This group exists to cater to those who are Letacians that are Saints, Arch Angels and Angels from the planet Letaca in the Shangri-la galaxy our original home and birth place in the center of the universe. All of us that here on earth in this present time are here to kick off a new age movement and second coming of christ with an emphasis on shamanism. Seeing as us Letacians are Shamans, Monks and Ancients under the command of me Grand Shaman Achi/Acki and Jimi/Limi who are the creators of  sentient life, plant life, animal life, solar systems, galaxies, universes, multiverses, ultraverses and megaverses. That we have exists as souls for trillions of years and me Grand Shaman Achi/Acki and Jimi/Limi my soul age being over 6100 trillions years old. 

My other identities are as follows 

St. Terrance 

St. James The Lord's Brother (Male)

St. Dennis The Pious XII 

St. Letacus (Female) 

The males are all born indigo, starseeds, crystals and rainbows and the females are all born starseed, indigos, crystals and rainbows from birth you see with aura's if you focus your eye sight enough. We also have wings on our backs some of which look huge and the rest of being smaller depending on soul age and rank. 

We are all transgendered two spirited from birth where physical born male/female and female/male you see the features all over our physical bodies, our organs inside our bodies are male/female and female/male and then our soul connected to heaven are male/female and female/male naturally. 

We have the salt gland system in us too which gives us full legal/regal and regal/legal control over our creations and our constructs.

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  • Hi! I join this group as a Raelseed with no soul just a supra-consciousness that is a aspect of infinity often mistaken for the I'am presence!
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