Electric Seed Meditation ~ NooS*here

here i call Ashtar CommanDo's to join in a Bodily Affirmed Sound meditation addressing KIN224.Let me address 4 entities here: i, Ashtar CommanDo's, BAS meditation, KIN224i am S'ace; "Dutch" Ashtar Pioneer ~ Gmap Bunnik, Netherlands; KIN022 white solar wind in Dreamspell SetUp; i awaken KIN202 beings that are on a Listeners Mode that very Date & this is affirmed by who partake all over this planet Ki/EarthIn fact all Ashtar Commando's are invoked right away on each meditation affirmed that very date - local span till the sun announces the next date ... In this perception a commanDo is s/he who expresses a meditation by any split second affirming 224; a full meditation around endeepens the effect launching its awakening essencesBodily Affirmed Sound meditation: from a free body in a relaxed sacral stand express the syllabels Neu Ree Bah ... in movements that comfort your bodily expression ... Repeat that twice this very date in a serial or in the pulse that fits even better (when you like it, count the last 3 expressions as your most beautified ones)KIN224 is labelled as Yellovv Electric SeedYellovv is the colour of love and change; L is the symbol of minus 270 degrees;Electric is dedicated as the 3rd dynamic tone ~ melody after a sudden sound and rhythm on motion: its function facilitates serviceSeed is symbolon for AwarenessIn this Meditation the ArunGanhdiTour and SeedLing performed in the Netherlands at Maya 24 is cherished with the crystaline water it needs in this vulnarable timespan.This is expressed here in order to facilitate those ones who have Questions or want to Express ...in Lak'ech S'ace ~ synbolon iknotion : tuesday june 16. 2009 is the gregorian pointer to this time-sync224 = 202 + 22 (it is an endeepened earth~galactic relay)~~~
Crystal Moon day 18 Year of the Blue Electric Storm


kin 224: Yellow Electric SeedI Activate in order to TargetBonding AwarenessI seal the Input of FloweringWith the Electric tone of ServiceI am guided by the power of Elegance

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  • OM toggles frequency 25 in this sphere (me~info)

    here a de-symbolonic transcript that gives an angle to 224:

    2 is as a swan ... 22 is as two swans / twins

    4 is a form that empowers the change where 2 swans are committing their fusion in exactly that what spacetime commanded them as their co*text-vibration in an amplaytude.

    s'ace ~ bolon ik / ix wave / muluc stargazer
  • OM, although I'm practicing currently Yoga with Masters from other planets, I'm not very used with the concepts given by
    S'ace in this discussion. Anyway, I will meditate and try to understand better what it is all about.
    • OM Jean,

      i hope it also makes a contact at radiance while having articulated your reply ...

      lets suppose that this is always the frequency approach that matters?

      may we see whether the concepts merge into co*ceptual fusions ...

      in lak'ech a la kin

      :{ i am another you as you as me }:


      LLLinking Worlds (SightPage)
      In HeiligKreutzTal may 2009 we happened to experience the lecture by Veronika on DreamWatching (DreamWatcher2009 was toggled out of DreamCa...
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