A look into 2010 by Saint Germainchannelled through Natalie Glasson04/01/10It is a great honour to be granted permission to come forth to you my friends and offer an insight into the changes that are and will occur on the Earth. Change is the most common lesson that is anchoring into the Earth and lives of many but there is so much more occurring both on the energy level of the Earth and higher vibrations. In honour of the great transformations that are occurring and the larger volume of love that is anchoring onto the Earth we have named the Earth year of 2010, the Year of the Angels and the Year of Celebration. The energies that are anchoring and the situations that many will experience will bring forth a celebration, an awakening and a greater feeling of connection. I see in my mind’s eye fireworks exploding brightly in the sky as a symbol of realisation, in truth we on the inner planes are celebrating on behalf of humanity, you still have so much to achieve but it is in the year of 2010 that a great awakening will occur, similar to more people looking to the sky to honour the Creator and looking into their hearts to honour the Creator within.We feel that this is manifesting abundantly now and we ask that you unite with us in giving thanks to all the soul extensions of the Creator on the Earth and the inner planes, let us give thanks for the ability to pull together and work as a greater whole to make the changes that are needed both in the energy of the Earth and on the inner planes. We are thankful for our connection with the Creator and this will become more evident as we travel together through 2010. I feel that as I state that we will see a significant rise in the amount of people connecting with the divine that I must also explain that we as your guides and loving friends are here for you more than ever. We are here not only to assist you but to lead, carry and travel with you as you go through your physical reality and valuable life lessons. I believe that this is the most important sentence in my entire communication, please accept this into your heart and know that we are with you, working through you and are becoming one with you.While we perceive that the connection between humanity and the Creator is enhancing we also understand that this will expose many lessons on the physical plane of connecting and communicating with loved ones, friends, strangers and even the light beings of the inner planes. These lessons may be easy or difficult depending on the journey of your soul but bonds must be built in order to begin the integration process of becoming the mighty soul of the Creator once more. Through the ability of connecting and communicating we open ourselves up to greater volumes of support but we also learn to realise the energies that are needed in our reality and those that need our connection or transfer of energy but no more. Through connection with people and the inner planes we must rise beyond emotions and thoughts of a negative nature in order to love and respect unconditionally, dissolving the challenges of connections and communication, overcome them eternally. Humanity must learn that they can reach out to others without getting involved or compromising the lessons of another. Humanity can be united as one, each individual must find their own way to achieve this; I believe that the answer lies within unconditional love. Through the process of grasping and expressing unconditional love we are able to overcome fear, limitations, separation, selfishness and even pain, but this is a lengthy process which needs the combination of faith, trust and intuition to accompany this sacred energy and existence of unconditional love.In the energy of 2010 the Energy Wave of Acceptance will still be very prominent allowing its consciousness to settle into the consciousness of the Earth, thus allowing humanity to integrate a new level of the Creator’s light into their beings from 10/10/2010. The Energy Wave of Acceptance and many other energy waves that are anchoring into the Earth will not only help us to adopt divine qualities of the Creator’s soul while on the Earth but will help us to overcome the negative equivalents of the Creator’s positive qualities so that we may exist as pure love. To remind you the qualities of the Energy Wave of Acceptance are unconditional love, acceptance, balance, detachment, integration, peace and discipline. The energy waves are simply different vibrations of love. As the energy of love from the Creator’s soul anchors onto the Earth and begins to remove old stagnant and negative energies so we see transformation occurring and awakening.It is because of the Energy Wave of Acceptance and its tremendous power that we have named 2010 the Year of the Angels, this is because during 2010 you will feel the energy and love of the angels more intensely than ever before. Their power of healing and touching the hearts of humanity will be potent; this is because of the volume of love that has already anchored onto the Earth which has dissolved many limitations and blockages making it easier for humanity to feel the divine presence of the angels. It is deeply important to begin 2010 by asking the angels of healing, love, health and abundance to draw around you in a circle of angelic light. Ask them to channel their angelic light deep into the many levels of your being and to build your ability to connect with the angelic kingdom. To bathe in the light of the angels is immensely important as it is they who are holding the strength of the Creator’s light for humanity. The angels will share the most valuable wisdom and enlightenment with humanity throughout 2010 in the most discreet and silent ways so that essential information reaches the minds that need to listen. The angelic kingdom are drawing closer around the Earth, embracing humanity. In a year where transformation will occur on many levels the angels are here to hold your hands and love you unconditionally, so that you may exist on the Earth as an angel and love completely.A shift in the Earth’s consciousness is becoming more evident now as we enter into 2010. This shift in consciousness and energy has been occurring since the manifestation of the Earth, humanity at a soul level is constantly aware of this shift that is ever flowing but its influences are beginning to melt into the physical world. Some people may feel as if they are being stripped bare of all they once knew and understood while others may feel as if they are trying to remain balanced while standing upon a small piece of wood in an unsettled ocean. In contrast many will feel as if luck is on their side and abundance is eternal, it all depends on the lessons that you have come to learn on the Earth. For those who feel unbalanced or exposed it is for you to find the truth within you and let it shine from your heart, while those experiencing the abundance of the Creator must learn to accept free from fear or feeling unworthy. This of course is a very general explanation.The shift in energy that I am speaking of is the shift of moving through dimensions, moving from negative to positive and moving from physical to consciousness. I speak of one shift of energy with many effects, results, lessons and experiences. The highest vibration of light of the Earth is in a transition period of moving from the fourth to the fifth dimension, this could be seen as the higher aspect of the Earth’s consciousness ascending to a new level. One could say that this is the beginning of the Earth’s ascension from physical to spiritual energies. In order for the Earth and its humanity to exist in the fifth dimension, which is a level of energy and reality that denotes breaking away from reincarnation and the physical planes and accepting a higher vibration of spiritual consciousness, awareness and light, the Earth and its humanity must let go of the third dimension. The third dimension is the material world with material thinking that does not involve the awareness of the Creator. This doesn’t mean that you must discard all material objects but that you must honour the material and understand that it is simply a manifestation of the Creator’s soul, allowing you to learn and grow on the physical planes. In truth to let go of the third dimension is to place a greater focus on your connection with the Creator.The lesson of the third dimension is of understanding where your energy and focus must be placed. While humanity exists in the third dimension, you are also existing in and exploring the fourth dimension, which enables you to heighten you spiritual abilities and learn to exist as a spiritual loving being. Remember that you are not one dimension but that you are all dimensions because you are the Creator and All That Is. There is a great importance in explaining this to you now because it is essential that you understand that as you continue to focus on your spiritual development you are actually allowing the fifth dimension to integrate into the physical levels of the Earth. We are always moving through dimension because dimensions have numerous levels of energy and there for takes time to adjust to and understand, meaning that many people do not notice changes and shift in energy.With the energy of love and the angelic kingdom anchoring onto the Earth and into humanity, during 2010 your heart will be awoken further which will in fact encourage you to inspect your thoughts because you will realise that the negative, doubtful and destructive thoughts of the mind limit the expansion of the heart. It is the heart and soul that must now lead the ascension process in order to bring forth purity and peace.You can see that 2010 is expected to be a wonderful year of awakening for many, bringing forth many lessons and new experiences, we do not mean to put pressure of expectations onto you but wish to offer you and make you aware of our support and constant love. Let 2010 be a year of greater connections, awakening and integration. We are your friends and we are here to work with you.With sacred love,I am Saint Germain, MahachohanFor more information on the Energy Wave of Acceptance please visitwww.wisdomofthelight.com.

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