I feel it is now time to visualize what it would be like to operate and communicate as soverign self-responsible universally peaceful society, to come up with its own ideas and own plans, to be original.
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  • To live as a sovereign self-responsible universally peaceful society, individuals should have complete free-will and let them reap their own consequences, regardless. Free will is taken away by those who force their will onto others thinking they know the answers because they are an appointed leader.

    The caste systems should be made obsolete.  The prison systems should also be obsolete.  When people are free from the threat of being oppressed; they will not act in a way of the oppressed.

    Get rid of the concept of war. Take away the weapons; take away military training.

    Instead build campuses that allow teaching of sustainability. Teach life skills in class.

    This is starting to sound like an utopia.

    To get rid of weapons is one thing; to teach the mind set that they never existed is another thing.

    We have to teach a new and evolving minds' way.  My daughter was taught lockout skills in case her school had a crisis.

    Do not teach them to be afraid and they won't be afraid.  I see my daughters' anxiety as she grasps for moments of peace and clarity. We need teachers who teach unity, not separation. Forget the lessons about war.  The more they hear the word; the more the word catches on life wildfire. Bring eastern healing everywhere, and close the pharmacies. Have services available in Reiki, diet therapy, acupuncture, natural herbs, and mindfulness talk therapy.  There are so many ills. Anything that instills fear should be taken away. Reinvention might be more realistic.  As new thought is added; it will take the place of a dark school of thought. I see the need in changing diets, as well.  Teach a child the peacefulness of a garden, and how to plant, and grow. The schools could have gardens with fruits and vegetables planted.  Have the kids pick their lunch fresh from a garden. Make every grocery store free of processed foods.

    By now, a lot of old school individuals set in their ways would get angry.

    Taking away what one is used to might cause some angry humans to go anarchy. Maybe focus on adding the healthful solutions, and teach people how to go down this path.  Free will must always be there.  That might help.  We need to start evolving the way things are taught. The way things are taught at my daughters' school is just the way things are this time.  I don't agree with it all, and i don't like to see herr upset in any way. Sorry this wasn't too strong of an opinion, but this is quite a large topic to handle.  I have a hard enough time accepting the fact that my neighboors upstairs are in discord. I'm sure its' a lesson I have to learn about my past life.

    Peace, love, and maybe this topic can be covered by someone more in tune with their psychic abilities.

    Peace, love, and unity

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