Saint Germain has been known by many names and associations. He has been called “the Wonderman of Europe and the Count de St. Germain. His last known lifetime was as Francis Bacon, the European statesman and Occult figure.

Francis Bacon historically is said to have passed into the physical change called death in 1626. Many people believe Francis Bacon secretly faked his own death. Well he could not have done it openly, could he?

Some believe he escaped to a secret occult life in countries like Romania. He is said to have been a founder of both the Rosicrucian and Freemason societies. Esoteric groups put the date of his ascension at May 1. 1684. Does that mean that Francis Bacon, who was born in 1561 lived until he was 123 years old?

But what does history tell us about the timeline of the mysterious occult figure and adept known as Saint Germain. What do we have to use our higher minds to decipher?

We have many sources to draw out a picture of Saint Germain. In the recent 20th century accounts of books written through Guy Ballard we are introduced to the figure of Saint Germain as an Ascended Master.

In Ballard’s epic esoteric reading, “Unveiled Mysteries” we learn of Ballard’s encounters with Saint Germain who helps to re-vivify the actual scenes of previous lifetimes and Golden Age Periods, Saint Germain and Ballard have been a part of

We learn of Saint Germain’ sponsorship of America as the IAM race and, Ballard himself becomes a founder of an organization to help Saint Germain establish spiritual principles of living called the “IAM laws”

We hear from Saint Germain about a group of Ascended Beings that help govern the divine destiny and plan of Earth called the Ascended Host.

These beings become known through names such as Mighty Victory and the Goddess of Liberty. Saint Germain has revealed to Ballard that the time has come where un ascended mankind must have the tools and understandings of the great heritage of Earth and the divine potential of man

Ballard forms the IAM activity to help re-acquaint mankind with the “goal of life” called the Ascension, which is the joining of the soul force with into the divine monad of the higher self and the IAM Presence

But many more precepts and principles of esoteric experience are released through Saint Germain, reaching the earthly inhabitants with the knowledge and practice of the Violet Flame and the existence of Spiritual retreats or centers the soul in its higher states can travel to.

Other organizations and individuals come into being that continue to expand the work and mission of these Ascended Masters

Many people begin to have an experience with a one on one relationship with these God free beings and the expression and dynamic of Saint Germain’s living energy moves from an inspirational focus to an actual path

Other groups are founded as centers of learning, even as efforts of Universal Church’s like the Summit Lighthouse.

We learn from some of these groups and their messengers that Saint Germain has endured many lifetimes in service of Universal truth and has been born in many ages

We uncover a nearly ancient period of life on earth in the Story of Lemuria and Atlantis.

Many tenets of “occult law” are written that help expand the role of higher souls that have embodied during these previous epochs that have shared lives with Ascended Masters like Saint Germain.

We find through esoteric studies the tracing of the divine plans of Millions of souls that have played a part in helping the Ascended host to bring about the Golden Age plan for the Earth

We learn of Saint Germain’s involvement in periods on Atlantis and the rise and fall of these civilizations, even the race memory of the sinking of a continent.

There are also the memories of wondrous vessels of the divine fount expressed through periods where many souls had a great attainment and were able to manifest magnificent feats of precipitation.

Some were able to levitate; food sources were drawn from the ethers. Lifetimes were hundreds of years, sometimes thousands.

Man walked and talked with embodied Spiritual adepts and Masters, who were able to draw upon full and constant connection with the God source that enabled such miracles of being.

The people strived to live in alignment with the divine ideals and life out pictured such cooperation and harmony

But eventually as Saint Germain revealed to Ballard, many upon this plane grew lethargic in their desire and devotions to the God source they had embodied and loved and from which such fabulous manifestations were possible.

Saint Germain himself was a ruler during one of these great ages of enlightenment as was Ballard as a part of Saint Germain’s family.

Saint Germain took Ballard to the scenes of the Akashic records of what caused the fall of these civilizations

Densities and the desire for the physical appetites of the people eventually overcame their own affinity to be vessels of the light bodies they developed.

Man had dropped in vibration and frequency and the adepts like that lifetime of Saint Germain were removed. The Ascended Host, which were sponsors of these citadels of being also, withdrew.

Thousands of years passed by and the, many of these embodied during that period forgot the memory of the divine plan and pattern of being

But Saint Germain as the ruler was certain that an elixir was given so that certain numbers of higher devotees would always obtain an inner memory and calling.

And the centuries rolled on and mankind had generally been living in an under developed chalice of existence in the thousands of years of the modern history.

But many of these adepts like Saint Germain and Jesus, who also was a ruler of a Great Golden Age on Atlantis re-embodied among mankind to attempt to kindle and awaken our souls to own inner destiny and the divine blueprint of the Earth.

Saint Germain’s path took him to incarnate during both the old and New Testament periods as the Prophet Samuel and as Joseph, the father of Jesus.

Both Saint Germain and Jesus had their origins in planets and realms of light that were far more advanced than Earth in its current form. In fact both have a lineage to the spiritual home of Venus and have helped in the mission of the Spiritual regent the Lord Sanat Kumara.

In principle it can be said that most of the souls that throughout these ages and epochs that Saint Germain, Portia and Jesus have served are a part of the remnant of the seed of Sanat Kumara.

Sanat Kumara came to the Earth with beloved Lady Master Venus and a retinue of 144,00 souls of light on a rescue mission during a time of great risk to terra as a planetary platform of evolution

Many of this seed and progeny of Sanat Kumara’s company came to help this high being at a time the earth’s evolution were at an all time low in their evolution.

The soul of the being known as Gautama Buddha was one of the first to answer the call to help Sanat Kumara, Buddha had another high being below him in hierarchy known as Maitreya and Jesus also followed in this lineage.

Sanat Kumara had to stay with the Earth until a sufficient light quotient could be anchored. Remember this was also great eons of time before the periods of Jesus and Saint Germain’s rule and reign in Atlantis and even more ancient Lemuria.

The problem came when many of the re-enforcements and advanced souls from Venus became entangled in the densities of the Earth, the ways of this plane and descended from their own higher estate.

Earth, though as a platform was saved, though many of these higher souls also known as light bearers have re-embodied on Earth for hundreds of thousands of years.

This became a secondary mission to re-unite the 144,000 light bearers and the mandala of souls connected to them.

For this became the mission of both Saint Germain and Jesus to find these souls and to re-ignite the pattern of their spiritual perfection and fulfill their own divine plan of reason.

But many of these souls became dense, lost their spiritual sensitivities and took up positions, even became attached to this relative plane.

There became much karma making which required even more energy to balance.

Yet Saint Germain and Jesus because their own planetary missions are entwined have been hot after their trail.

Thus the perspective of “finding” many of these souls as Saint Germain did in the ancient period he showed Guy Ballard which was not in Atlantis but in an area near the region of the Sahara desert at a time those lands were fertile.It was not always a desert!

So, flash ahead to biblical times and we see Saint Germain embodied as Samuel and a progenitor to the eventual tribes of Israel.

Well, many of those souls are probably the same ones that were in Atlantis and Lemuria and before that some tie to the 144,000 of Sanat Kumara and the many more from that mandala connected to them. You seen one tribe you’ve seen them all!

What a down line!

So Saint Germain and Jesus are working together again, and Samuel the Prophet anoints David (an incarnation of Jesus)

There is a big Karmic family that occurs through the biblical reckoning of the Ten Tribes of Israel and the two of Judah, but they look from an inner glance as the “usual suspects”

So, what happens? Jesus and Saint Germain embody again and for all intensive purposes Jesus’ mission is hailed as the planetary Christ and savoir to millions, but there is that recurring theme of finding, gathering and sponsoring the elect, these “lost sheep or tribes” of Israel. Been lost for long, long time.

Saint Germain’s role as Joseph, in the work of Jesus in that lifetime is kind of understated, but he is one heck of a set-up man!

So, now that many of these souls (tribes) have been found before you know they are scattered to the four corners of the earth and the inner mission Spiritual Hierarchy has to figure out is how we can bring them together and re-unite them with their inner divine principles and reasons for being.

We need a place!

Hundreds of years later…

Saint Germain to the rescue, almost.

The soul of the one at inner levels to become the Ascended Master embodies as Christopher Columbus (Christ Colonizer!)

Columbus has a nagging need to set sail and discover the new world or at least a trade route to Asia by going west.

It takes the Spanish Court to finally assist this Italian sea farer and make several voyages to discover the new world, not actually in modern America does he land but in an area of the Caribbean, that could very nearly be the area of Ancient Atlantis. During that period Saint Germain as a Temple Priest escapes a sinking continent while securing a Spiritual flame to be transferred to an area of Europe to preserve that fount.

Was Columbus, “returning” with the inner flame of Freedom that would ignite that memory and pattern of land consecrated that would become the nearby America?

Columbus while at first awarded as “Viceroy” of the new land and Admiral of the seas, his life ends in far from favor with the courts and hearts of the people, sans riches or titles. Even today, there are people that dog Columbus. Saint Germain himself has said he was not perfect. How well do we do in our assignments?

But the contact was made. Mission accomplished and more soul lessons and sacrifices for the soul that would become Saint Germain (holy brother)

But he returns to the scene of life again!

In 1561 history records the birth of one known as Francis Bacon, his very birth shrouded in secret origin and one who would become known as the “greatest mind the west would produce”

Bacon, among many things was key in creating the version of the King James Bible, so that more average reading could occur in the translations of the key passages of this spiritual text and illuminate more of mankind.

And Bacon would use many of the wiles of text and even cipher in his attempts to create through story, play and theatre the inherent and higher nature of man in soul discovery.

Francis Bacon after a tumultuous quest in the Royal courts of Europe as the unacknowledged son of Queen Elizabeth the 1st had his derivatives in the secret societies of his time as a freemason and Rosicrucian.

But it was Bacon who was always interested in securing for man the type of knowledge and application that could free mankind in the vistas of higher culture and society. He saw in his goal that man could fashion a higher “state” both as a province of living and as a practice of ideals supplicated through his reasoning powers. In fact he was a founder of “inductive reasoning” Always the proponent of the laws of Sciences and the divine as a utopian concept. His forerunner was expressed in “the New Atlantis” as a model for the establishment of such cultures and purposes.

Personally though, Francis Bacon faced a lot of anguish and hardship. At an early age he met the love of his life, a witty, smart and captivating beauty already in the French courts. Young Francis thought he met his match in stature and charms. A soul mate in refinement, but love was not meant to be and she was evasive and ambitious and sought the affections of a more handsome suitor. Ouch

Bacon tried again in later years his heart still smitten, he sought to improve his position and resources through marriage to an accomplished woman of nobility and means, (which was the practice of the times) but again he was passed over for a rival no less.

Finally, in the later years of his life where finally some semblance of titles were his through King James (the Queen his Mother had passed) he married a woman decades his junior and then when scandal visited him while he was in Royal appointments, he was sacked and accused of bribery, this woman too claiming she never loved him left him.

This after all, was the last human lifetime for Saint Germain and such tests. It is no wonder he sought expression and solace in the esoteric communities of his time. He was certainly on a path of personal sacrifice and soul testing. The brother had a lot of issues to put into the flame. It also shows God is no respecter of person’s no matter how high a soul might be. Clearly the waging of Spirit had to endure some of the physical longings in the case of this soul and could be with any of us, Oh, the co-measurement of life!

Sort of puts it into perspective of what any true seeker of divine truth might encounter and have to overcome. How many of us might have whined our way into consolation while the ultimate Victory of our Ascension is so near

It might also be useful to add that Saint Germain' s Twin Flame beloved Portia, the Goddess of Opportunity was awaiting Saint Germain on inner levels, having herself ascended Long before. A greater love awaited its union,

Bacon meanwhile, was embodied in the age of enlightenment and indeed he played a great part in educating the mind and the soul through the artistry and drama of Shakespeare. In fact Bacon had been much assigned to be the true author of the Shakespearian plays.

But it might have been his involvement with the secret societies that influenced other active and progressive minds that impacted not only commonwealth Europe but would have its roots in the founding of America

So we see the dual service of the soul of Saint Germain, first as Columbus helping to secure the land that would become the platform and now helping mightily to develop the mind and inspire the soul goals of an emerging mankind.

Though, there are those that may not necessarily agree that the influence of freemasonry was a good thing for America, many of the original founders of America and the signers of the Declaration of Independence, including George Washington were attributed to be members of such societies. Brave and courageous men and women they are and with a mighty mission.

It might be interesting to point out George Washington himself is purported to be an incarnation of the soul that would become Guy Ballard, who helped Saint Germain in the 1930’s. Hail!

So, Saint Germain, ere, Francis Bacon, Christopher Columbus, Joseph, the Prophet Samuel and the Golden Age ruler on a high civilization 50,000 years ago and as a priest on Atlantis has been on a long and complex tapestry of guiding souls in a vast Cosmic arena.

It is said that Saint Germain is the inspirational energy of “Uncle Sam” the prophet Samuel come again? That America is the platform and experiment of the bringing together the myriad of souls that makes up the “IAM RACE”

It is a rich, rich and vast history of existence and performance of Cosmic drama that has its origins in not only this planet or realm, but is the path of the very story of our souls, filled with the collective race that transcends time or space.

Saint Germain helps us trace our own point of discovery, reveals to us a magical, illuminating spherical circumference of being that fills our lives with purpose, with hunger and a quest to know ourselves, to find our own rudder and to take up our journey with amazement, wide open and victorious. Hail Saint Germain!

Saint Germain is working with the Sacral Chakra & the Third Eye Chakra!


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