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I am a 26 year old female and need a lot of help and advise. I have had anxiety and depression for a while and now it got so bad that i am going crazy, it comes and goes just like the mentally ills people in the hospital. I am not there yet but terrified about my future. I think i could maybe be diagnosed with obsessive compulsve disorder, anxiety and depression or scitzophrenia as i get intrusive thoughts that i will go crazy and i start going crazy with my behaviour. I just dont know what to do, i turned to spirituality and reiki. Is there more advise how to be at peace i guess and how to avoid this. Thank you for listening, i hope it is not a wrong topic to post here.

With Love.

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  • how can i change doctors on the nhs? how is your health?
  • thank you for that, i understand this, i hope it will help because last time only after a few days my liver started to hurt. i will start tonight 10mg and see if i can increase to 20mg after a week also i have an appointment 25th of october to discuss my care needs but i dont know what to say at all, im not sure if i should tell them all of it but i do need their help. i do not know what they can help me with as well.
  • Dear Erika...............Even if some psyquiatrist diagnosed you with any disorder.......Don't be afraid. Those symptoms
    shall pass. Remember......Fear kills the mind. If you need some kind of medication to control the anxiety this could
    help a lot. Remember that The people of the light will help you go through out this phase. I can give you this humbly
    advise cause......once.....long time ago......and many times I DID FELT LIKE YOU.
    I do have a emotional condition....................But I never give up my spiritual path.............If I fall...........I just .......Stand up
    Again............like The Fenix. Seek help to manage the anxiety.............you will see. Blessings to you.
    • thank you for a kind reply, i think i will start taking citalopram this evening.
  • Hi Erika :) I had a similar problem about two years ago, it was very frightening for me, I was not sure what to do. The things people have said here are very good. In my case it seems that one problem was my diet and what I was putting into my body, kidneys were not happy and that was making my adrenaline go crazy. Another problem seemed to be that I had some "electrical white light" stuck in my energy, that was zapping me every now and then. There was a host of other very unhelpful karmic attachments that came with that, which felt sometimes like "psychic attacks". You might see if you can find someone to do a general clearing with you. If you have been doing a lot of spiritual work that can also be a factor, it is easy to get "overloaded". Here is a technique I can offer you, it is for stagefright but works for any kind of anxiety. It works by raising the CO2 levels in your blood and triggering your autonomic nervous system to go out of fight or flight state. First you touch your tounge gently to the roof of your mouth, just behind your two front teeth, and touch your thumb, index, and middle fingers together, like people do when meditating. This connects certian acupressure points. Then you breath into your belly, gently, to the count of four, then slowly out for at least the count of eight, working your way up to sixteen. This takes a bit of practice and can take about fifteen or twenty minutes to work, but it has helped me a ton in all kinds of situations. Blessings and hugs sister, you'll be just great I'm sure :)
    • i like the last answer. yes they feel like spiritual attacks definetely. someone just send me an occult site, spiritual warfare site. i did ask for a clearing. i do think i have bad karma. thanks for the technique but i think i need to start meditating. thank you, the last post kind of understands me. thanks for the hope in me/for me brother.
  • Hi Erika. What Leila has said is absolutely true. I just came across this statement today," Immortality is not being able to live forever. It is being able to live forever with yourself."
    You are a perfect expression of the one creator. I do not know you but I love you. You are loved. It is quite difficult to deal with your circumstances because the things that are happening to you are quite negative and puts you in a very low vibration. Unfortunately, medical science does not understand the true essence of the human mind body and spirit at all. So when they classify all these disorders, please understand that they are doing so because they hardly have a clue. Then they give you all these medications and therapies that worsen the situation. People have a limited choice as to what else they can do because medicine is the accepted way to go. But you do have a choice. You have to live with yourself first. So you need to start working on yourself. Try and be in a positive and uplifting state as much as possible. Its not easy with the intrusive thoughts that dictate what you are going to do next. I've had intrusive thoughts which have told me that I will fall on the ground in the next second and I have!! Its like I automatically have to obey..involuntarily.
    You need to know that your consciousness is a part of GOD. It is the most powerful thing. Nothing can actually harm you if you believe it wont. A lot of negative entities that exist just outside our frequency range have a real good idea of how to manipulate our minds because they have been doing that for millenia. They feed off our emotions and all it requires to stop them is to KNOW that you are way more powerful than them, that you are a being of TRUE LOVE, and that your consciousness construct has the GOD spark in it. Once you know, you can consciously direct your thought patterns into positive states. I know that that can be difficult with your head pounding like a hammer on an anvil but if it was easy, then there would be no point to the struggles of everyday life would there?
    Anyways this is not an ultimate answer. I urge you to seek your own truth and remedy out. I will pray for you.
    With love,
    • Thank you very much for the very kind words. I hope i will not need medication. I hope the love and light that i am does not disearve some punishments. I asked Arhcangel Michael for protection and Mother Mary for peace. Please, pray for me that if i need psychiatric help, care i get the best one. Thank you.
    • Hi Erika. The first thing that you need to do is analyze/understand what it is that is causing you anxiety and depression. Do you have fears that you do not confront and instead try to forget about it? Why do you have that fear? You have to face it if you want to dissolve it.

      Depression is usually caused by one's feeling of lacking self-worth. One feels that he/she is inadequate and doesn't meet the standard set to oneself. Analyze it carefully and learn more about yourself. Be honest with yourself.
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