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  • My prayer today is for Sohail Maomod in Pakistan who lives and works in an area subject to bombings by the US although we are NOT at war with that country.

    May all of us reflect on areas of warfare and use our power of love to summons those beings who stand by to assist us. May we each give them permission from our hearts of love to bring peace, healing, technology to earth, so that they come forth as our family of light throughout the cosmos.

    We also send our gratitude that they are near and we are filled with thankfulness for their abilities and technology to arrest and take from this place the aggresive reptile shapeshifters who are in power (13 families) seem to include most royal families and they are fed by our fear as they brainwash and kidnap men, woman and children for sacrifice. So much assistance is being given to these reptilians by the OSS/CIA and other secret agencies who enable and assist to provide these negative forces with flesh to eat and blood to drink. And endless wars that enslave us and take bread from our lips.

    All of our hearts need to fill with love of source and light, so that all power on earth goes to the light of our love. Amen. xoxoxoxooxoxoxoxoox

    May all men lay down their weapons and stop the killing. May the genocide end. And may the peoples of earth stay safely in their homes and may they refuse to further allow the reptiles among us from taking a single step further in ravaging our countries, economies, integrity, and may their endless lies, betrayal and wars be stilled.

    May our cosmic brothers and sisters who are standing by...come forth and we ask them using one voice, one heart. Love and blessing to all. xoxoxooxoxo

  • i pray for the people of the world who are really caught in the middle of this and for those that do not know yet and are still in illusion. i pray the illusion, even if they dont get out of it be good to them and have them lead happy lives anyway. and i pray for those who are struggling and in darkness and suffering. and i pray for same for all races across all dimensions and across all universes same. and peae be between them all. my tears are not with me they are with others. thanks ben for inviting me to this group. may blessings from highest be bessed upon you and all. namaste
  • I pray for all those children around our planet. Children who are homeless, children who are without parents, children who are abused, children living with war. I pray for every children, they are our future. God bless them. Love, light and life from Penobella
  • A prayer for global enlightenment, understanding and unification, for we all exist for a greater purpose than understood by many.
  • Thank you so much for the invitation to join this much needed group dear Ben-Arion.

    I pray for all souls on Gaia to awaken and ascend. Every night when I say my prayers, I ask that ALL military people on all sides lay down their arms and refuse to fight.

    LoveLight, Marilyn

  • Prayer:

    Loving Lord Jesus,

    I place all my worries and burdens at Your feet. Lord, strengthen me and help me overcome my problems. I praise You for the promise that You will deliver me from my troubles and bless me. Bless me and exalt me in life and make me a blessing to others. I give You all glory, honour and praise,

  • I Pray for the Peace in the World. For all people to Gaia Planet. Thanks Ben for your invitation. NAMASTE !!!
  • Ben-Arion Thank You For the invitation,blessings
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