Hey Starseeds!Please join me in starting a telepathy practice group. We will keep it simple by utilizing each other within this group as we practice sending and receiving thought/forms to one another. Namaste, Bobby Whiteshell
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  • To: CMDR TOM
    Thanks for the feedback! Tell me more of what you want to happen!
  • Boby, the exercise was good, We have to create a pattern to work with so everybody can see the advance. How far is the reach of this excercise.
    in love & light
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  • Thanks Markus! It's easy when friends help us!
  • thank you for having this group...
    great moment to come across this :)
    love light peace happiness
  • To:Pleiadian Soul,
    Cool, huh!? Thanks for sharing your experience. :)

  • Comment by runa 1 minute ago Delete Comment I'm so glad to see this group, that so many are taking telepathy seriously.

    Telepathy is going to be the psychic sense that is going to change the world the most.
    It's simple, because science, mindcontrols to pilot plains, help robots to handicapped and so on is currently proving that maschines can read the human mind.
    Ergo, it's just a matter of time before science will start proving that we ourselves are capable of decoding eachothers mind frequencies.

    That is going to be a big (maybe the biggest) factor in the way humans live. Because lying is going to be so difficult, if not to say impossible. So behavour has to change.

    Happy training :)
  • I will try to find turmaline here in Brazil.
  • Thank you for the teaching of the Conch Mudra and the subsequent knowledge of other mudras that came from my search of it. I've been receiving new information daily and it's given me so much energy. I am grateful to you for this new insight. Namaste.
  • I really enjoy your passion and that you share it! AUM*
  • Hey Starseeds I'm making another video this weekend for those of you who want an alternative to the Black Tourmaline. Meanwhile invite all your A.C. friends to join up!
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