Ancient Egyptians

In one of my files I got a story about some explorers who were under the great pyramid and they came across a group of who appeared to be "Ancient Egyptians"???  They were dressed the way Egyptians dressed from that time period and they carried swords and BIZARRE weapons!?


There is a massive tunnel complex under Egypt and several bases, but not all the underground bases belong to the NWO there are many bizarre storied going around about (Ancient Egyptians)!?

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    • Yes, the swastika is a very ancient symbol and should receive more attention than it currently has. Unfortunately it is related to the Nazi history which is theorized to be part of a vortex mechanism used in flying ships.
      The Underground systems in Egypt has been know to exists for quite some time. Researchers like Mr.West has been mostly quiet on this subject only becuase the Egyptian government is already on the rocks becuase they are changing the truth about Egypt itself. Patrick Griel and his team have already discovered the actual location of the Hall of Records hidden due east of the Temple of Carnec. To be even more baffled by this subject, it doesn't help that Egyptian artifacts are being found in the deepest caves in Ecuador.
    • Yeah the Swastika actually goes back to ancient Druids and Pagans who used it in their ceremonies, it is also an ancient Indian symbol but the more I look around the more I'm noticing that this symbol has meaning to many cultures/people!?

      The NAZI's just used it because Hitler was a fanatic when it came to the occult, I could go on and on but who want;s to talk about them!!

      Yeah that's cool about the artifacts in Ecuador......did you guys hear about the Egyptian Ruins that were found in the Grand Canyon? They found a whole underground complex with some say a city!? But what's really wierd is that not soon afterward the government (as usual) came in a took over the whole deal and now the area is restricted like shoot to kill RESTRICTED!?

      I think it has something to do with the ruins that were found under that building they built here in LA where they found the 12' Reptillian Mummy!?

      Oh I almsot forgot....welcome STANDINGBEAR, I've ssen you around how are you? Thanx for joining us.
    • The Grand Canyon Egyptian Ruins:

      Here are some links to check out guys about the Grand Canyon Egpytian Ruins - (I like crystal links they always have great stuff and you know it hasn't been affected by the spin doctors!?) (This looked interesting!?)

      There's more to our country than we might realize, I found articles about Greek Ruins that had been found in the Grand Canyon (I think?) as well!? So who really discovered America?.....I think we have to rewrite the History books as everything we had once believed has been swept away by modern archeology!?
    • No problem Sashia, Im doing okay, trying to maintain everyday by doing the right thing. Ann is on top of here Egypt stuff so I was happy to join. I never knew about the Grand Canyon, that place is full of mystery if you tell me. I got a photo of the stuff found in Ecuador. I was pretty shocked to also learn that the Guatemalan shaman has confirmed information matching Mayan literature to that of an Egyptian stone. The word for Mayan in Egyptian is water. Stuff is blowin my mind everyday.
    • what are we looking at here? There are many interpretations but you tell me!?
    • WOW the Aliens Ancient Egypt video was excellent, girl...lot of good material there!! Good find!!

      So what's your interest in ALL this?...i.e. the study of anicent Egypt? Where are you going with this group?

      For sole purpose or for something else?

      Have you looked into the (Mother Civilization theory?......there's lots there, that's one of my focus studies!?
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