Hidden Animal products in food!

Hey there group!


I have switched over to veganism. I am wondering about different words that mean dairy. I was reading the bread label on my sisters bread (cause I was hungry) now I know that there are ingredients that mean dairy or milk but I am not sure on all of them. If I am eating bread that contains milk products then I am not doing my "job". In reading food labels what do I need to watch out for? What are other words for milk that I need to look out for?


thank you, tenturnipsfordinner

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  • Hya Darling, if you have any questions than i will help you out! I heve been Veggie for more than 15 years now.....and best thing is if you go for organic products as they are the best choice anyway. Second you will find that you do understand the ingredientes better.

    If you go for non organic products than i am afraid you will have to check the net because there are so much stuff they put in....what products are you talking about anyway

    I must say, i have been living on organic products for about six years and since i am living in Spain i had to change things aa bit as they are either so expensieve here or not available at all.

    But still i don´t buy anything with numbers or Letters in for example or white sugar as it took me a couple of years to sort out my digestive because of what white sugar has done to it....

    So much for now....hope i could help you a bit further....if you need more help, like i said i will try to help you more, ok?

    Take care now



    • Thank you for responding....I am talking about breads....I know that the labels have to say eggs or dairy, but I also know that there are different words that mean dairy, like 'whey protein' in products. I get stuff and I read the label and I somehow just don't trust it.....I am getting good foods like fruits and veggies and legumes. Yesterday, I ate tempe/tomato sandwiches on rye bread with trader joes mannaise (which the mannasise is vegan) I think it is a learning curve.....I been trying to practice veganism for about 3 months....I like it a bunch.

  • breads, and really anything from a box or pre-packaged food has dairy/hydrogenated oils in it. besides not eating animals and their by-products, veganism is about eating healthy foods, right? try and stick to a whole food diet, mainly raw. hope this helped!

    • thank you for responding. it does help. thank you tentinyturtles!!

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