222d0vg1vmo5d posted a discussion
Morning is one thousand dreams away. And our expedition telling us to stay. So we stay we will, we got that gypsy lady perched upon our bow. And the empire ship is heading where the wild ones they are now. Oh how the God's look down and frown at…
Dec 19, 2012
222d0vg1vmo5d posted a discussion
Goodbye ashar command. Ill pop by every now and then and read some stuff. But I have work to do.I hope that you find your way.
Dec 18, 2012
222d0vg1vmo5d posted a discussion in padawans
Part of this book I'm reading called ice trilogy. The trippiest book I've ever come across. Flawed still, but makes you think.In the beginning there was only the Primordial Light. And the Light shone in the Absolute Emptiness. And the Light shone…
Oct 3, 2012
222d0vg1vmo5d posted a discussion in padawans
This writer concurs wholeheartedly with the present emphasis on searching for one's roots, except that he suggests doing so radically (after all, "radically" means "of or from the root"). And to radically go back to one's origin means that one…
Sep 20, 2012

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"🤩Well summarized and I hope that 𝒮𝒜𝒩 不滅 can comprehend the esoteric intricacies and finer minutiae, of this subject's complexity...✨✨✨ Hugs for the ET Hugger....🤗"
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"Unfortunately, this clown prince is still planning to be the King...If he continues to express wokery, he will be breaking our constituitional principles, set up back in the Glorious Revolution of 1688-89......So he had better watch it....Or he's on…"
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