Whats The Plan? Natural Disasters

We should always be prepared for natural disasters such as storms and something similar to what has happened with hurricane sandy. Right now New York city is under water due to the unexpected chaos caused by the superstorm and theres more than 1.6 million people without power. So I ask myself, whats the plan? What should we do about this flooding in New York and how can we also be prepared for future events such as this?


No one expected this much damage to happen from a silly storm that started out as a category 1, even I didnt take it seriously because I live in Florida and have relived hurricanes over and over with hardly anything happening here. People that live in cities and rely on technology dont expect this type of stuff to happen to them and they were very unprepared. Many people lost their homes and vehicles. Its sad but its good to think of a solution of how to help and what to do next time or prevent bad outcomes. 


Heres an idea, some organization provide housing and needs to homeless families during disasters like this in the united states. Unfortunately many people in New York who are without homes are most likely staying in a over crowded shelter and theres not enough space or food for everyone. I know there are already organizations out there but it seems like theres still not enough help out there. 


Whats the plan?

We need to educate ourselves on how to rely on our environment and surroundings without the use of technology. Im sure many people are not prepared to live without electricity and have no clue what to do. The positive part of this is learning from the experiences in life. 


Feel free to post your ideas and what your plan would be :)

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