Triangles Meditation links up three individuals to connect and increase the Light exponentially. 

This group is created for those looking to match up to others who would like to experience this Light building Meditation. 

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  • Awesome contributions, all!  Much Love to you!!!
  • 11/11/11 info

  • lea, i love babaji, can you post this?
  • yes Steve Pitt very good, was looking at a photo of yu55 and it looks like the beach ball in my dream so far i have seen all but 3 of  the sings in last dream manifest some how so should be exciting i did the calculations of the new orbit of the moon and it has changed from the normal swing of no more than 57 degrees to about almost 120 degrees this is because of a new axis tilt of 49.5 degrees instead of the normal 23.5 degrees i do not even care to blog about it basically if your head  so   into 3D you never look up to notice any will not believe me any way i did try to get this out and no one really thinks much of it but wow it is so true not even I can find  the data to prove this wrong as my own uncontaminated data has  proven this to me so i wait for the day 23 December should be clear by then to everyone that our governments despise us lowly tax payers so much they will not tell us anything we really need to know and payed for the data with our taxes how nice of them

    sorry i am just woke up

    I love you all here and i am ready for some meditation, i think ill go steel another TR3B or something of there's

  • Kachina Report 11/6;
    3 aspects locked in a giant gravitational 'H' in the sky....

    Mars/Erthe/Neptune.....dreams forced to the surface....the waters of the world at war with the land....Tsunami time....intuition with motivation...not seeing the world as iti is but as it cold be and doing something about it

    Venus/Mercury/Erthe....Mercury​ holds the cadeusus (kundalini pathways)...being directed by the Goddess to the new Erthe....this is the alignment tht is rewiring our new chaklra it will do so until the 12th....but on the 8th the electricity of Elenin aligned with this 'turns on' the ready for that jolt!

    Sun/Venus/Pluto......transform​ational power given to the goddess and power by the sun......the righteous destroyer! KALI!...KALI MA! Kali wil be with us throught the 8th
    so it actually is configured in the heavens like this;
    a giant 'H'.......with M-class flares every 7 hours already...and this will last thru the 8th.......the world will change in a big way because it has no other option
    ........KALI is here!(any questions?)


  • awesome Steve Pitt truly awesome

    yes lets do some meditation 11/11/11 Princess


  • Oh Steve, how beautiful an experience to share with us!  Thank you, I feel as though somehow I were there with you.  I'm profoundly moved by the fellowship you described, this starseed has been such a misfit that even among lightworkers I'm the odd one, lol. 

    I can't remember where the skulls will dwell when the ceremonies are over, have they mentioned it yet?  (lol, or do they plan on a changed reality after Dec. 2012 and make no plans?) Sounds like a very spiritually evolved group, I will join with them periodically as I can through this week. 

    Such a blessed time to be alive, thank you everyone for walking the path with me, I love you all so much :)

  • The 13 skulls;
    A report from Crestone 11/4/11
    The Maya choose the route they did because of the spiritual connections to those places. Even in Manhattan this is where the Maya believe their ancestors greeted the new comers to this continent earlier this cycle. Similarly all the other sites were chosen.
    One would ask; ‘aren’t the Hopi connected to Maya and why are they not stopping there? The answer is; they are! In the Hopi belief this is the end of the 5th cycle of mankind. The Aborigines and the Vedics believe the same thing. The Hopi believe the ant people took their ancestors into the ground to harbor them while the surface of the planet completed its cycle. The ‘place of emergence’ is called Sepiku. This is probably the most sacred place to the Hopi because it is their place of origin. On current day maps this place is called Crestone, Colorado.
    Crestone sits on top of one of the largest aquifers on this continent. It has a water table that goes down 30,000 feet. On the bottom is a large bed of quartz crystal. Since vibrations spiritual or otherwise are so readily carried by water, any ‘sound’ vibrated into the aquifer will feed the entire land. This makes the Crestone skull ceremony one of the most profound ceremonies to be performed during this time….for it becomes the seed from which the new Erthe culture is born.
    The ceremony was moved inside the Dharma Ocean community center. A Himalayan place with a grand view looking west towards Hopi land. The banquet was officially closed at 150 members….the ceremony was scheduled for 0800 MST 11/3/11. Lionfyre and crew set up the big drum in the center of the hall and all the people filled in the circle 8 rings deep. They were told the elders needed more rest and would join them when they can.
    One would think that this would cause feelings of impatience and disgruntlement…..instead all 200+ people chanted together and sang songs…in-between that knowledge and healings were communicated without the very hint of ego as it this group was one giant organism with many functioning parts…..when the leaders would communicate a need it was an immediate repose from self-selected parts of the group to service that need. We did not need to be told we are one… just worked that way as if everyone knew that already.
    Imagine an Aum chant with 200 voices projecting all toward one central point and every one was having coherent heart-felt emotions and that was projected in their voices… could feel the floor vibrate with the sound…..
    And that was before the Mayan elders arrived!
    They arrive amidst the intoxicating trumpeting of the multiple didjereedos. One would expect the elders to be wrinkly, pruned skinned, short, redmen and women with funny noses…..but no! they came in all sizes, ages, sexes, and colors. These were the proprietors of the skulls and even the skulls reflected this diversity.
    When the Mayan elder spoke there was only the annoying chortles of babies dragged to this event by mothers with no other choices left to them. In an audience that large to not have to use a microphone and only repeat yourself once or twice is really quite amazing.
    He spoke of the need to go back to a 13 month/28 day calendar to help us get in touch with the rhythms of life…
    He spoke of the fact there are many calendars all tuned to different cycles….there is no one correct calendar which most westerners want to believe (even the scholars)….
    He spoke of the sacred geometric connection to all things…
    He spoke of the multidimensionality and that was reflected in the geometry of our bodies….
    He all but quoted ‘Elven Drums’ by saying; ‘We are all humankind, but not all of us are human race’.
    He spoke of the fact the people here at the ceremony where the seed of this new culture and that the skulls were the repositories’ of galactic wisdom to be imparted at this time….and 11/11/11 will be the completion of this new ‘seeding’… in the ‘valley of the smokes’ (dreams) where you go to manifest your dreams…..the City of the Angels….Los Angeles.
    I like many others brought our ‘stuff’ to be charged in the presence of the skulls vibrated by human heartfelt emotions resonating in chant after chant after song after healing prescence….i was fortunate to be within 6 feet of the skulls all facing me for hours on end. The elders were that close also. I even had the opportunity to talk to 3 elders and one other that resonated with me. We sat and discussed many things very profound… would be inappropriate to disclose this information..(so don’t ask!)
    The banquet was Himilayan style….lots of rice, serious hot sauce, and pork or beef dishes and yes there was tofu for the veg-heads….
    Discussion group lasted until dark and the moon had risen…..I left floating on a buzz that I’m still resonating to as I write this….yes my body did some fundamental healing and yes, the connections made there will manifest later down the red road.
    If you were looking with 3-D eyes it was another group of rag tag half dead hippies and lots of indigos….if you looked with 4-D eyes you saw people from all over and under the galaxy showing up….and that was the important part….the showing up in time and space to dedicate a new way to organize, socialize, realize and just be.
    From this event I have15 pendants and numerous organic artifacts all charged by the skulls and this event. I will not sell any of it. I will accept donations. If you are interested in a piece to commemorate and energize you please write to me ( and tell me why you would like a piece along with a mailing address. I will send you what I believe to be an appropriate article according to what you express to me. Upon receiving your widget, you may donate by adding to my paypal account (Steve Pitt). There is not a time limit on this offer but a physical number of articles and then we move on.
    Love as light
    Steve Pitt (Aniel)8113939294?profile=original
  • Sorry, Obi, I work daily... have been connecting with Triangles quite often lately though and would love to do it with you.  What say everyone we make a special 11/11/11 plan?  Any ideas? 
  • OK who is into a simple triangle meditation with no building and no creating just connecting

    i will also try for 3 PM pacific each day till 11/11/11 apart from special trips ,i will do this , i think ,it should be easy now to fly from earth center sun up tower and into the heart of the sun and beyond

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Invitation to Lion's Gate Meditation

Good day, friends :-)  I am participating in an earth meditation on the Lion's Gate portal alignment on August 8 with a link up time of 5:30 local time and invite anyone to join in and assist with the revitalization of the water systems of Gaia, in particular the California region which is facing a long term drought.  This is a powerful time to work some mojo of our own and test our wings.  We can make a difference if we focus our shared intention together and bring some love and light to this…

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Technique of Triangulation

The SOUL Mantram (full version)I am the Soul. And also love I am.Above all else I am both will and fixed design.My will is now to lift the lower self into the light divine.This light I am.Therefore, I must descend to where the lower self awaits my coming.That which desires to lift and that which cries aloud for liftingare not at-one. Such is my will.First of all: Invoke the Soul mantram to activate the Soul Star.Then use the Technique of Triangulation as follows:We direct our thought to the…

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Now is The Time to Engage Your Triangles

I have not written a personal blog in a long time now, but I felt that I should communicate to you all as widely as possible and figured you would likely get this notice in your email boxes.  In a nutshell, we are in a very fruitful time, the energy couldn't be any better to engage your Triangles and either link up with your Trine or use a Triangle during your meditation.  Use whichever color you are drawn to, they all lead to infinity ;-)  I have been sooo hyper, lol, it is awesome.  Can't…

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The Sirius - Venus StarGate ~ 04.11/12.2015.

The Sirius - Venus StarGate ~ 04.11/12.2015.If the ancient Maya and Egyptian were alive TODAY, they would probably be looking in AWE to our NightSky wandering at the marvelous spectacle that is occurring: The Conjunction of Venus and the Pleiades Constellation, a rare event that only takes place every 8 Years, and that has gone quite unnoticed by astronomers and astrologers alike, considering the fact that the alignment is FAR MORE SIGNIFICANT than originally thought.... Why?If you go out…

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Good day, friends :-)  I am participating in an earth meditation on the Lion's Gate portal…
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The SOUL Mantram (full version)I am the Soul. And also love I am.Above all else I am both will and…
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I have not written a personal blog in a long time now, but I felt that I should communicate to you…
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The Sirius - Venus StarGate ~ 04.11/12.2015.If the ancient Maya and Egyptian were alive TODAY, they…
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