In this group we can discuss important matters about healing our emotions and beeing honest with our feelings. Trough not resisting the upcoming feelings, but feeling and releasing them, we can heal and become healthy and alive, owning our feelings,instead of projecting them to our loved ones and friends.You are welcome to discuss these matters here. We can learn from one another. Love and light to you all!♥♥♥ Devananda.

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  • Devananda, Here I am..a bit late.... I have been wanting to discuss healing the heart issues as I have just last week has a health issue with my heart.  I look at heart disease as being a 'broken heart'.  Perhaps we could talk more about the physical manifestations of disease and the thoughts or affirmations to assist in healing.  Louise Hay, comes to mind.   Namaste', My dear Sister!

  • Hello, Dear Devananda!  Thank you so much for this beautiful group and I know soon we will have many more to join us here!   I will return a little later to add some 'heart' healing matters.  Blessings, Dear One!

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How to make time for silence and peace inside.

Namaste Sisters and Brothers♥The summer is gone and so many nature experiences left a memory in my heart.Now the fall is here and everything gets back to somehow more regular habits...I guess. My life is not very regular in any sense and the year is what is back to "normal"? Nothing is normal, but a constant change is here to stay. This discussion is open for you all to have some ideas to share that could help others to understand themselves a bit better, maybe...How to be a bit more…

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