Channeler: Sirian Archangel Hermes /channeler/146125/sirian-archangel-hermes Greetings fellow beings of light. I thank you for allowing me to enter into your conscious perception and speak with you at this time, in this space. I come to inform that the process of ascension is now becoming manifest throughout most of your planetary sphere, wonderful indeed.

Those reading this will know that this monumental process has become something that is entering into more and more of your peoples conscious awareness, in some form or another. As this process begins to reach new levels of energetic integration of infinite time awareness for those who have chosen it, you will notice there is a more obvious line of division that seperates these two groups of people. Many are begining now to see that the reality they had thought existed was in fact an illusion, a ruse if you will.

As they struggle with the plethora of emotions that encompass awakening to a new level of consciousness, I ask those of you who have already experienced these phases to show compassion and understanding for them, as at times they will try to reject this new awareness and may become emotionally and mentally unstable.

Those reading this will know how to react to these people, as they have experience and remember well when it was they, themselves who struggled with the flood of new information and conscious awareness. It is not a simple thing, to awaken from a world of illusion that one has been mired in for millennia or even longer time periods.

Coupled with the stressors of three dimensional living habits and practices increases the complexity of this process. React to them as you would yourselves, being clear, concise, firm, yet compassionate and understanding. They are confronting their own worst fears, questioning who they have been and who they will choose to become.

Use your wisdom to help them through in the best ways possible, as every single one of them is of great importance to the grand scheme of this wave of ascension that now sweeps the planet. Many changes are occuring now as you are most likely aware, with the environment, with your climate, with your political and banking structures as well.

Those who are spreading fear of economic collapse and environmental disasters will push their agenda and try to slow the ascension process for many who remain locked in a perception of fear. I come to tell you that there is nothing to fear. What is not yet well known is that in the event of an economic collapse there already exists an entirely new system of banking and monetary means that is ready to take effect in the event of a large scale global disaster.

This system is merely an interim system, offering abundance and comfort to those who will become unable to work or sustain a way of living. This is still a closely guarded secret that your governments will not disclose until the exact moment that it must become exposed and manifest.

They will play everything out until the very last possible moment, and while this may seem to be inexcusable, it is the way things must occur in order for there to be a smooth as possible transition into your new monetary systems without total chaos and anarchy. As timelines continue to play out to their conclusion and new begining, there is no absolute timeline given for these events to occur, as each one will be slightly similar or different depending on your own level of perception and consciousness.

Many are now speaking of the fabled date of December 21st, 2012. I say to you not to dwell upon this date, as things will occur when they are supposed to for you. What I can tell you is that if nothing happens in your reality by this date, it will not be long after that you will see signs of the imminent changes of the new paradigm becoming manifest. Many people will see this date pass them by, and be further motivated to take action on their own behalf, as it will serve as a catalyst for those who remain in wait for this date to come and go.

And indeed, in some timelines it has already happened. More and more information is making its way into peoples homes, and the large media establishments are also revealing more bits and pieces of the coming changes as well. Many are asking why there continues to be a delay with these disclosures and announcements.

I say to you, take a moment and realize just how fragile your entire society and systems really are. If everything were announced all at once, there would be chaos that would soon follow. Granted there are many who would be able to comprehend and act in a civil manner, however there still remains a majority that would not do so and choose to take actions detrimental toward the establishment of peace within your countries and continents.

There continues to be an increase in your broadcasting outlets and governments of the possiblity of "extra terrestrial" life and visitations to your planet over recorded history. This is conditioning the masses to be ready for full open contact with minimal conflict. Those who are now ready and have been ready, I ask to remain patient.

Not everyone has the same level of conscious awareness that you possess, and thus this may prove to be a traumatic event for them. Every precaution must be taken to ensure a stable transition from a planetary society to a galactic society. This is one of the greatest evolutionary events that can occur for any society. I wish to speak with you now about methods that will best serve you during this transition.

Many will become very angry over the fact that the life they have lived has been riddled with strife, poverty, struggle and sadness. Only to come to realize that once they themselves were fully prepared for the transition into a free and abundant society, it was always before them.

They will not comprehend that their struggle was warranted, was needed for their own evolutionary development, and they will not excuse what they have endured as something that was required of them. It is the process of three dimensional development, knowing the sorrows and struggles, learning from them, no matter how severe they may have been. The key is, was, and always has been in the way they react to these trials and tribulations.

Their own vibration is what creates their reality, when one is ready to take the next step, beyond fear, beyond doubt, then one begins to attract to their conscious experience the reality they have chosen to experience. People with representations in their old reality will fade away and become a distant memory, and they will experience new people who have representations in their new reality.

The scope of this remains very difficult for most people to affirm, as they see little to no proof that this is indeed the truth. As the old addage states, "seeing is believing". However it is infact the opposite, and it is your belief that will manifest that which you will experience. As the 11/11 portal nears, the energies will continue to become more intense.

Some changes will be inevitable, others will only be expereinced by choice and consciousness level. By remaining clear and knowing how to react to any situation with the highest possible intent, you will find the transition to be less severe. A powerful energetic event is also looming, the total solar eclipse.

This will serve as another gateway to higher dimensional consciousness for those who are ready. Remember that the experiences and thought forms that you give more attention and power to, the more likely they will manifest. The veil that has shrouded the process of thought into creation will fade, and you shall see that it is your best intention to focus on positive aspects as opposed to negative ones. Many lightworkers now are taking their efforts to new heights, in action, in education and in loving intention. More is being revealed to them and in turn they will reveal their wisdom as well.

Heed their wisdom and teachings, it will serve you well and motivate them further to step into their highest consciousness, which will also in turn raise the global consciousness as well. To you, the lightworkers, I say your efforts are having an incredibly positive effect on society as a whole.

You are the wayshowers, you are the ones who have evolved through the same experiences that I have, and that those of the higher realms also once experienced. We are in awe of your incredible perseverance and service to others. Your efforts will be hearlded and echo throughout the celestial realms for all of eternity. We love you so very much, we are with you always. In infinite love, I am looking at you this way. Blessings in light!

Source, http://lightworkers.org/channeling/170590/sirian-archangel-hermes-1...






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  • As the energies increase and we have experiences on different levels of consciousness ... I found this informative, comforting and reassuring.


  • Dear Meindert,

    Thanks for this message...


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