'A Healing Visualization with the Violet Flame'

The following was transcribed verbatim from:http://www.luisprada.com/Protected/A_Healing_Visualization.htmA HEALING VISUALIZATION WITH THE VIOLET FLAMEBy LUIS E. PRADAUpdates: May 28, 2005.PART I: How the Violet Flame WorksThe electromagnetic spectrum is composed of varying frequencies or wavelengths that include radio waves, infrared radiation, ultraviolet rays, X-rays, gamma rays, cosmic rays, as studied in the Rosicrucian cosmic keyboard. The visible sunlight is but a tiny portion of this electromagnetic spectrum. Of this visible light the violet is the highest frequency of shortest wavelength and is at the limit or point of transition to the other "invisible" spectrum of spiritual inner divine light and as such it transcends to a spiritual, rather than physical phenomenon. In Rosicrucian teachings the manifestation of this violet light in the aura is regarded as a result of high advancement of the student on The Path(1) As the physical sunlight, this divine light is also decomposed or refracts into seven rays, each with its own specific qualities and served by an Ascended Master. This divine light, decomposed in the seven rays, is described by esoteric researcher Helena Petrovna Blavatsky.The Violet Flame when invoked is able to flush out the physical body and aura of toxins and chemicals, physical viruses, drugs and pollution. Emotional problems and distressing experiences of early childhood or of past lifetimes, scars of old hurts, fear and anxiety, karma, hatred and other negative emotions can be transmuted using properly this technique. This flame works by increasing the vibratory rate at which the electrons move in the atom. As stated in the Rosicrucian teachings all is vibration or frequency and every person (or living being) can be defined by a number which represents its rate of vibration. By changing the vibration of the physical or emotional bodies the other bodies by sympathetic actions follow suit. And so the vibrations of the individual as a whole are "raised" or transmuted to a higher state. This technique guards a close similarity to Rosicrucian visualizations to heal others or the planet practiced regularly in lodges and chapters and as such can be rated as a variation of these practices with a different focus or form but with same final aim.Atoms have mostly "empty" or "hollow" space between the electrons and the nucleus. This space is filled with the pulsating energy of the Holy Spirit that is being constantly qualified and stamped with the impressions of our hearts and minds thus creating a densification of this energy. The lower negative emotions and thinking create a substance of lower vibratory rate between nucleus and electrons that slows down the free movement of the electrons. Hatred and other negative thoughts and feelings actually create acids (excess amount of phosphoric acid, uric acid and carbonic acid gases) that the body cannot assimilate. Hence the density of disease persists within the atomic orbit. Humankind has been doing this for hundred of thousands of years. With the practice of visualization on the Violet Flame, by energy transmutation, the vibrations of the hallow space increase so that the electrons can move faster. This increase of speed at the atomic level is in direct proportion to the increase of the interchange of the energy between the Source to the individual and back to the Source, the "giving" and the "taking"During the meditation and visualization the flame of the almighty Mother/Father God I AM Presence wraps each atom individually. Instantaneously, a polarity is set up between the white fire core of the atom —which, being matter, assumes the negative pole— and the white fire core of the flame —which, being Spirit, assumes the positive pole. The dual action of the sacred fire in the center of the atom and in the violet flame without establishes a force field that causes the untransmuted densities to be dislodged from between the electrons. As this substance is loosed, the electrons begin to spin more rapidly in their orbits and by centrifugal force the dross substance is thrown into the violet flame. On contact with this fiery essence, the disqualified energy is transmuted into its native purity, its archetypal blueprint.The Violet Flame meditation was known to the Egyptian mystery schools and to the Neo-Platonist predecessors of medieval alchemy. According to Neo-Platonist, "the Philosopher's Stone was a self-transforming fire that would lead their souls upward, by drawing up to the Spirit all qualities which dragged downward and opposed the spiritual essence" (2). This was the pursue of the Alchemists of the Spirit, not just to transmute the base metals into gold, but to raise the soul to a pristine state of communion with the Divinity, a state of Oneness and immortality, the gold of the Christ Consciousness.Now we will have a healing meditation using the Violet Flame:PART II: A Healing Visualization with the Violet FlamePreparation for Receiving, the "Taking"Sit relaxed with legs and arms uncrossed and feet flat on the floor. Close your eyes and take three deep breaths. Please, be open-minded, honest and willing to receive the blessings of this divine flame. Make your own inner prayer to the Most High to invite and show the power of this flame in your life to heal you or meet your own needs or of the loved ones. Make also your own call to beloved Saint Germain and the angels of the seventh ray for assistance . (pause)."Elementals of the earth —gnomes— , air —sylphs— , fire —salamanders— and water —undines—, I invoke you to come and use this energy for the healing of the planet!"Seal your aura with a tube of nine feet in diameter by nine feet high made of white blue light. (pause). Let's invoke the protection of Archangel Michael:"Archangel Michael, Help us, help us, help us! [or help me]"[Repeat it softly three times].Now, make this simple affirmation or decree nine times (in your private visualizations you may say the decree loud and rhythmically more times, say 36, 72 or even 144 repetitions, increasing them in speed and pitch. If tonight you feel the impulse of saying it loud with me, you may, just follow Spirit). As the mantra is said, center it in your heart with devotion and feeling. Repeat mentally after me (you may continue repeating mentally the decree throughout the meditation):"I AM a being of the violet fire, I AM the purity God desires"[Say it slowly and rhythmically. For this presentation it will only be repeated loudly nine times].I AM is an affirmation of the true self, your Master Within. It refers to the name of the Cosmic, I AM THAT I AM. I AM is a formula to unlock your inner authority to create in love.Concentrate in visualizing the violet flame. See yourself inside a bonfire of nine feet high and six feet wide . See this fire of violet color. See pulsating flames undulating in endless shades of violet with gradations of purple and pink. Your body has now become transparent, the flames curling up your body from feet to crown. Feel the vibrancy and vitality of the flame. Visualize while concentrating your spiritual vision on your third eye between your eyebrows.Physical Body CleansingNow, see that this flame has turn into a sphere, just like a tilt-a-whirl at a show and is starting to spin faster and faster. Also notice that its color has been transformed into a deep purple for cleansing and protection. It starts penetrating every cell of your body. See small violet-flame spheres over each of your organs, removing negativity while caressing the atoms. Concentrate now on the part of your body that aches. Focus your inner vision at the atomic level . You are standing on a nucleus. See the immense expanse of a dark starry sky barely illumined by brilliant distant electrons sweeping by in a rapid elliptical motion . Behold a Violet Light penetrating this space and bringing new vitality and health! See how this dark matter of negative energy is being systematically transmuted into a golden light at the contact with the flame. This is your own energy that you invested in a long time ago, returning. See the electrons spinning faster, more vibrantly, with stronger force ... (pause). Now, move back to a more macrocosmic vision. Envision health and wholeness in your body, ward off any disease and pain and get rid of any chemical and drug pollution ... (pause). See how this organ or section of your body is being restored and perfected . See how other organs are healthier and vibrant ... (pause). Repeat mentally after me:"Divine Providence, may your will be done."Mental and Emotional CleansingWith the power of your imagination transform the color of your Violet Flame into an orchid pink of mercy and forgiveness while the sphere you are still in keeps swirling faster and faster. The pink flame gently enfolds your whole being. If you wish you hadn't done something, think of this now, vividly recreate these memories ... (pause). Surrender this undesirable memories to the pink flame, let their associated blame, guilt and shame go into the flame. Do it with most fervent desire for compassion and forgiveness. State to the Cosmic your deep desire to never do it again and, if that's the case, that you have already learned its lesson, that in your limited understanding you see no reason to keep this burden any longer ... (pause). Child suffering, other past reincarnation debts, any mental pollution, give them to the flame, you are today a different person, you don't need these tests any longer. Pray for forgiveness, with most sincerity to the God of your Heart:"Divine God, you said in Isaiah 1:18: 'Though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow, though they be red like crimson, they shall be as wool.' So, please, manifest this, your will, on me."Forgive anyone that has harmed you, with no negative feelings of anger, hatred or even mild dislikes towards them ... (pause).Now make your Violet Flame turn into an indigo flame with shades of blue for final purification and transformation. Feel the love of God in your whole being. Feel protected, no more fears and phobias, no more the feeling of abandonment and loneliness. Let go of anger and concerns. Here you have found your whole being at the right place and time ... (pause).Dissolve the sphere and observe a pillar of white and golden light coming from above entering into the tube of light you formed at the beginning to your crown chakra. In waves this light gently descends down your head ... down your throat ... down your chest into the stomach. It continues descending to fill all your extremities. Now it shoots out through your solar plexus and wraps you in a bubble of protection -at this point some of you may sense the presence of a pure suffusing white dove with beak down over your heads several feet above. It poses still, sublime, mathematical, silent, all-knowing (pause).Healing of the Planet and Its Inhabitants, the "Giving"With the help of the Elementals previously invoked radiate the energy you have concentrated during this visualization to heal the Earth, your second most precious possession on the physical plane after your own physical body. Send also this energy to loved ones in much need of physical, mental or emotional help ... (pause). Give to the planet and her inhabitants some of the blessings you have received tonight ... (pause). Say then mentally after me:"In the name of the Christ within me, I ask that this Violet Flame be multiplied and used to assist all souls on this planet who are in need. I thank you and accept it done this hour in full power, according to the will of God(4)." SO MOTE IT BE.Members may now return to the physical temple.References1. Master Monograph, Rosicrucian Order, AMORC ....2. The Summit Lighthouse, The Healing Thoughtform. No longer online.3. St. Germain, Twin Souls & Soulmates, The I AM Presence of St. Germain Channeled Through Azena Ramanda and Claire Heartsong, Triad Publishers PTY Ltd., Chapter 8, St. Germain's Story.4 The Violet Flame, the Alchemist's Dream, By Craig Donaldson, Copyright ©1997 The Summit Lighthouse. Several sections of this discourse use Mr. Donaldson's article as reference. He can be reached at craigwd@hotmail.com.

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