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A Calling from the Lord Above All

He made a believer out of meI who walked as a gentileI who did not believewhose faith was weakas small as a mustard seedI who walked in dark dense forestsfar away from the promise landall my sins bearing down on mecalling me unworthydrawing my breath from meto a frightful state of pure anxietyfeeling as if the life was being sucked out of mehere lives the fear of your Lordyou are not made to live in Fear but loveThere is fear because you sense what is comingthere is a dark storm brewingwith water and fire and winddeath is drawing near to the lifeso that it can start to dieDo not be frightened, child, Life whispersBe certain, you will be shaken to your very beingfrom that which is dead in you will be taken from youthis is so you will know what is right and truethree days of darkness will fallcling to your hope that is what you call belief because you do not yet know of certain your GodHope in the Lord is your lightSee how he has fanned my flameand the fire is Good do not be afraid, have faithThe death will be frightened and scaredbut you mustn't beDeath does not want to leave but he knows he must go and he shudders with frightDeath will draw you in with tricksDo not be fooledwho am I to be worthy of better, that which is more?Be thankful for what you haveyes, or it will be taken from youand there is more where abundance overflowswhere has your hope gonelet it return to you that you may flower and growThen there is the deceiver that utters blasphemy of the Spiritthat man who denies the Holy Spiritdenies the life from which he was createdFlee the Lord saysFlee far from this barren landyour desert is within you and laid wasteand your hearts have gone coldWhere is your faithhas it been completely and utterly ruinedAttacking thoughts to slanderous and accusing wordsCast that demon you call man, out I tell youThis is idolatry, the mark of the beast and do you not remember our God is Jealous for His lost sheepto him belongs the Power and the GloryFierce as a lion he roars to have mercyHave mercy on yourself man, now hearThis is the man that deceives himself that he needs no God above Him.He is the one appointed for flee from the deserted landsTherefore flee I tell you now is the time to goto lands rich in honey and milkfor God appointed the angels charge over deathhe sends them out among you to make way for His SonHe is Jahweh whom the prophets foretoldHe is the Lord all-mighty eternal Father in HeavenHe will establish His Kingdom here upon Earth so that there will be a New day that will come in the Dawning of the SonHis Kingdom will be the most glorious as it has been toldhe sends the angels with the Holy Spirit out among manaccording to each needs who have called to him in pure heartto fill each and every one that calls on His nameThey shall be filled with the holy Spiritand walk in ways they know to be trueThe Son sent the Spirit to youso that you shall be called WorthyThis Will of our Father's Goodwill is that you may be called worthyHe says all are worthy to come to meI bless the brokenhearted and they are set freelike slaves in captivity you shall come out into the pasturesTo the One that calls to gather his sheep into His foldNow I have become circumcised as the JewI tell you he drew the breath of life from mefor whenceforth it came he endure foreverdeath came upon this temple to tear down the oldto make room to start to build the newmy breath is His and this has been foretold and yet I knowHe showed me that He who gives it also takes it awayfor that you should fear Him yet you will come to know no fearIn Him is fearlessness and strength that none can overcomeyet still I called for Him in my deepest pit of lonelinessIn my most desperate time of needfor I had no will to do it on my ownand I felt alone to do it allI sensed within the depths of my heart which is my soulthat there was a better way other than my ownIn my time of crisis I cried out to HimWho are you, who am I to you, what is it that is trueWhat is worthyThen all I believed fell away and then I knewHe will make you a believer too.A gentile to a Jew.This glory is made for mefor you, for God who is within all of creation and dwells within every living thing that grows.You shall come to knowyou are not made to toilthat is mans joband there is Sabbath rest for His peopleCome Home nowToday is they dayThe Lords people will flourish as fruit trees in the Gardenand be sure they will bear glorious fruitFor he called to me and I bowed to thee and he sent me to tell you, in Him I know and he knows meHe also knows you even if you do not know HimThe time is today to hear His callThis is urgent he has commanded meIn my weakness he rebukes me with shouts of furyI know the discipline of the Lord and I must do as I am toldDaughter, you must! I command and am maker of Life do you not forgetSend them this message then before it is too lateFor the Good of the Familytell them to all come Home nowI am His maidservant to do His Goodwillhe who guides my hands to His work and my lips to speak draws near to meLord I know you will never forsake meEven when I am faithless you are faithfulYour ways are never changing for it has been told you are changeless and your Great Love endures forever and ever, Glory to His nameYour ways change things Lordfrom that which was a lover to that of the belovedI am His Belovedand in Him all things are Good.He is your Lover come now hear His call to the BelovedsHe is sending His Son to you quicklyBlessed be the Lord our FatherBlessed be angel Mother Mary who carries the Son to youIn her all nations are blessedthat she will bring milk to youand the Words of the Holy will be as sweet as Honey upon your lipsHear that I Am MotherI come with the SonA new day is quickly dawningand then will be revealedthe chosen One.Answer His call now and do not delay or I tell you there will be utter despair in the days to comeCome now all you peopleHe has Called His people to start their way HomeThere Life is Eternaland his Love and Mercy endures ForeverHe is always faithfuleven to the servant who is weak in heartLay down your burdensWe are not meant to take up the crossFor that is why He has sent my SonTo be the living sacraficeso that you shall not not but in Him you shall have Eternal LifeIn Him your blood is poured outyour robes stained in the guilt of your bloodwill be washed cleanand His blood makes them pure as snowThere is One coming and every eye shall knowSo hold fast the badge of righteousness and faithfulness that He has placed upon your HeartIn Him every last one shall knowI am Truth and I am PeaceI am Wisdom and I am FreeHe has released me and sent me to you
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