When we are born into this world we often have no memory or recollection of where we came from or why we are even here. We are born into this physical body ready with the intentions to experience life on this world we call planet earth, but coming here we forget everything that we are and even the designed plan of what we had set out to accomplish while on earth. The veils of amnesia so thick that it is easy to believe that we only have this one life to get it right whatever right means. Most people feel that they are a soul within these bodies in which we exist. Many people feel like they have a purpose even if they don’t know what it is. So if we have this grand plan for ourselves that was designed even before we are born, how is it we stay on path when it is so easy to stray? This is a chaotic world where seemingly everything around us just out of control. People trying to figure out and find their way while being told what to do and how to act in a way that is considered socially norm. Decisions have to be made constantly, every second and every moment in your life. How do you know which decision to make or which path is right?Although we are born with this veil of amnesia, our souls retain a memory of the plan for what we are to accomplish while experiencing physical life. At first this might sound impossible considering if we can’t remember then how is it our soul remembers? Consider how is it that you know what you wanted to do with life since a small child. Or when you want to do something you know it in your gut that it is what you want to do. Or how about when you feel uneasy even nauseous when you are about to do something you know deep down you shouldn’t do. This is your soul talking to you. Your soul doesn’t talk to you in words for it is who you are but your soul lets you know when you are heading in the right or wrong direction by the deep seated feeling that resonates deep within you. You as a soul are a very wise being, you knew before coming to this world that while in life you would be making decisions on a constant basis which even includes ignoring yourself. No one knows you better than yourself, so your soul has a backup plan to help you along in your life.This is where our guides come in. You don’t think the creator would really send us down here alone? To fend for ourselves in a world with a bunch of people trying to find their own way and to navigate through all the challenges, and somehow make it out on the other end with our goals completed that was set out for us before we even came to this world. Each and every one of us comes here with a guide and our guides know what our plan is and how to keep us on track with that plan. For it would be nearly impossible for many of us to do on our own with near complete amnesia of even remembering that we are more than just flesh and bones.So how do guides guide us? Guides are not meant to give you answers, but to guide you to the answers that you seek. Their purpose is to guide you so you can come to your own conclusions and answers. If they gave you the answers all the time how will you learn? Guides will never tell you what to do, but will give you suggestions for your highest good. They are also there to keep you on your path of your predesigned plan, but they won’t force you to stay on that path, just nudge you here and there when you begin to stray. This is because they will not interfere with your own free will to make your own decisions and come to your own conclusions. They do not tell you if your decisions are right or wrong. Because of this a guide would never tell you what to do and respect ALL decisions that you make. They love and respect you all the same. However it doesn’t mean they won’t keep trying to get you back on your path should you stray, their love is complete and unconditional. Their patience is as endless as the universe itself and they never leave your side.So how do you get a guide? Depending on your soul’s development prior to coming into this physical life, you are either assigned a guide or you make an agreement with another soul willing to become your guide. This is all done out of pure love for one another and the desire to be of service to others. If your development is at a stage where you are assigned a guide, this guide who understands how difficult it is to incarnate on earth is willing and eager to be your guide out of pure love for you. They know you will make decisions that may take you far from the plan set out for you during that physical life, but they are experienced and up for the challenge of helping you. They do it because their gratification is seeing you succeed and you benefit from a loving guide that does not judge nor love you any less for any decisions you might make in your physical life. If your soul development is at a stage where you can make arrangements with another soul to be your guide, this relationship is because it is a benefit to both of you. You might be advance enough that an experienced guide isn’t necessary but you still need guidance through physical life to help keep you on your path. So you accept another soul to be your guide because that soul wants to experience being a guide. You have to remember, at soul level, we do not have human responses such as fear or hate. Those are human emotions that come with the human body we inhabit. So when we make arrangements with other souls to help us during our physical lives, it is out of pure love and desire to help each other nothing more. We make these arrangements because we know we will forget when we are in our human bodies. Since our guides will not incarnate they retain all the memories of what we are to accomplish while we are experiencing life and therefore help us through while we walk through life with amnesia.How do our guides speak to us? It all depends on how you perceive the world. Some people hear their guides through clairaudience, meaning hearing voices. But if you consider hearing voices in your head a bad thing, your guide will choose another way to communicate to you. If you are a person that finds meaning in nature where animals give clues to what you should do, your guide may use animals as symbols to communicate with you. If you go through life oblivious to the very fact you have a guide, your guide will probably guide you by drawing your attention to something you are supposed to do or even allow you find items or clues to lead you to where you are supposed to go, or to find the answers that you seek. Guides do not have to speak to you in words to guide you, they have many ways to keep you on your path and guide you.What do our guides look like? Since our guides are not incarnated in a physical body, in the very essence of the word, they are just pure energy of a soul. But they can manifest to you in a form that has the most meaning to you. Some people may consider their guides to be guardian angels, beings of light with pure unconditional love and a messenger of god. Well, if you really think about it, this isn’t far off from the truth. They are, like us, beings of light, with pure unconditional love and because we are all born from creator we are also messengers of god. Some people follow a more native Indian thought, where animals hold great meaning. Their guide may then manifest themselves as an animal of deep importance to them. A guide may have a preferred form to appear to you, but they will not use that form if it is not beneficial to you. Say they like a form of a fairy, if you don’t believe in fairies, that form would not be beneficial to you, for you would just ignore them. The thing is, a guide will do whatever is necessary to be able to guide you and that includes taking forms that resonate strongly with you.How does our soul and guide work together? As we move through life we can get so caught up with the physical things we are doing that we can begin to ignore what our soul is trying to tell us. This means doing things where we begin to drift off the path that we set out to complete. Our lives begin to feel like its spinning out of control, that there is no purpose for our lives. Depression can set in as everything seems to become meaningless. We have lost the ability to hear our souls. We ignored those gut feelings for so long we can’t even feel them anymore underneath all the pain and sorrow we are experiencing. When this happens, our guides kicks into high gear working on ways to guide you back onto your path to where you can hear your soul again. If you are stuck in a rut and can’t see where to go next, a thought might suddenly appear out of nowhere that you haven’t thought of before. Or a solution will present itself that you didn’t notice before. Your guide knows the best way of getting your attention and will do what is necessary to guide you back. Again you can ignore all the signs and stay in the state of mental despair but your guide does not give up. They will keep trying to reach you for as long as necessary. On the other side of the coin, when you are heeding your souls guidance, your guide takes a step back and allows you to experience, learn and grow on your own. They only step in when you need a bit of guidance to find your own answers by pointing you in the right direction. They also can implant an idea in your mind or lead you to a new experience for your highest good when you are ready for that new experience. When you, your soul and your guide are working in concert with each other a world of possibilities seems to opens up for you. Life is an adventure, full of wonder and surprises, where you look forward to each new day with excitement and motivation.Can you have more than one guide? Absolutely but you always have one main guide who is with you from birth until death and to help you transition back to the ethereal realm when your physical life is complete. When you reach a certain point in your development in life a new guide maybe brought to you for a specific task or lesson and then when that task is complete they might leave to allow another guide to come in. These types of guides or mentors may even come to you in a physical form. Have you ever had a person suddenly appear in your life who had a huge impact upon you that can be life altering and then suddenly gone? These guides are not meant to stay around you, but come in when you are ready for them, to teach you and guide you through a certain point in your life. When that task is accomplished they leave. Their leaving is never a sad thing for them, they knew they helped you and they love you just the same as your main guide loves you. These guides have agreed to help many other souls on their journey to and when it is your time for them, they give you their undivided attention in guiding you. When you complete your task or are ready to stand on your own, they leave for their next soul to help guide forward.This overview of what guides are and what they do is only just a snapshot into a much larger view and understanding. Their love for you is so unconditional that they remain by your side no matter how you feel or where you at in life. If you have lost your way, they will do whatever they can to guide you back. If you are on your path they will present new lessons for you to discover and learn. So when someone says to you, you must have somebody watching over you…. Indeed you do.© novaspirit 2011COPYWRITE:[Note: The above article was taken originally from A Spiritual Files Archive with the understanding that "There are no blanket copyrights on this web site because [the webmaster believes] the information on A Spiritual Files Archive can, and should, be spread freely, by any who wish to do so,as long as information provided is not altered in anyway" Such material is made available for educational purposes, to advance understanding of human rights, democracy, scientific, moral, ethical, and social justice issues, etc. This constitutes a 'fair use' of any such copyrighted material as provided for in Title 17 U.S.C. section 107 of the US Copyright Law. ]

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  • My guide did his work very well.

    Last night I requested some answers from him, mainly about themselves.

    Today you post all this information here, it seems like my guide operated through you. ;p


    Thank you very much, Love to you and my guide.

    • Were all mentors in one form or another all assisting to help each other and provide the necessary information that helps our souls on their spiritual destinys pathway,I have been assisting many on their passage Drome and I'm pleased I was of some assistance to you..NovaSpirit is my personal mentor and has been for 2 yrs now,so any questions you wish to ask I will endeavour to respond and translate for you..I will be posting more discussions in many groups through out this site so keep your eyes peeled,fly on those wings you were provided as many answers lie within yourself..you just need to find the keys to open the doors to them..Kelata Mana Darsha Kree, <^> ^Lefevre Lycias^
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