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In the Realm Of the Ring Lords (A great Article)

Another essay I found with great information, I will copy part of the article as it is very long. You can read it in its full
entirety here:

In The Realm of the Ring Lords

by Sir Laurence Gardner, Kt StGm., KCD, KT St A.
Extracted from Nexus Magazine

Volume 6, Number 5 (August-September1999)

fromNexusMagazine Website

To maintain itspersecution of the Grail dynasts and heretics, theChurch made sure it subverted the stories that wouldkeep the true Grail legacy alive among the people.

About the Speaker

Sir Laurence Gardner, Kt St Gm, KCD, KT St A, isan internationally known sovereign and chivalricgenealogist. He holds the position of Prior of theCeltic Church of the Sacred Kindred of Saint Columba,and is distinguished as Le Chevalier Labhràn de SaintGermain and Preceptor of the Knights Templars of SaintAnthony. Sir Laurence is also a Presidential Attaché tothe European Council of Princes (a constitutionaladvisory body established in 1946), and Chancellor ofthe Imperial and Royal Court of the Dragon Sovereignty.


He is formally attached tothe Noble Household Guard of the Royal House of Stuart,founded at St Germain-en-Laye in 1692, is the JacobiteHistoriographer Royal by Appointment, and is a Fellow ofthe Society of Antiquaries of Scotland.

It seems like hardly any time since I was here. It's only ten monthsago, I guess, but in the past few months Genesis of the Grail Kingshas been completed, published and is already making a significantimpact in Britain, with launches now taking place further afield.

Duncan has asked me to begin by giving some background about myselfonce again. I am involved with a number of organizations - theCeltic Church being one in particular, for which I'm the Grand Priorin Britain [that is, the Celtic Church of the Sacred Kindred of StColumba]. Not necessarily that the established Church organizationslike the Celtic movement very much, but that's the way of it. I amalso appointed as a Presidential Attaché to an organization calledThe European Council of Princes.

The Council was founded in 1946, directly after the War, and theobject was fairly straightforward. (In fact, some of the financingactually came from this country [Australia], and a lot from Americaas well). It was at a time when there was a tremendous fear aboutthe build-up of further extremist right-wing factions, and there wasalso the fear that the communist left-wing might take a hold inEurope. It was decided, therefore, to set up a watchdog committeecalled The International Council of Government, whose brief was tokeep an eye on the extreme political factions.

As it transpired, it didn't have verymuch to keep an eye on and, once the European Common Market cameinto being, it became much more involved with that from the 1960s.The Council quite liked the idea of the trading agreements and thegeneral mutuality, although it doesn't like things too much in theway they have now developed within the European Union.

About ten tears ago, the Council changed its name to become TheEuropean Council of Princes. With the eventual establishment of theEuropean Parliament, there could hardly be a Council of Governmentas well. In fact, the Council was not a government at all: it wassimply an advisory body consisting of thirty-three European royalhouses. These might be reigning houses, dispossessed houses ordeposed houses but, whatever the case, various princes andprincesses of these families formed the Council.

For the longest time now, theirobjective has been a fairly simple one, and that is to look afterthe constitutional clauses within the various nation states(European countries, with the exception of Britain, have WrittenConstitutions). And so, when the European Parliament decides toenact this new law or impose that new dictate, the Council ofPrinces is able to say, "Look, you can't actually do that because itcontravenes, say, clause 7 in subsection (b) of the Constitution ofthis or that country".

The Council of Princes is not especially political - it is more of asocial Council in practice; and I am appointed as an Attaché byvirtue of the fact that its President since 1992 has been HRH PrinceMichael of Albany, the current heir to the Royal House of Stuart -the House that was deposed in Britain from 1688.

The House of Stuart, having taken over the presidency of the Councilfrom the House of Habsburg-Austria, related it to its one-time RoyalAcademy, which was a very scientific establishment. In fact, in the1700s in particular, it was highly Rosicrucian - very scientific andalchemical. From the time of Robert the Bruce, the Chancellor ofthat organization was given the title Prince Saint Germain. Thistitle had little to do with the 5th-century saint himself (exceptindirectly), but it had to do ultimately with the Stuart Royal Courtin France, at the Palace of Saint Germain.

The Chancellor title was changed in the 1700s to Count Saint Germain,and in the 1890s it was changed again to become Chevalier SaintGermain. My present title is that of Chevalier Saint Germain - whichis where the knighthood comes from. As distinct from an Englishknighthood, mine is a Franco-Scot distinction attached to the StuartRoyal Court of France [as ratified by King Louis XIV in 1692], inthe key Noble Order of the Royal Palace of Saint Germain-en-Laye,near Paris.

Being a Stuart supporter, I am not really a great fan of the Houseof Hanover, as you know. However, I have now become attached to aparticular Hanoverian establishment. The oldest antiquarian societyin the world, constituted by the House of Hanover [by charter ofKing George III of Britain] in the middle 1700s, is an associationcalled the Society of Antiquaries which, in Scotland, forms anadjunct to Historic Scotland - a Government department. Well, as anon-fan of the House of Hanover, I was privileged and delighted afew months ago to be made a Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries ofScotland - so it rather looks as if I've been blessed to have alittle bit of a foot in the establishment's academic camp.

Now, back to where we are today. I have to begin of course bythanking Duncan and the NEXUS team for affording me the opportunityto link my first Australian visit for the new book,Genesis of theGrail Kings, with the NEXUS Conference. And I would like to thankthose of you who, since I was last here, have written to me. Some ofyou may have had a reply by now; my correspondence was more or lessup to date around Christmas, but it has fallen behind again. So, ifyou're still waiting, please bear with me; I will respond.

I first began to talk publicly about the subject matter of Genesisof the Grail Kings back in October 1997 and, indeed, we covered agood deal of related ground at the NEXUS Conference last July. So,with the book now completed and published, I guess the time has cometo move on to other things in preparation for future works.

Originally, and beginning withBloodline of the Holy Grail, I hadplanned for a series of three books on the Grail theme, coveringsome 6,000 years of Messianic inheritance from the time of Adam,through King David and Jesus, down to the present day. However, inthe course of compiling this genealogical descent and itsfascinating history, the concept for another book has arisen. Thishas come about more by popular demand than by strategic planning,and I have become so enthused with the idea that there will now befour books in this particular series. It is, in fact, about thisfourth book (rather than the immediate Genesis successor) that Iwould like to speak today.

To read it is in its entirety go here:

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John Lash: Christianity-Extraterrestial Religion

I found this site with interesting sources or articles from around the web about Christian Sources. This article delves into Chariots of the Gods, where Von Daaniken got his material from, etc. I did not write it but copied i from here: That site has lots of interesting articles.

Christianity-Extraterrestial religion?

by John Lash

fromMetaHistory Website

NOTE: This is an expanded version of the article, "Abraham and the Doctrine of the Aliens," byJohn Lash, published">PhenomenaMagazine.)

In 1968 a Swiss innkeeper named Erich von Daniken publishedChariots of the Gods?, which became an internationalbestseller and remains in print today. According to von Danikan'ssensational theory, "ancientastronauts" from an advanced civilization visited theEarth in times long past. He found proof of their presence inrock-carvings, religious artifacts, ancient myths, and, of course,megalithic monuments such as the Giza pyramids.

Von Daniken provocatively asked, Did God drive a Flying Saucer?

With this question planted in themainstream mind, God, angels, and everything Biblical instantlyattached itself to UFO speculation, but von Daniken did not explorethese associations in a cogent or consistent manner.. A less-knownbut far more intelligent study, which appeared in the same year asChariots, did just that.

The Bible and Flying Saucers waswritten by Barry H. Downing, a Presbyterian pastor withdegrees from Princeton Theological Seminary and the University ofEdinburgh. The scope and depth of his book reflect his learning, afar cry from von Daniken's hokey shenanigans. But this book alsoreflects the author's steadfast faith in Christian tradition:Downing assumes that God and his angels, even if theyare ETs who navigate in UFOs, are implementing a divine plan for the benefit of humanity.

(Note: I am informedthat Desmond Leslie in his 1952 book Flying Saucers Have Landed,featured an entire chapter entitled "Chariots of the Gods." This isthe source from which Von Daniken borrowed both his title and muchof the content for his book. Thanks to Sweeps Fox for this detail.).

Downing, along with Desmond Leslie, may be consideredthe founders of Biblical Ufology, the genre of studiesproposing that many events in the Bible reflect extraterrestrialintervention, assumed to be benign.Visions such as those seen by Ezekielare taken as close encounters. Angels, such as the one who announcedthe birth of Jesus to Mary, are regarded as aliens of asuperior evolution.

Some interpretations even regard Jesus as an extraterrestrial who comes to Earth from a morehighly evolved world, or is cloned as a “model human” bytechnologically superior space brothers. Imagine the headline, Jesus– The First Designer Baby!

Biblical UFOlogists assume that space aliens or ET-likeentities act in a kind and benevolent manner toward humanity,consistent with the fulfillment of a "Divine Plan."

Downing wonders if,

"Biblical religion was planted andnurtured by persons from another world."

He does not merely speculate on thepresence of “ancient astronauts” on Earth, but he considers theirpossible role in initiating and directing the religiousexperience of humanity. This issue demands a much deeper cutinto the human psyche than von Daniken undertook.

Without the benefit of Gnosticmaterials, Downing was unable to conceive that Biblicalreligion,

"planted and nurtured by personsfrom another world, works not for the betterment of humanity,but for its enslavement."

Biblical Ufology is widelydeveloped today, but an optional interpretation that could not haveemerged until some time after Downing and von Danikenwrote has yet to be considered. This option arises with the view ofalien intervention proposed by the Gnostics of the Mystery Schools.

Although some of the Gnostics' views canbe found in obscure arguments written against them by earlyChristians, original Gnostic material was not widely available untilthe Nag Hammadi codices, discovered in 1945, were translatedinto English in 1978. The Mysteries were destroyed in the 4thCentury CE, when the Nag Hammadi cache was buried, but they areknown to have preexisted Christianity for thousands of years.

Gnostics were psychonauts of extraordinary scope and finesse.Their cosmology, centered on the figure of theGoddess Sophia,presents a complete and coherent description of the origin andmethods of an inorganic predatory species called Archons.

Although Gnostic texts describe firsthand encounters withArchonswho "abduct souls by night," their teachings do not emphasizephysical threat. Rather, they warn that the Archons affect us mostprofoundly in our minds, especially through religious ideology,through beliefs about God and what God wants for us.

For Mystery School instruction on facing and repelling the Archon ETs, seeA Gnostic Catechism and thecommentary on the First Apocalypse of James, text 9in the Nag Hammadi Reading Plan.

One of the most sensational ideas of the Gnostics is thatJehovah, the Father God ofJudeo-Christian religion, was an Archon, an inferior orimposter deity not to be confused with the true Gods, calledAeons, who inhabit the cosmic center (galactic core). Jehovah is said to be blind and mad, a demented alien whonevertheless has some god-like powers.

Although he does not create the world weinhabit, he believes that he does.

"Opening his eyes, the chief Archonsaw a vast quantity of matter without limit, and he becamearrogant, saying, 'It is I who am God, and there is noother power apart from me.'"

(TheReality of the Archons, NHC II, 4, 94.20).

Of course, this is exactly what Yahweh-Jehovah says in the Old Testament. Over and over again,the Mystery teachings preserved in the NHC presents a view ofJudeo-Christian religion that turns it completely inside out.

Fortunately, the Nag Hammadi cache, meager as it is, contains quite a lot of clear information on the Archon God and hisinsidious tactics. In theSecond Treatise of the Great Seth,an unnamed Gnostic Master says,

"The Archons devised a plan about meto release their error and their absurdity."

This line recalls Jacque Vallee's pithy commenton alien strategies inMessengers of Deception:

"The way to a man's belief isthrough confusion and absurdity."

The text cited explains how the Archons induce a false plan of salvation into the human mind, acounterfeit of the true path of self-liberation we can take bydeveloping our innate potential of Nous, "divineintelligence." The Gnostic teacher, called Phoster or Illuminator, openly ridicules Abraham, Moses and the prophetsfor accepting the Archons as divine and putting faith in animposter god who works against humanity.

The Second Treatise says that the"doctrine of the aliens" is,

"a great deception upon the humansoul, making it impossible for humans to find Nous, theself-liberating mind, and thus come to know true humanity."

What Gnostics meant by "the doctrineof the aliens" is the ensemble of beliefs at the core ofJudaic and Christian religion - and, by extension, Islam.

All three of the "great world religions" derivefrom the revered Patriarch Abraham, thought to have livedaround 1800 BCE.

Because the history of the ancientHebrews is taken as exemplary or symbolic of humanity as a whole,our species' "sacred history" begins with Abraham, but Gnosticsconsidered that Abraham was a dupe, the psychological"vector" for the intrusion of the Archons. In effect, they trashedthe notion of a “Divine Plan” overseen by Jehovah, andexposed Judeo-Christian salvationism (the Redeemer Complex)as an extraterrestrial religion, alien to the Earth andhostile to human potential.

The Gnostic critique of the Redeemer Complex was devastatingto the cherished beliefs of many people, and still is, but theteachers in the ancient Mysteries did not leave us withoutalternatives to these received beliefs. Gnostics taught what theyembodied: the illuminist path of experimental mysticism,contrasted to blind belief in salvationist dogmas.

Against the religious deceit of the Archons, the Second Treatise invokes the "hope ofSophia," affirming our bond to the Wisdom Goddess whose bodyis the Earth.

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I’m in a trance, in a dance
Flames licking around me
Drumming and strumming
Resonate through my head
Potent potion for an exile
Serpentine stones and oil
Greasy and warm on my skin
Whispers of heated debate wage
Tongues of fire and flesh, wag
All around, dancing in my head
Masks fell and voices faded
sparks died into quietness and ash
My heart and pulse louder inside
The watcher over me was motionless
Fevered and hoarse, aloud I cried
“Go to the edge of the camp
The lioness awaits her first kill.”
Bone tools and flint axes took flight
With warriors painted in blood and chalk
I fell back eyes glazed, almost lucid
The purr of the cat so loud in my head
Her hot breath caressed my neck and chest
The child walked past us and I screamed
Feeling her breath die within my heart
Weighted under claws, and a hoard of teeth
The beast took all our soul with her in flight
My voice hoarse and parched, and cracked
Alone in the void of mourning, in pain
No day or night saved me from the tears
hot coals carving into my face and eyes
The beast fell to late as hate and regret came
In her place with accusations in my head
Locked in a trance, its spell holding me
My spirit was captive not alive still in the cat
The watcher dressed me in paint for death
To fevered to hear the lies told around me
I was a shell, a body, my face a mask of death
A cold, terror stone in my hand, the heart
A bloody weight in my palm and mind
A kettle held a spittle with cat, I was trapped
Wails, and cries overtook the darkness
Still I was laid prone out on my back
No hand, no word, could still my limbs
Nor the eye from on high, or the force of the wind
In my last breath, I felt my heart again.

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Variants Of A Mood: More Poetry


I heard from a rumor that I am ahead
I am my shadow, sleeping still in bed
My voice not distinct, barely a whisper instead
Severed at the root, gutted, I’m in red
Dying a flower, curling in the sunlight with dread.

A broken wish
A pull of the knife
My heart shatters
My being vanishes
The pain dispels me
I bleed, I ebb out
My innards naked
A broken task
I have lost myself.

Ages ago
I once had a face
A map of being
A quest to fulfill
A rite to begin
I once looked forward
Where no distance was behind me
The path a sharp incline

Glazed over eyes
Iconic symbols of rotation
Last emotion lost expression
In a vacum of silence
Slip cover of the field
The empty void with out
Oh so black matter, no reflection
you deflect me into this section
crushing me with disdain



Sun twist a beam
A cord ascending the dream
A wick, a flame
A bend in the night
A wrinkle piercing my vision

Radiant elixir warms me
Coursing down my crown
My heart opens with delight
Molten gold burn away the shadow
Life stream ejected by a star beam
Eternal flame erupts inside

You tear at my soul
Bend the rays
Bite my very nerves
With your sting
You are a force
Altering my sight
You drain all the light
You are the night
You are the very source
I run trying to shake you
My vision of me is shattered
You are a fire, you never tire

I stumble to fumble
Into myself a mess
Looking for the opening
my center where I fly
To the sun and never run
For joy is a butterfly
Trapped in my heart
Beating with it
Captivated by the inner
No sinner here
Just a sojourner

I am in the force of the roll
The mix and dance
As light is the lance
Piercing the center of all
The pool of energy
A cosmic effigy
The center of it all so small
The light crescents so tall

The great tree
Shades me
All through life
In the light
I cannot loose sight
Of the path upward
The many ways there
I am so wayward
I can not remember here

Rise up in me oh sun
Oh mighty one
Shine through out my soul
Scatter the darkness
Fill me with brightness

Set me on task
Guide my feet
Inside me set a seat
Where we meet
Use me like a flask

A pearl you hold in your hand
So tiny, look inside
A world is there,
so far there is no end
That is my heart, this land,
A mirror of heaven.

Oh lady Saule, take me into your embrace
I am your organic subordinate
Enslaved to your obelisk intent
Lost to the spherical maze in the sky
Eclipse me, oh draw me in the tapestry of eternity
Into your dark timeless cavern
Illuminate me, free me from boundary.



Thinly pressed, flattened, they lay
Leaves under a tree, I thought
Bodies, like pages, once sages
Black and reddened in death
No funeral they are all gone
Forgotten tragedies cast aside
By history and time, now symbols
Words, abstracted, once real
Once men who left in agony
abandoned bones among stones
Warriors of legends, and myths
Under the sun and the moon
Ballads, poems are their shadows
Long passed were they here
Mortal, and quickened to war
No more their bed where they fell
Yesterday it was there the canopy
A hunters axe stole its column
A builder removed the marker stone
No sanctity for the dead, no place
For men walk over and upon
As if they’d never lived or died

Play my heart
My soul a whirl
On the strings of the land
My hands trace its contours

Paint with the sun
The prophet rises
A planted seed
Tearing at my heart

Oh the river swirls
Enlightened string
Curving and bending
With my fingers


They trampled me, scrambling me
Broke sufferage with me all under foot
When I breath I feel the sorrow
The underlying fear of tomorrow
The uncertain destination of which I wait
Everyone coming behind me is to late
They had oppressed me, imprisoned me
Unable to suppress my spirit inside
I closed the door, the space is solely mine
entwined in my thinking it's all sublime
neath the dark shapes there is twilight
Look sun ward, toward the light inside
there forms hope, and the will to survive.

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The Zeitgist and Venus Project

Last year I discovered, the Zeitgeist movement on Youtube. I joined the website without hesitation after seeing the videos, and reading the Venus project. Personally, I think Peter Joseph is brilliant and truly motivated out of compassion not ego. Likewise, I have deep admiration and respect for Jacque Fresco, founder of the Venus Project, and his vision for the future bears resonates within me. Money enslaves, and destroys lives as we know. The capitolists, the elitists do not love humankind, they have given themselves to irrationality and materialism. From what I can tell, whether capitalist, communist, they all want us to be brainless, spiritless worker "bees" and consumers while they rule us. I embrace socialism or some form of it. I find it troublesome when you view our whole world that there is a large gap between some cultures and others, as far as advancement. There are people still living in garbage dumps, grass huts, and in complete destitution that are under educated. Many people still do not even have electricity, television, phones, computers, or cars or access to higher education. Take for example, Darfur, many parts of Africa, technology is foreign to them. Can you imagine a world like this? Unfortunately, many of our brothers and sisters face hardship such as this?

We here rave reviews about technological advancements. I just shake my head. There is lots of technology I do not have, as I cannot afford it. I do not have a cell phone, an Ipod, etcetera. I know that the elite will make it so the gap continues to widen between who gets this technology, and the hand me downs, to none at all. I wonder out there in those forgotten places, in the young people what treasures for the world are buried in them that need to be found. All those people are jewels like all us here. If the inequality gap there was diminished greatly, their society would stabilize and they would be able to increase their contribution to the world.

I find this elitism or class dogma that is dominating our world evil, as each person is unique, and special and a part of humanity. There are many great geniuses, inventors, artists, musicians, philosophers out there that never become because of this gap. Such a loss! Here in America, people do not want socialized medicine, and education, when the average person can not afford it. People here join the opposition to the reform, without thinking about the fact that Capitalism and Socialism are enemies. Most often on television it is the Capitalist view point that you are hearing. They spin giving you some truth, then twisting facts to covey their message. The Capitalists are all about who has the most toys wins, or being the king on the mountain top wins. The problem is if we go back to the war of dualism in our present world, between materialism and the spiritualism mindset, materialism is not about liberation. The spiritually driven want equality, unification, and liberation for all mankind, while the materialists promotes, consumerism, hive mentality, elitism, exploitation, and selfishness. The Capitalist in my nation, whether Democrat, Republican or Libertarian, demonize any kind of socialism that seeks to better the average person's life.

The under current of American society is driven by Christian Fundamentalism, the Baptists and television preachers, who think America was just created for them. When Zeitgeist was released it, provided suppressed information on Christianity, that I encountered previously and had researched. Peter Joseph had an interview with Alex Jones, who is a Baptist. Alex Jones rudely attacked him on air calling him, New World Order, and all
which Peter Joseph was not. Alex Jones is a Baptist. Need I go further? Since this interview and his second release of the documentary, Peter Joseph and Zeitgeist Movement on Youtube and the web have been attacked
by Alex Jones supporters, doing their best to discredit the movement. I have seen the movement referred to as a cult, when there is no basis for this. I do know that the Venus Project was looking to design a test city with any government that would. I see this year they are giving a 20 country lecture series worldwide.

Jacque Fresco is remarkable, he is 94. His mind is still highly functioning when many people his age, are in old homes, battling memory loss. Not him he is sharp as a whistle. He does not look 94. He is traveling the world, making every minute count. When I think of both him and Peter Joseph I am inspired. Peter Joseph has put everything he has into this vision of the future to. It is not cheap to invest yourself. Time is irreplacable, as well as giving of yourself, it is a big commitment when you seek to make your dream real. Both men, I feel are ahead of their times while following their calling.

Note: Do not wish to exclude Roxanne meadows as her contribution, and belief, and support of the Venus Project, is as equally important to its success.

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The Awakening Of Thoth

Today was the March 17th, a very special day for Persians, its Charshanbe Soori, a pre-celebration for their New year, March 21st, called Nowrouz. Its a festival marking Spring, in which they shout, "Sorkhiye to az man, Zardiye man azto (Give me your redness and I will give you my paleness)" with which they celebrate by jumping over the flames. This ancient Zoastrian rite was done for a happy New Year, and to cast the previous year's hardship away.This year's celebration, the revolutionaries entered the streets defiantly dancing publicly, burning pictures of their dictator while his guard watched them in some places. The celebrants, the greens, the night before had struck public places where there were walls, spray painting "Death to Kohmeini". The regime was not happy, had been telling people the days before not to practice this rite as it was not Muslim. Persians are Persian by their blood and kinship to each other and their land. Forced conversion cannot undo blood. I know the Persians will get their land back as they are thirsty for freedom.

The day before on Tuesday, in Bangkok Thailand, the red shirts another group of revolutionaries had gathered from all regions in mass flooding the streets. Their quest was the resignation of their Prime Minister and dissolution of the government who they see as a dictator who came to power through a military coup. They had given a twenty-four hour ultimatum, which the government rejected. The situation is complicated is not every Thai like the Persians agree with the protesters. On the 16th hundreds of red shirts donated a pint of blood, for today's symbolic protest. The police let a hundred of the protesters through to the main government's office at about 5 PM to pour all the donated blood along three gates.This group was represented by United Front for Democracy against Dictatorship (UDD) leaders Nattawut Saikua and Jatuporn Prompan. Nattawat told reporters by cell phone that "We are not simply throwing our blood. We pour our blood on the land sothat motherland knows these are the blood of commoners who did not get justice and fairness." From there they went on to the Democrat's lead party building and protested there as well.

There was a small quake on Tuesday in California, and Fiji was battered with a deadly cyclone, and Chile with more aftershocks. The storms in Northeast United States were violent, and flooding danger had increased in many states. Meanwhile in the land of the free and the home of the brave, unveiled in some courthouses and airports, new body scanners amid privacy protests.

Meanwhile economic disaster predicted for the EU (one of many in days):

In the land of Israel, a Hamas senior leader announced the need for a new "uprising" which sparked the worst
riots in Jerusalem in years. Meanwhile Washington and the Israeli government was trying to overcome the worst rift in years in diplomatic relations.

Amid all this in Egypt, in the southern, ancient temple city of Luxor, a thirteen foot statue of Thoth, the God of Wisdom was unearthed by archaeologists. There was another statue found, but my focus is on Thoth. According to Wiki Thoth was considered the most important God of the Egyptians, the heart, the tongue of Ra the Sun God. The Greeks adopted Thoth as Hermes who was to become the father of Alchemy. The world is in turmoil, the ones that run it have no wisdom and are blind in their power, but there is a force greater than them. Blood may be spilled, people freed in the future, but I see those who are spiritually attuned this time as becoming like gold, as the wisdom of the ancients will emerge, bringing a new age into this dark world. Its not a time to be fearful, but to don the clothes of light and love and celebrate.

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Musing and Poetry

For my first blog, I thought I would share from my journal, some scribblings and poems I wrote this year in 2010.

On the dark sky there smiles a rainbow. In the dark mouth are all the colors, the universe gave us. For this day, we stand in fear, but it gave us this life each other, and this moment to see the smile of our world still a wash from the rain under a dark cloud. With a billion suns we are particles of thought sparked by the divine.

See all the sounds about where you step
Listen to the colors as they swirl
With them you radiate and bounce off
In a place you cannot see
You send energy every time you collide

Songs are birds
Flying in our hearts
Singing around us
Coloring around us
Songs are birds
Wingless wonders
Inside ourselves
Songs are birds
Revolutionary shapes
Magical alphabets
Vibrational orbits
Spiraling melodies
Taking us to bliss

Oh silent one, draped in petals
Suspended from the trunk of your mother
Left dangling in the wind
Your heart open, the scent of you
Fills me reminds me of long ago
Oh silent one, the lost beauty
In the realm of the sky
In the mirror of heaven
I’m bathed in light
Oh silent one, bloom within
Eternal immanence and peace
Let not the wind shake you
Or the soaking rain wake you
On your journey of opening.

I am Atom
Totality of the Sum
The center of the orbit
The ruler of the spiral
The radiance of all
A pearl lays at the wall
Luminance inscribed so small

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