Do you have a cat and love it? Or do you love all kinds of cats in general? Me too! Welcome to the cat clan! feel free to talk about your cats or anything about cats at all! even the larger families! ;)
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  • animated_cat_2.gif
    Follow me to the kitchen and open the can man
  • hello my name is Shedir live in Sao Paulo - Brazil

  • not me !!

  • Shedir é muito sapeca !!!

  • Leila
    transmits this picture for me when love is a single soul inhabiting two bodies - kisses (portugues/ingles by google)
  • hello, today 29/09 here in Brazil we are celebrating the #catloversday by Twitter, anyone who wants to share the love of hairy only change the avatar for the photo of the cat and declare her love for him with the hashtags #catloversday
  • A long hug back at you, Alice:) Thank you, yes, Baba's is old. In fact his age is actually questionable...I found him 17 years ago yet he was already a full grown cat when I found him. I just always assumed he was at least a year old when I found him but who really knows? Sending love all the way to Brazil to you and your precious feline compadres! I saw pictures of them, they are beautiful.
  • a long hug to all the cats that have this wonderful group, and their owners, sorry use google translator because I do not speak English, I'm from Brazil
  • Baba 18 years? dammit! he is gorgeous, congratulations
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My first experience with Hyper-cognition

The first time I had a vision or "hyper-cognition" was while petting a cat. I looked into its eyes and I saw the deserts of egypt, where sorcerers were fire dancing and singing. There display attracted these cat essences. They danced among the sorcerers and mixed their energy with them, forming relationships and teaching them. It was a beautiful vision and it happened within a few seconds of time, completely flooring me. Thinking back I think that the cat was a familiar of the family who's…

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"Look into my eyes I say.. can you see nebulas in the cosmos..

I know this is a very old post,but…"
Jun 23, 2023
Ishmael Santre posted a discussion in The Cat Clan Focus Group
The first time I had a vision or "hyper-cognition" was while petting a cat. I looked into its eyes…
Jun 29, 2010