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  • Hi, just got home.

    I feel deeply sorry for the hurt it's caused you.

    It certainly wan't the intention.

    I respect the fact that you don't want an explanation.

    Under the circumstances, I feel it's important that I give you my side of it.

    because there has been a big miscommunication between us.

    and regardless of what happens from here, I feel that if i don't share this with you, we leave the door open for us to make the mistake with other people.

    And the healing that started with that ArchAngels exactly a year ago will have been wasted.

    Please undersatnd, this is not intended as a judgment of either of us.

    Only my perspective.

    and it starts about a month ago,,,

    You said a few days ago that we haven't been connected for ages.

    I remember not all tht long ago when I was at friends place every day, trying to get green. and I was chatting to you on my phone from my friends place because we were enjoying each other so much.

    I was even sending you messages whilst on the train.

    and I'd come home to pictures of women in the kitchen, wearing nothing but aprons, making pies.

    we were so into it that I'd ask for 10 minutes grace upon getting home before communicating with you.

    And then came the day where you openly had the thoughts and feelings that made you question and fear for your life.

    The pie making stopped, which is only to be expected

    We spent  quite a while working through that. And once you were in a better place, my issues of never being good enough and self worth came up.

    In many ways I'm still sorting through that. Working out details and boundaries.

    So its fair to say our connectionhas been all over the place for a month whislt we've been healing our past. But before that, things were excellent

    as for the videos,

    The last time we spoke about videos, you asked me if had any boundaries.

    I said i ws fine. And i proceeded to share with you a video of a girl giving an enthusiastic hand job.

    which you said wasn't right but it looked like fun.

    we then went on to compare panda and deer eye's, your comment being that pandas are more cuddly.

    there was no indication of you having any problems with it whatsoever.

    i posted the 2 blow job videos that same morning, remembering that you told me not ask, or say, just do.

    A few days later you left a comment telling me you saw the vids.

    once again, no indication that you a problem with them.

    Your lack of comment left me with the impression that it was oik to continue.

    Be aware, that the mother and daughter did not have sex on that last vid.

    omly the daughter and mothers friemd.

    I wouldn't do that you.

    And the reason for posting that was to demonstrate to you the beautiful gentle. nurturing, trusting nature of the Divine Feminine as I saw it.

    If you'd said I've seen the vids, please don't post again,  I would have stopped there and then.

    Remember, I don't take hints well.

    i simply could not imagine it upsetting you like it has.

    i dd feel a slight apprehension, and i took at as my fears playing games with me.

    Unsure of my boundary. But i didn't for a moment think it would hurt you.

    this is not meant as an excuse. Nor am i trying to change your mind. 

    And i'm prepared to accept I completely misread you if that's what you still believe,

    i just think after all we've been through to get to here you deserve to know.

    I want you to know that I would never knowingly use sex to hurt you in such a manner.

    My integrity won't allow it.

    So I leave it in your hands. 

  • Night hun.

    hope all is well.

    Take care.


  • Hey hun, home now...


  • Heading out for a while..


  • Love you.


  • Good morning.


  • 3122071146_00296cba95.jpg

  • yeah.

    and we dun it all civilized too.


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