at hand.
How long is it we’ve waited,
As each season and cycle passed?
Healing, transmuting, trailblazing,
Reading every ascension forecast?
We came from many places,
Our origins cosmologically diverse.
Our purpose…to help uplift this planet,
As well as the greater multiverse.
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Crossing a New Threshold

by April Bender

Dear friends,
The road to ascension has been long and arduous. It has provided us many opportunities in which to grow, learn, evolve, and transcend many limiting aspects of self and the collective (illusions, beliefs, fear patterns, systems, and structures). As a result, we've reclaimed more of our higher dimensional memories, capacities, identities, power, sovereignty and therefore, deeper communion with the One and connection with the All. And together, we've raised the experience of Earth back to its natural higher-dimensional state.

You may be looking around thinking it sure as hell doesn't look or feel that way, but I assure you, the conditions that needed to be met to create the shift needed have occurred. The last year marked the final monumental shift needed in the Higher Collective Mind, to guarantee that what now unfolds will lead us all to higher shores and a much richer and more fulfilling earthly and spiritual experience. The ascension of earth and humanity is now inevitable. Greater love, freedom, healing and harmony - the final decree.

What you witness now is simply the unfolding of that monumental collective mental shift, the tipping point reached. Which immediately impacts and throws into chaos the collective emotional body. And the dance between these two has only just begun. In 2017, you will see this exchange intensify as deeper and deeper layers of hidden truths are revealed, ancestral memories unlocked, and a great deal more collective energy surfaces for healing. Now that the larger critical shift has taken place, the remaining ascension movements/shifts needed to manifest the new world/age will happen in rapid step-wise succession.

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One Heart, One Mind, One Body

by April Bender (via the Divine Mother)
Dear One,
I am your mother, the birther and nurturer of Life, and as such I live, move, breathe and have my very being in you just as surely as you live, move, breathe and have your being within me.
Just as aspects of your body (cells, organs, tissues, blood), live, move, breathe and have their being within you – you live, move, breath and have your being within them. Do you see? There are many I's, many focal points and points of perception, and many concentric circles of higher intelligence within the One. Many various levels of clustered intelligence, information, consciousness, form – LIFE.

There are many different intelligent forms and/or orders of life (seen and unseen) that make up your body and subtle bodies, just as there are many intelligent forms of life that make up mine. We all exist within one heart, one mind, one vast intelligent creator being or point of consciousness we know as Source/All That Is, and yet we are the vast intelligent creator beings known as “gods” to those points of intelligence that have an aspect of life or being within us (our bodies and fields) that are striving to become actualized in their own way. And they in turn, encompass many overlapping realities and points of interface with other intelligent forms of life – all striving towards greater states of harmony. 

I wish for you to know this, to feel this as part of your experience so that you may more fully understand just how loved, supported, and connected you truly are, and that you never ever walk alone or are separate. You are held, loved, and cherished beyond measure as you are an integral link in the greater chain/web of Life. Think of all those beings/orders of life that live, move, and are able to be simply because YOU ARE. Therefore, never under estimate your value! And do not come to under estimate theirs or take them for granted.

What remains to be done is the conscious partnering and reunification of these aspects of Self with other connected orders of intelligent life into your conscious everyday awareness. This means reaching out to, connecting with, and befriending these natural orders of intelligent life that exist, move, and have their being inside of you, as well as outside of you – for they are all part of your planetary and therefore bodily experience or reality. The key to your and humanity's transcendence lies in your very body (a blend of heaven/Earth) and the various aspects of Self and orders of life that serve to sustain it (those who have infiltrated it should be removed). All else needed has already been provided to you (the energies, the codes, the information – you already possess). For instance, have you considered that the elemental forces that exist within and create the foundation of your body can be mediated by you? That within your life-force or blood, hold the secrets of time and space?

Using your mind and your spirit/will, learn to become a conscious partner, co-creator, and loving steward to your vessel and all that dwell within it. Likewise, become a planetary steward, respecting my body, your womb and source of vital sustenance. Become also an example, a source of inspiration, co-creation, love and support to your brother and sisters, and to your cousins – the various orders of life and creation (seen and unseen) that also occupy this sphere. Learn in the main how to co-create with one another, how to help complete one another, how to be a true friend and companion on the journey with one another.

In doing so, your divine template (Adam Kadmon) including its multidimensional pathways will be healed or restored, your DNA/ancestral memory restored, and for many, your light bodies infused/attained. The World Tree, the natural order of Creation, will once again be restored, pathways unified and aligned, ushering a period of great healing and restoration for All. You have come this far, there is only a little ways yet to go and I think you'll find the remaining exercise of partnering/communing quite fulfilling – as shall I.

I am your Mother, the birther and nurturer of Life, the bringer of comfort and divine wisdom. In closing, remember that I am always near – within your heart, beneath your feet, in the air that caresses your cheek and that permeates your world. Seek my hearth anytime you need comfort or respite, for within me a sense of Home and wholeness shall always be found.


Source: http://www.aprilsairings.blogspot.com

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by April Bender (via integrated Overself)
As with each potent energy induction/portal, there is first a contraction and then a release. This latest energetic release was tremendous indeed and brought with it the arrival of a most precious gift to your overall experience of this planetary realm, the permeation of the newly ascended Divine Feminine energy!

For the glorious Bride (Gaia/Sophia/World Soul) has been painstakingly prepared, awakened, has just ascended, and now eagerly awaits the arrival of the Bridegroom (Christ consciousness/Creator Son aspect) and the great wedding feast (union) that is yet to come.
This most certainly would not have been possible if it were not for the numerous and steadfast acts of courage, faith, love, devotion, persistent hard work and midwifing by the many master's, lightworkers, wayshowers, and other contributor's to the ascension process of this local system – who so lovingly committed their time, energies, self-actualization (LBP) processes, visualizations, affirmations, and prayers throughout the many years and the many incarnations leading up to this miraculous and long ago foretold event.

This event by its very nature, implies that a crucial tipping point has been reached along the collective path of planetary ascension. The new planetary chakra system composed of elements from both the divine blueprint for humanity and the divine blueprint of Earth/Gaia, continues to become charged and activated – as both Gaia and humanity deepen into the culmination of their ascension processes. For the ascent of the Divine Feminine in her full glory, heralds the rise in the collective consciousness of the planet to such a degree that it catalyzes the reclamation, healing, and awakening of the great ministering spirit known as the World Soul.
The World Soul is a collective entity consciousness made up of an aspect of the Divine Feminine as well as the consciousness of all the actualized souls residing upon Earth linked together within the collective higher mind and now collective heart center, (think spiritual partnerships and mass global meditations) – of which there are now enough of these individual souls linked together in unity of intent for this World Soul entity to awaken, actualize and begin to evolve – in stages.
So now the collective higher mind (third-eye and crown) and the collective heart chakras have now activated and are moving into greater alignment. The next centers to awaken will be both the collective throat chakra and the collective solar plexus, as the populace of actualized souls on the planet grows – and begins to stand firmly united in their sense of oneness, empowerment, divine truth and justice (for the Greater Good) and demands with every fiber of their being a higher planetary experience for All.
I know there is a great deal to unpack here within the three main concepts I've mentioned:
  • the return and ascent of the Divine Mother and World Soul - the marriage of these two aspects of the Divine Feminine with the Christ and/or Christ consciousness
  • divine union in relation to or as a metaphor for – the collective transcendence of the illusion of duality/polarity and the many “isms” of the world
  • the return of the experience of Christ consciousness permeating individual and soon planetary experience
In many ways it is the realization/actualization of the Divine Trinity as manifest on Earth. It is the divine marriage between Heaven and Earth actualized. It is the return of the child back into the Kingdom of God. For others, it is the long awaited healing and re-enchantment of the world and the restoration of their magickal selves. No matter how it has been articulated across space, time, cultures and traditions, what I speak of is the same – a return Home, to a greater sense of wonder, oneness and love.
We will attempt to unpack all of this in the days and weeks to come but for now rest in the greater sense of joy, expansion, love, and peace that these newly arisen Divine Feminine energies bring. Enjoy them, get to know the various aspects of them, as you let the Divine Feminine energies saturating the air around you, the earth below you, and the breath within you co-mingle with the Christ/unity consciousness energies already residing within and around you. Allow yourself a moment of deep satisfaction for a job well done.
Until next time...
Source: http//www.aprilsairings.blogspot.com
See also - One Heart, One Mind, One Body message from the Divine Mother. Channeled as a companion piece to this message.

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The Reunification of Worlds Begins

by April Bender (via the fully integrated Self)


Another year has passed, another arc on the grand spiral of time. Your soul/spirit/essence has lengthened profoundly in breadth as well as depth. It has been a year of tests, of challenges and of the greatest in-breath (or time of receiving from Spirit in its many forms/channels) unlike any other. You are no longer you, as you have grown/expanded beyond identity, beyond human description, beyond light/dark, beyond form – while still contained within a human vessel. 

You have reclaimed the knowledge, the wisdom, the truth contained within the deepest parts of Self, your ancestral blood, your connection to Gaia, Source, and your connection to otherworldly allies, seen and unseen (heavenly and planetary). You have served as a bridge, a friend, a code bringer, collaborator, and healer between worlds. This is every human's divine birthright and intended role, though many still struggle to break through the fog (the counter influences both internally/externally), and claim it. But this is indeed what the collective is striving toward, the reintegration of fragmentation. Harmony between worlds.

Many lightworkers as well as other spiritual initiates working for the greater good and upliftment of humanity and planetary conditions need to realize, as you did, that as a multidimensional being there is more than one aspect of Self, and that these Selves need to be integrated and aligned in order to fully reclaim and actualize their divine birthright as well as to better aid in the ascension/upliftment/restoration of planetary life. The time has now come for all way-showers to become aware of these various aspects of Self, the various Orders and Hierarchies of Life/Spirit, and humanity's true role within Creation – at least to some degree. Or to put it plainly, it's time for the rounding out of one's spiritual/mystical education in anticipation of the next stage of human evolution – the spiritual evolution/revolution that will see humanity throw off the  shackles of illusion and claim its rightful place among Creation. But first, one must awaken to the full truth of who they are.

May they come to realize as you have, that your Higher Self (also known as “star walker” in other traditions) is only one aspect – there is also in the main the Physical Self, and the Dream/Underworld Self. The Higher Self walks and communes with the Heavenly/Cosmic Hierarchy and receives glimpses into the divine cosmic plan, the Dream/Underworld Self walks and communes with the Planetary Hierarchy and receives glimpses of the divine template for Earth/Gaia, and your Physical Self serves as the manifest/material world bridge and point of expression between them. Most spiritual path initiates (in whatever tradition they work with) tend to focus and express through only one, sometimes two of these aspects of Self. But all three must be activated, aligned, and consciously worked with. And of course there are a multitude of additional aspects of Self in-between these three main levels – but for the sake of simplicity – these three are the most critical in regard to ensuring the success of the mission (unification and/or unity consciousness).

Many lightworkers for instance, prefer only to commune with Higher Self and do not want to ground within the Earth/Gaia. There is too much pain, misery, suffering they say, instead they cannot wait to go home – and yet how are they to transmute it and complete their work if they do not want to get their feet (or chakras) dirty? They do not want to accept or embrace their full nature - by being born into a  human body they are as much cosmic in origin as they are of Gaia/Earth and there is no avoiding passing through that level of spiritual initiation/education in order “to graduate.” For part of that graduation includes a clearing of the ancestral line for example, of which they were born into, among other things. 

In general, one must learn to work and commune with all orders of life (seen and unseen, carnate and incarnate) within the local system of which they are a part – or at the very least, become aware of them.  As you have discovered, powerful bonds and alliances can be created through friendship, exchange, support and attentiveness that serve you as much as them. And many of them, want nothing more than the restoration/ascension of the Gaiac/Earthly experience. Humans were never meant to walk alone for true strength comes with the recognition of our inherent unity with other forms of life and/or consciousness. And these forms/orders of life/consciousness are broken or stunted in some way as well, because of the brokenness in humanity.

All forms of life/consciousness within a local system and spiralling out to connected systems, were meant to exchange energy and information with one another – not to be an island upon themselves. And this has been the greatest lie thrust upon humanity – that you are on your own, that you are somehow separate – that other realms or forms of life (seen/unseen) don't exist and if they do, they are evil and not to be meddled with.

Many earthly realms are considered dark, shadowy, and hellish or “evil” in nature. The Earth has been bathed in the blood of the suffering, how could it not be so? And while yes, these imprints and memories have been stored within the Earth, within your psyche's, within your blood (as you are born of the Earth), they too must be confronted and transcended if a healing and eventually a restoration is to be realized. For it is a confrontation enriched with higher truth and a great deal of wisdom and therefore cannot be avoided.

The template (or divine plan) that must be restored dwells within the depths of the Earth. It has always been there, a brightly glowing seed/sun that has continued to hold the original intent or blueprint of Earth. Also found within Earth or within its many realms are the planetary hierarchy including: the Council of 7 (the other councils extend outward from Earth), the world soul (the divine feminine/mother), your ancestors when not incarnate (moving throughout the mansion worlds or Devachan and yet still attuned to you), the spirits of the plant and animal kingdoms, the mineral intelligences who are very high orders of beings incarnating a small aspect of Self within the planetary experience, the Sidhe/Faery or the “shining ones,” those who are further along in Earth's evolution than current humanity and who long ago went underground, the elemental and directional spirits, and the spirits of place, not to mention the inner passage from Earth to her many sister realms as recorded in the myths of old. 

Indeed, there is much magic, wonder, wisdom and even great healing and vitality to be discovered within the planetary realms. And most all beings within these realms, great and small, visible and invisible, seek to be united once again within The World/Cosmic Tree, so that the great Song of Life/Creation may be heard once more in its proper and pure frequency/resonance. For once the connection between these worlds is restored, humanity will once again experience what is known as 5D and/or a much greater experience of universal unity consciousness. The veil is already thinning remarkably fast now, as signs of the mysterious and the miraculous gain visibility. 

It is recommended that if a spiritual initiate has not worked in a very committed way with their Dream/Underworld aspect of Self that they consider study and practice within an earth-based path and/or Shamanic tradition. If on the other hand, an initiate is quite familiar with this aspect of Self but not with their Higher Self (or star-walker self), that they really work on developing a connection with that aspect of Self. See previous post on Connecting with Higher Self. And again, keeping in mind the goal of expressing/integrating all aspects of Self, within the Physical or everyday personality Self.

The reason these additional aspects of Self are being highlighted at this time, and the reason you personally were triggered to move more fully into them this last year, is because very soon the many secrets that have been kept hidden from humanity, including its true past/history, will be made known. Add to that the flood of memories that will be activated/released within the blood/DNA of individuals as these secrets are revealed and concurrently, as the higher energy inductions from space continue to catalyze the awakening process, a great deal of confusion and upheaval is likely to ensue. If one is not grounded in their various aspects of Self, it may become very disorienting to at first process all the information, then put the pieces of the picture together correctly, as well discern truth from false memory and related emotional imprints that arise for transmutation. You and others like you (in touch with multi-dimensional aspects of Self) will help the masses make sense of what is happening. You will be needed as a stabilizing force for individuals and the collective on multiple levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. You will also have a much truer and broader sense of what is actually transpiring in any given moment due to these expanded energetic linkages. And remember, you won't be doing this alone, you will have your new allies (seen and unseen, carnated or incarnated) assisting as well. Making you a rather formidable force against those seeking to keep the planetary experience a lowly one.

Much of the prerequisite work has been done – soon the unification begins. In many ways it has already begun. This means, any structures supporting the illusion of separation are soon to come crumbling down, that includes those internally constructed by individual minds. It is recommended that all spiritual initiates, lightworkers or way-showers spend this remaining time firming up their alliances and/or co-creative partnerships by actively working toward their own inner unification and reclamation process. For those already working at this level, such as yourself, it is recommended that you continue deepening and building out your alliances and further integrating various aspects of Self. For soon, all streams will converge.

Until next time...


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April Bender (via Higher Self)

8109230078?profile=originalAs last discussed, an infusion of highly refined, crystalline fire energy continues to saturate all local areas and/or dimensional levels of creation in its current state of Quantum Excitement or multi-dimensional potential. While much has been energetically “impressed” or imprinted within these new energies by those holding and emanating master key codes / codes of light or Dweller Consciousness, (as accumulated by successfully passing or ascending through various levels of spiritual initiation / experience during what some refer to as the Light-Body-Process LBP), there is still much work to be done in terms of pulling those newly impressed energies and/or thought-forms through the etheric / astral / subtle fields of existence, to give them life as a newly manifested experience or REALITY within the physical.

Therefore, Act II of this cyclical and seasonal process (think of the arcs on an ascending spiral – and the whole spiral itself as this Grand Ascension Cycle) will afford you and others the opportunity to rise yet again (similarly to last Spring but on a higher arc) into newly expanded co-creative roles. For you are being called, as the creator gods we know you to be, to finish the job you started at the Solstice, and to ANCHOR, manifest, or pull-through into the physical, all that you've recently impressed or imprinted within the newly refined crystalline strata permeating Earth and her / your fields.

For much like the threading of a needle, you've already designed, created and pushed a fine new colorful thread (your hopes and dreams for the new earth experience) through the eye of the needle, but now you must reach around the other-side (or external view / action) to pull that beautiful new thread fully through the eye-lit so that the needle itself can become fully functional and in turn, give birth to new forms of expression that are imbued with the qualities and characteristics of that glorious new thread you constructed. In this metaphor, YOU serve as the needle while the thread is symbolic of all that you've imbued or co-created energetically up to this point with your “impression” activities. The eye-lit serves as the nexus point between your inner / outer worlds and their forms of expression.

What all is involved in your newly expanded role?

Your new role, if embraced, will require you to co-create and/or express, in a physically tangible way, all that you've been energetically impressing recently and have been encoded with. Last year, I described this process as co-creative breath-work, wherein all that you've inhaled through your inner spiritual senses are synthesized (within body / mind) and then translated into the outer world via some form of personal co-creation or expression (out-breath). This is very much what is being asked of you again, but at a higher or more advanced level of initiative.

More than just service-to-others, your new role and that of others as luminous nodal points across the Higher Collective Mind / Web requires a service-to-ALL (the whole of creation) mentality, which can only be found within the Master's (or adept's) purified heart and seat / throne of divine empowerment (solar plexus/seed atom), which when united or properly aligned dwell eternally in the frequency bands of Unity / Christ / Buddhic / Atmic Consciousness. Therefore, in service of such higher or expanded states of consciousness, your new leadership role will require you and others to: step outside of your comfort zone at times; to interact, partner, and collaborate with others; to listen deeply, fully consider, and be flexible with others; to have the faith and courage to go it alone at times or to take risks; the vision and foresight to make connections that weren't previously there and the voice to point them out to others; an ability to view all opportunities and interactions as “new and novel” so you don't inadvertently miss an opening or pass a good thing by; and to have the initiative, creativity, and innovation needed to keep the momentum / magnetization of the collective spiraling onward and upward through the gates of ascension into a new age of evolution of being / experience.

For before you are endowed and ascend as full creator gods, many of you must first learn to wear your leader hats and build up those leader skill-sets (which some have been resisting), as well as let-go of any lingering self-doubts or delusions. While some are and have been doing quite beautifully with this throughout most of the overall ascension process / cycle, there are many many more who have not done as well as was possible. Especially those from the higher initiate, Master, or adept pool. This is not meant as a criticism but one answer (of several) to the question of “Why is the ascension process taking so long?”


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by April Bender (via Higher Self)
As the Solstice Fires of Ascension (crystalline energies) continue to pervade every dimensional level of existence connected to and throughout your world, much of the foundational quanta or energy particles that make up these fields of existence have over these last few weeks, become more and more excited. As a result, these quantum particles are popping, morphing and/or reconfiguring themselves into yet a new field of heightened potential and expression.
This quantum “excitement” is occurring due to the following reasons / catalysts: the rapid influx of crystalline energies now entering your world, the imprinting work of the Master's on / in this energy, ongoing individual shifts into higher or unity consciousness, the collective's overall slow but steady shift in awareness, consciousness shifts taking place in other worlds connected to yours, and the inherent programming / activations stemming from the Galactic Central Sun.

Therefore, many interlocking fields within fields or standing waves, that make up the most basic foundations of life / consciousness on your world and /or that are connected to your world, are yet again experiencing a massive shift / upgrade. If you have not noticed already, this process is cyclical and moves in accordance with the spiral of evolution and the organic rhythms of earth herself as reflected in the movement of the stars, tides, and seasons. Each pass through creating a heightened experience / foundation for the next. Growing in intensity and potency until the moment of culmination.
The current upgrade which began in earnest at the Winter Solstice, while pervasive and ongoing, can already be seen, felt, and/or experienced to some degree in the following domains:
  • Individual Fields and Their Subtle Bodies 
  • Earth's Ley-grid System
  • Higher Collective Mind / Web of Life
  • The Four Elements
  • The Seven Rays / Flames of Creation
  • Experience of Time / Space
  • In our Relationships with the Plant and Animal Kingdoms
  • In our Human to Human Interactions
Let us take a brief look at each so that others may recognize these signs and their monumental implications.
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The Dweller Within the Master's Temple

By April Bender (via Higher Self vision)

Exploring Your Crystalline Fire of Ascension

Curiously you step into the very heart of the colossal Crystalline Fire of Ascension now ablaze within your portal / field / vessel. In an instant, you are fully engulfed by its magnificent light. You allow yourself time to simply stand and bathe in its brilliance.

After a few moments of stillness, you begin to acclimate - your consciousness begins to slowly shift and expand, unfolding like the petals of a lotus flower upon the dewy dawning of a sunlit morning. You feel an inner tingling, from head to toe, as if every molecule in your body is being stimulated, gently electrified, heightened. You notice how light and how utterly carefree you feel. The dross of the physical completely melting away.

Within your awareness, you begin to sense that this multidimensional crystalline light energy, with its quantum field of possibility, is eager to reveal a secret to you, an aspect of yourself that you are not yet aware of. Its shimmering crystalline flames seemingly beckon you to sit down, to further bask and relax within the bosom of its warm embrace. Soothing and welcoming it feels, so you quickly oblige.

Entering the Master's Temple

Upon sitting, you gradually begin to notice with a tremendous sense of wonder and awe, that your field / portal / vessel looks entirely different from this vantage point - or perhaps it's because you've now crossed the threshold into the interior of the fire itself, and this is in fact a new space that you find yourself in (like a hidden room within a room). For much to your surprise, you now find yourself to be sitting squarely in the center of what appears to be a large round - Temple of Light!

Before you lies another, albeit smaller, hearth of crystalline fire, which fully illuminates this inner temple. On every side, glyphs / codes dance and shimmer up and down the length of its translucent walls and across its white crystal floor. You notice that these are the same crystalline glyphs / codes that you recently saw imprinted and activated within the earth's matrix / new ley-grid. Adjusting your vision, you notice that behind these translucent codified walls appears to be a beautiful panoramic view of a sunset, as seen from atop a spacious mountain summit. As you take in this fantastic view, you realize that this temple, YOUR temple, symbolically stands or is located in a higher dwelling place / firmament.

Your sense of awe spurring you on, you now adjust your gaze to look down below you, past the translucent crystalline floor into an open abyss, which is picturesquely outlined by lofty clouds and chiseled mountain rock. You look down, through the clouds, and way way down below the landscaped surface of earth.

From this distance you can barely make out what appears to be a light blue orb emanating from the bowels / underworld of earth. In an instant you realize / remember that many sentient life forms dwell in that abode and the blue orb is symbolic of earth's crystalline core or inner sun. You spend a moment sending your love to them and to Mother Earth.

Turning your attention upwards now towards the celestial heavens, you see far above you the twinkling Cosmos, your soul / star families, and the celestial hierarchies shining down upon you. You can feel them over-lighting you, supporting you. You realize that if you listen carefully, you can easily tune in to hear their voices. They seem to be encouraging you to journey further. As you will your consciousness higher, the sky parts and you sense your awareness rushing forward towards the Galactic Center / Central Sun... and suddenly as if on command, it appears gloriously before you.

Facing such an exalted countenance, a greater realization dawns, that your temple or dwelling place, as promised to be set aside by Prime Creator (God) for each of his creations, which was first sown as seed at soul conception, now exists in form and function WITHIN YOU, as a living breathing nexus and holy sanctuary linking the creative forces of heaven and earth! All are alive, are moving, and have their being both independently and also THROUGH you, the earth, and each other – for all are truly One. You now feel this life-giving, consciousness-expanding alignment acutely from the primacy of your being, the three radiate as one: earth's underworld sun, your own inner sun, and the great central sun - along with all the other souls / beings intertwined throughout. Love pours forth from your heart in cascading waves of appreciation for the beauty, the majesty, the Oneness of it all.

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by April Bender (via Higher Self)

The flood gates are open, an explosion of light dances it's way in, the unified heartbeat of Prime Creator pulses forth.

Anchored pillars of light ignite and blaze forth colossal fires of shimmering crystalline energy, casting aglow all vessels/portals which have been painstakingly prepared. They now stand awash in brilliant crystalline fires of divine truth and divine potential – simply waiting for thy master's blueprint (thought/feeling “impressions”) to give it form, function and purpose.

Living, moving, breathing crystalline codes/glyphs dance upon invisible walls of translucent light within these portals/vessels – sustained they are by its crystalline fire. Invisible to those who see only the material, visible for those with spiritual eyes to see. They are everywhere, every several cubic feet, running from the celestial heavens above, down into the darkest underworlds of earth – illuminating all possibilities, all possible coding/matrix arrangements to the master, so that he/she may select from among these the coding of tomorrow.

Each master must now center, and call forth or decree (and by doing so co-create) that which must be made manifest from this crystalline fire energy that is now made available through each master's portal/vessel, and exists at every dimensional level (as the bandwidth of crystalline light implies). You are to mold, fashion and make form from this fire light of creation. You are to hold the image in your mind continuously of that in which you would see made manifest/form for the greatest good and liberation of All. Hold the idea/intention/impression in your mind and then give it a little push to “lock” it in, and repeat. Keep your incubated impression charged by seeing the crystalline fire in your portal/vessel/field envelope and nourish this thought form. Soon you will have a nursery of higher dimensional, highly charged thought forms.

Once form, function, and purpose are determined, this crystalline fire energy will then blaze its way across the master/portal/grid network in an effort to magnetize and weave itself together with other like energy/intentions and/or thought impressions. Creating in effect, larger crystalline fires of ascension that will see these crystalline blueprints enacted/sealed. Remember, though you can direct it, this fire, this energy, has a living consciousness all its own. It is a being in and of itself made up of a collection of elemental spirits/beings of higher order, so not only should you commune with and get to know this divine crystalline fire energy that you'll be working with but you should also respect and befriend it.

In contrast, celestial waters of life, light, and intelligent design flow, sparkle, shimmer and shine as they cascade onto earthen shores. Cooling the great ascension fire, bringing balance, harmony and healing as the shadows of darkness/illusion seemingly grow, contort, dance and play in the background of such luminous fire. And remember, one way or another the shadow MUST be integrated as well as the light, for no fragments can exist without the whole. With water you are also including elements of the collective psyche. Therefore you must know, that the “reconciliation process” is indeed peaking. For many, many worlds at various dimensional levels are indeed seeking reconciliation and resolution through you, the master's of earth. Tap into these celestial waters when in need of soothing or healing or after any intense crystalline fire work.


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by April Bender

Before the resolution and/or reconciliation between light and shadow may take place, first the conscious acknowledgement/observance of the current interplay between the two must unfold, to a certain degree, within individual/collective awareness. This observance/acknowledgement is precisely what has been slowly bubbling, rippling and streaming across the 5-7D Collective Higher Mind/Web of Life most intensely the first half of this year (previously outlined as the Sequencing Process) and has lead to now - the culmination period (the summer solstice until the Lion's gate and beyond) of such conscious confrontation and enlightened reflection of what is, what has been, and what can be, if only a different choice and commitment of expression is made/co-created. 

It is the outpouring of Divine Wisdom in which I speak, as received from me, your Higher Self, as well as your soul/star family lineages, which now finds complementary flow/function within your newly empowered Center, higher Will and expanded field of Vision, all sustained by the life giving pulse of your high Heart and overall co-creative efforts. For just as you as an individual continue to rebirth yourself anew or to "ascend," so too does the Collective on various levels (mind, body, and soul). For you and other Warriors of Light serve as the highly powered nodal points across/within the Collective Higher Mind, whose uplifting energy/vibration spurs the whole onward and upward in evolutionary consciousness.

On the one hand, this wisdom is garnered from the Collective Mind and Soul continuously viewing themselves from newly evolved vantage points, (growing and refining themselves into a Collective "Higher" Mind and Soul if you will) and on the other, it is found in the individual movement inwards towards soul-retrieval, growth, empowerment, wholeness and the reclamation of Divine Birthrights such as freedom, self-sovereignty, etc...which in turn, continues to nourish the further growth/refinement of the Collective Higher Mind and Soul. Divine Wisdom is the understanding and ground of being necessary to look honestly and candidly at all that now exists, in the context in which it exists, and to choose consciously whether individually and/or collectively to continue to feed/perpetuate/energize what individuals/humanity have long outgrown and that does not serve or empower the whole such as fear, separation and oppression or to instead utilize the advantageous time/space that you are in to co-create a new ascending evolutionary order/way of being, expressing, and creating together. One that promotes freedom, self-sovereignty, wholeness of experience, unity and equality. Moving humanity from the age of Me to an age of We.

All that I have described are activities/perturbations/permutations that serve as signposts as well as catalysts to the leaving behind of one age/consciousness/way of being and the entering into another, and this is why step-wise revelation and the clearing away of old remnants, untruths, false beliefs, and twisted perceptions one layer at a time, was/is entirely necessary. For as Einstein once said, "You cannot solve a problem from the same level in which it was created." Therefore, a new level or foundation both individually and collectively needed to be established in order to first seed/envision the new and secondly, to bridge the distance from the old to the new. The latter, the bridge, is where the collective now stands as it actively confronts and seeks to integrate both the shadows of yesterday and the light or promise of tomorrow. The resulting wisdom of which, will continue to enliven, inform and ascend the Higher Collective Mind/Web of Life and individual/communal experiences woven within it, in the days/months to come.

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HS Message - The Rebirth

by April Bender

A Hearty Congratulations is in order!!! This last month has seen the commencement of your beautiful rebirth into a heightened Multidimensional Oneness of Self state (the prelude to donning what many have deemed full Christ/Buddha Consciousness or ascension). The great in-breath period of May 27 through June 11 or so, brought not only enormous Inner Shifts, Transformation, and Restructuring but also a culmination of the Resolution, Reclamation, and Soul-Retrieval Sequencing Process - for you as well as other Warriors of Light. For countless others woven into the 5D-7D Collective Higher Mind/Web of Life, the sequencing process has only just hit its stride. But for those of the first hour - (or the nodal points of the Higher Collective Mind/Web) your time has come, as by now you undoubtedly know.

You've gone from the very early days of being lost/adrift within a vast sea of Self to now, standing firmly at the center of your own multidimensional and/or multifaceted DIAMOND CONSCIOUSNESS. You now have mastership of this "control tower" position, and can choose at will which facet (window) of your diamond (soul) to gaze through at any given time - or even perhaps gaze through all at the same time, as all of your various soul fragments/incarnations/parallel selves (aspects of their consciousness) are almost fully retrieved/integrated at this point within you and are eager to be of service to you, to the greater Whole/Higher Divine Self. Achievement of diamond-like consciousness is also symbolic/indicative of your crystalline DNA further activating, stimulating, and generating further bodily change/transformation/transfiguration.

These lost, forgotten, shrouded or parallel aspects of self, have been reintroducing themselves to you (through dream and meditation/vision) in earnest since just before the June 12/13 full moon/expression phase began. It was also during this time (on the cusp/overlap of both the in and out breath phases) that your physical body went through a 4-day purging process due to the tsunami of in-pouring light/information, the further restructuring of your entire body/vessel, and the culmination of the Resolution, Reclamation, and Soul-Retrieval Sequencing Process. Not to mention that you were also tested on several occasions throughout daily life on your ability to keep your vibrational level up to a certain level/frequency (in your newly structured state) as well as tested on your discernment in making contact with parallel/multidimensional aspects of self (note: other influences/entities may try to pass themselves off as somehow linked to you, in order to establish a link with you - that may or may not be ok with you, but wouldn't you rather that be a more conscious decision either way?)

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by April Bender

It has been a rather peculiar week for you, has it not? In a purely inward sense. As previously announced, the new moon energies that permeated your physical realm as well as the layers of your light/solar body, brought with them the impetus for another mighty in-breath and/or "inner gateway opening" which brought in a higher quality multidimensional flow of information, memory, light coding activations, and/or "fire letters."

Each prior in-breath has grown in depth, intensity, and expansiveness to bring you and therefore the Collective, to the greatest in-pouring of higher (Christ) consciousness experienced thus far during this grand ascension cycle. It is this in-pouring, that you are in the middle of processing/integrating within all aspects of Self and therefore, the Collective Higher Mind/Web of Life at this time. It is also the effects of this in-pouring, that will see your very relationship to these aspects of Self and how you relate to/commune with those aspects - shift, change, and deepen - for they will begin to interact/overlap with one another much more seamlessly - as you've either purged or transformed so much of what once stood in the way of this type of healthy interaction/communion between aspects of Whole Self and Creation.

Though the new moon has technically passed, its energetic influence will continue to affect you today and in the days that follow, as you seek to integrate, reorder and utilize within - ALL that has been moved, activated, reconciled, reclaimed, renewed and transcended within Self as a result of these heightened inhalations/infusions and the further completion/refinement of the overall Resolution, Reclamation, and Soul-Retrieval Sequencing Process.

As a result of this colossal amount of inner-shifting and lifting, you personally have felt somewhat "fragmented" lately, as the familiar worlds and the lattice structure/framework of them that previously existed within you, have been temporarily dissolved and/or separated while they further shift, transform or birth themselves anew, into a higher and more efficient configuration or octave. The same also holds true, for all your previous patterns of reaction and response, all your belief systems, even memories...all that you believed you were or contained. ALL THESE have recently been mirrored back to you and then abruptly dissolved so that you might choose to restructure and/or rebuild them using your newly acquired higher energetic materials/substances and/or information/codes. The subtle but far-reaching shift in perspective, awareness and/or consciousness that will naturally unfold as a result of this new vision or vantage point created through Self being re-envisioned and remade, is required for full passage through the fires of ascension/transmutation/resurrection.

This larger movement or impetus of course, will also quite naturally lead to the full spectrum activation and luminescence of your DNA and that of other Warriors of Light, which will in turn ripple out with a beam-like intensity across the Collective Mind/Web as their/your light codes or "fire letters" are shared/expressed outwardly during the next exhalation/full moon phase and beyond. You're actually already emanating these from your aura/light body now though to a small degree. However, once you've finished assimilating them, the potency with which you emanate them will be a thousand fold, further fueling and aiding in the ascension of the masses/Collective.

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