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Something to think about

Part of this book I'm reading called ice trilogy. The trippiest book I've ever come across. Flawed still, but makes you think.

In the beginning there was only the Primordial Light. And the Light shone in the Absolute Emptiness. And the Light shone for

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This writer concurs wholeheartedly with the present emphasis on searching for one's roots, except that he suggests doing so radically (after all, "radically" means "of or from the root"). And to radically go back to one's origin means that one search

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The Jedi Path

We have a book! It is called, The Jedi Path. You can find it on the pirate bay fo freezy. If you torrent.. its not that hard by the way. The text is kinda dated. You know, long time ago in a galaxy far far away. But the point is there! and lessons ar

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