Hello Everyone!

I am not sure where I am from.  My earliest memories were of being absolutely terrified, I was about three or four and becoming consciously aware of my surroundings this scared me.  I kept on trying to remember, what I was trying to remember at that age, I could not conceive.  I just new I did not feel comfortable.  My childhood was difficult.  I remember feeling that I was adopted, I kept looking at my mother and then looking at my image in the mirror.  I looked just like her, but I did not belong.  She often said to me, that she could not believe she gave birth to me, usually because I was so different from her other children and would not tow the line.    I remember her saying frequently, there is nothing special about me, which I only understood after years of therapy.  The first time I was hit, I remember almost passing out.  I left my body with such a force  returning still in shock at the violence.  I have always had an absolutely aversion to any form of violence, or conflict.  I am very sensitive and have felt this world is too harsh for such sensibilities.

I use to sit down and try to move objects around with my mind from a young age and could not understand why nothing happened.  I was still doing this in my twenties with no success.  What I am aware of is that I am telepathic, and empathic, feeling emotions to the point of being ill.  I have always had glimpses of the future and sometimes can dream and that dream will come true exactly as I have seen it. I am a medium, clairvoyant, clairsentient, clairaudient and clairvisual.  I believe that I remote view, but sometimes cannot distinguish between that, real life and daydreaming.  I have too many unexplained occurrence, which are scary and leave more questions than answers.

I am delighted to be a member of the group and hope to learn, share and discuss.

Love and Light

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  • Just wanted to say that I do see myself in you my friend, a lot of the things and feelings you describe could come from myself.

  • I do not care to ask where I am from as I am an important part of the GOD s plan just as I am and at the age of 11 had my first divine Could be construed as intervention as my life has been exceedingly hard from the start and at that age my father beat me so senseless I bawled myself to sleep and recieved a divine message from who we call yeshua or jesus himself warning me my life would be in the light sometimes and in more darker areas others but HE WOULD ALWAYS BE WITH ME EVERY STEP OF MY WAY.

    Later on in life in my 20's I was so hard core in my church and I recieved a patriarchal blessing that also said the exact thing that yeshua had said to me years earlier but it had a little morsel of info extra,

    the patriarch called me the most favored daughter of GOD and said my knowledge would not always be from what I can see with my eyes but it would be from all other areas that I would have a knowing of things I never learned.

    I waited so many years then suddenly I started growing an  incredible sense of intuition and knowledge I myself had never learned,

     as the years went by I began 3 years ago remembering the waiting room before this life I am possibly DNA wise from the ETs we describe as NORDICS I understand that may be pleidjan who knows really I am ME and I am a part of the DIVINE and an important player in the last of the plan.

    And this has been givin to me by my angelic guides as a truthful information if you want to talk about things shown to me by who I call my guide or better yet my personal ANGEL you can ask!


    • My patriarchal blessing (given at the age of 17) was mostly a guilt trip. I was told that I was the only member of my family strong enough to bring the others back into "the fold", and it was therefore my obligation. I learned by the age of 25 that my family members are bound to one another through LOVE, and need nothing more, especially not an organization to approve or disapprove. And we have been most fortunate in love, ever-increasing with each generation.  I am also a poet. My only published book of poetry is titled, "God in Assorted Boxes" but I have poetry published in many anthologies and magazines. I would enjoy reading some of your poetry sometimes, especially if it rambles! :)


      Star Flower

  • Love and Light to you.My cosmic sister from your cosmic brother and your,"Cosmic Family of One,"says,"Hello!"To you as well.
    • Hello Laurie,

      Thank you very much for your response and candid insight into your childhood experiences and emotions. I am also very happy to accept you as a friend, hope we can learn from one another. I have always felt very different although I tried, probably, until I was about 33 to fit in. I failed miserably! I am so far removed from the norm now that people either admire me or a threatened by me. I have worked on the assumption that wherever I and possibly you came from, we used telepathy as one form of communication.. I am very aware that I can read peoples' thoughts and am also picking up emotions as well. I have constantly to replenish my energy because being amongst people drains me, leaving me feeling flat like when a battery needs charging.

      I have just started looking a little at the Pleiadeans in my search for my home.

      I look forward to my discussions with you!

      Love and Light

    • My Dear Laurie and Patricia,

      What you have written really resonates for me. Because of my somewhat unusual experiences while awake and asleep, I've been reading esoteric-type stuff for decades -- at least 4. And I find myself drawn to everything Sirian. I don't know if this means that I am from there, but would be thrilled to know that I was. I feel no connection to Hollow Earth beyond curiosity and yet when I think of Sirius B I get excited. I still ask, "Could I be self-deluding myself?" 

      Star Flower

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