Universal Law of Attachment and Detachment

(From Linda Dillon, The New You: Emerging into then Brilliance of

Humanity’s Heart Consciousness. Port St. Lucie: 2013.)
Linda: While most of the information pertaining to Universal

Law has come directly from Sanat
Kumara, there are insights and guidance from other

members of the Council of Love who
also contribute to this body of knowledge.
Here, the Buddha speaks of creation and co-creation,

and the Law of Attachment and Detachment.
I am the Wayfarer. I am the Buddha. You did not expect to

hear so much from me during this
discussion of creation and co-creation, did you? My beloved

friends, I have things I wish to
speak to your heart and to your mind about. So come and sit

with me. Let us sit under this bodhi
tree together and watch the world go by.
I wish to speak to you as mothers, fathers, and teachers. For

even though some of you are not
parents, you have been mothers and fathers so many times

and teachers always that you will understand what I say to you

this day, and why I use this example. I wish to remind you of this Law
of Attachment and Detachment.
I wish you to think as mothers, and how you feel as your small

child goes off to school or to war
that first day. Fathers know what this feels like as well. Even if you

walk with them or run after them, there is still that time when you

have to let go and hand them over to the teacher. You have
to allow them to go in the classroom and the classroom of life or the war

where you know there are all kinds of perils and dangers.
Even before your child was born and throughout all those formative

years, you have attached to
the vision of what you wish and dream for this child, of all the things

that you wish them to ac- 153 of 242
complish, experience, do, so that they will know themselves, so that

they will know their truth and strength. Even when you let go,

even when you step back and detach, sometimes because you

have no choice, still you hold that vision for them. You hold the

vision in your heart and in your mind.
If you are lucky enough that your child comes home every day, or

even occasionally, you will inquire and prod and inject where you can

to influence, to help them with the fulfillment of their
vision. So as you are detaching, you are keeping your vision, but you

are also allowing their vision to unfold. Normally, there is a meeting

of the ways when you re-attach. And so it is with us,
my friend.
You have your vision, dream and creation, and it is real. It is as real

as your skin, hair and eyes.
You hold that within you. Then as you move into action, as you release

from stillpoint (which is where you need me) you are also detaching.

That is necessary and the proscribed process. It is in
the release that there is a gathering of energy, allowing it to flow and

move as it has need to. Yet, while that is occurring, we are also adding

our elements, ingredients, energies, and sometimes magic, to your creation.
Understand that in this mixed release and add-on, your vision gains

greater substance. It is bigger. It is still essentially yours, but it is thicker,

a combination. Sometimes there are elements
that need to be added to your desires and creations that you don’t know of,

nor do you need to.
You may think that our adding to your creation is a diversion but it is not.

It is an essential element, even when it does not appear so.
Then you continue on in action, in stillness, joy and trust. You may watch

for your child, pace outside the school or even the classroom. You will do the same

thing when you are forty-five years old. It never changes.
The child or the grownup will return to you but they will be essentially

changed, for the experience and the energy has gone outside of you.

The process is fluid and continual. So even while
your child or creation is returned to you, the building, the add-on continues.

It does not end. It does not even end with what you think of as death.
When you feel discouraged, sidetracked, or dismayed, or when you have

need simply to be my friend in the stillness, come and sit with me. I will not interfere.

I will sit  with you and that will help. Farewell.
Linda: The Buddha has taught us over the years this lesson of attach,

detach, and re-attach. It is a powerful method of creation. This is how it works:
As always anchor in your heart, surround yourself with the Archangels

and call forth the Buddha. For purposes of illustration, let’s use a

perfectly-harmonious marriage or partnership.
Visualize your current situation. Be honest with yourself about why

you are choosing this particular area to begin your creation work.

Be vigilant on what’s not good, what’s awful, what needs
154 of 242
changing. Similarly, examine what’s right with your current situation;

what you wouldn’t want to change in the slightest, what you treasure,

and what feeds your  body, mind, heart and soul.
Now turn your energies and attention to what it is you desire to create.

Take the time to visualize and feel deeply what this looks, feels, tastes,

and sounds like – you get the idea.

Take the time to really feel it, or in the language of the Buddha to attach to it. 

Attach not only to the 3-D qualities of the creation but to what it brings you

in the spiritual and other realms as well. To continue the
example of a partnership, feel the sense of being loved, cherished, valued,

of being in sacred union, co-creation, safety, security, longevity, the deep

harmony of loving communication,
sexual intimacy, soul intimacy. Spell it out.
It’s important to not limit yourself with this exercise. You are not simply seeking,

for example, relief from a fractious relationship, no fighting or arguing, no feelings of less than.

You are attaching to the ideal; to what you would create that would support you and bring forth the best
part of you, in fulfillment an d
alignment with your plan.
The second step of this exercise is then to completely detach from everything – from your current
situation and from your vision. Often you will have a physical sensation of stepping backwards.
You are letting go. This is an important piece of the process of aligning with the Universal Law
of Attachment and
Detachment, because this is also where your guides, the Buddha and the entire legions of light
add their magic elements. So let it go; do not hold on. This is a walk of trust.
Step three is to be still in your heart and in the stillness, to re-attach to the highest vibration and
frequency of that creation. The sensation is that you are holding essence, moon dust, and starlight.

And trust it to come to pass. Turn it over to the Buddha and allow.
I have been doing this exercise for years and I am grateful that the Buddha reminded me to share
it here because it’s my personal reminder to start again. We have the gifts of so many tools,
sometimes we forget.
Track your progress with this process; you will be amazed.

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