This group is spread awareness of the lie that is Global warming. due this lie millions will be condem to die while the rich benefit.
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  • Countryside.

    I have a feeling, that it is best to live out in the country beside nature. The peace and fresh air is eminent and important especially for empathic people, light-workers and the like.
    Living close to nature gives us so much cleansing and refreshment of soul and body, that cannot be described in words. The energies of nature are very much linked to the universe and vibrate on a high frequency, that we all need, so we may stay in balance spiritually as well as bodily at this moment in time.
    There is a close connection to animals and plants, that again links us up to a vibration connected directly to our heart chakra. This gives us so much energy, that we may feel more courage and strength to live after our heart`s highest potential all in balance and joy. You can also call it: the little nature spirits take care of us just like they do for the animals and plants as servants of mother earth. Mother earth loves us very much and wants to take care of us as her little children – we must be open to receive and to embrace all that love.
    My advice to people in difficulty – move to the country side and start a fresh – it can only be positive to move away from busy traffic and machine noise – even the TV can be too noisy and stressful. Some movers may feel bored at first until they find the energies of nature and then, I think, a lot of ideas will come through as to WHAT TO DO! 
  • And something about trees:
    Here is something I found about plants having feelings.
  • excellent win for us with the climategate fiasco :)
  • Earth and it’s inhabitants need more, not less, CO2.
    More CO2 means:

    * More Plant Growth
    * Plants need less water
    * More food per acre
    * More robust habitats and ecosystems

    CO2 is Earth’s greatest airborne fertilizer. Without it – No Life On Earth!
  • Excuse
    the language but this is what pisses me off about the whole global warming
    scandal/ hoax. The world was prepared to pledge $300 billion (Australia was
    going to contribute $7b initially) to fight global warming yet we cut
    humanitarian aid. This fact alone should raise alarm bells. The world doesn't
    think twice ...about spending trillions going to war & killing innocents
    but we are cutting back on food & water aid? C'mon people it is time to
    WAKE UP.
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