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I am the Fool

I am the fool, 
whose words but a tool, 
to insult your pride, 
bringing out feelings from inside, 
it only a piece of you, 
will merge to anew, 
unless you attack, 
longing for it back, 
but it twas never there, 
yet you protected in with such care, 
finding comfort in known, 
you hide on your throne, 
but all seasons pass, 
bringing in fresh grass, 
new stories to be told, 
to help your understanding unfold

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Cycle Infinite

Oh, how the mighty rise to fall to fire again, time and time forever again, no end,caught in a struggle, nay waste for who hath the most grace,lost in time, stuck in a place, never wondering why, oh why,has it forgotten to cry, or does it pause, let out a sigh, never wondering why, for it has faith, in forever a place,drawing forth a face,that hath long lost its place,moving end, knowing why, shaking the sky,speaking out, in a great shout, the fire burns again, is there no end to the wrathful grace the reasons are waste.

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You should die and so should I

You me and I should die so  that we can fly. Free from the oppressions of the mind. The ego's barriers of self thought in the formations of words.

You are you and you are me we all can be one giant wave that sways like a tree unchained from the deprave..

I am a bird and you are a bird but neither of us are really birds because I am just talking words. You are a creature that forgot your heights, and now you think you must fight in some great plight. Just let go. You must unchain yourself to know yourself. You think you know you but you have no idea who you really are,. You are just another passing car. A vessel shaped by you and colored by you. Buckle up and drive yourself right or left, up or down, you wear your own crayon.

The only limits are your minds permits. Permit yourself to be free. Yes it is that easy. Shut up and close your mind and open your  eyes with a grander scope in size. Lets us evolve ,progress, and bless, this I digress.

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