Fans and Friends of the Flat-Earth.  Since the end of World War II and after some 500 years, NASA was created to brainwash the world's people by using fake photos of the earth as a globe, rockets and fish-eye lens which create a curve or suggest that the planet is round. If you are not aware, your research starts here! This is a journey and adventure to overcome your own individual conditioning and brainwashing.

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"Condemnation before investigation is the height of ignorance"!

This grafic displays one of many different flat earth domes scattered apart and seperated by ice and land on a large piece of non-moving Earth.  We are not rotating, rather every thing rotates around us. We are locked into this situation and the truth is being keep from us, futhermore we are being lied to by world governments who are very concerned that we are not alone on this earth. In fact, there may be many other life forms living right next to us that could also be human in nature. Group will be a unified effort and quest for truth. It will only be successful by the content of information provided by it's members. Of course, the best truth would be to get on a plane and fly to Antartica too see for ourselves the huge ice wall where the planet welcome and let us begin.Here it is in living color.  Every thing in this picture is clear except the Sun, IT IS BEHIND A GLASS.

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