I would like to discuss a few triggers that i recognize when they are happening that I amon the astral dimension and I am projecting.--------- The train dream-- I dream I am moving on a train. Whenever I feel it in my dream it is a reminder to meI'm dreaming and projecting.---- The elevator dream--- I dream I am in an elevator and it starts to move. It doesnt just go straight up and down. But moves very very fast and sideways. This is a conscious astral projection.------ I see "dead" people or my animals who have died. Yes they often visit me---I dream of flying an airplane to certain places- I have certain places that I regularly visit in my dreams. i go to England and also India to look for rare Ayurvedic medicines.---- going up and down a flight of stairsall these different triggers are similar to waking experiences. It is helpful --- while you are awake and aware-- to realize that life itself is very "dream-Like" and illusory.If you can keep the feeling that your asleep and dreaming right now you will start to see how to gain control of your reality.What are some REPETATIVE themes that people have that reminds them they are asleep?I would like to know????????

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  • Trigger-- I put my hand through glass and it squeezes through and doesnt break. It feels kinda wierd..
    ----Putting my hand through or walking "through " walls or wooden doors. thats always a real thrill.
  • When I was younger and finally realized what was happening;
    The feeling that I don't need to walk. Sometimes "swimming" in the air.

    As a young child, the mere thought that I was not my body sent me shooting out, fully awake and aware. One funny experience I remember when I was about 5 or 6. I was sitting at the dinner table thinking to myself, "What if I was this meatball (on my plate)?" And in an instant, my consciousness was projected into it! Now that is something I cannot accomplish anymore. I let this crazy world get to me, and still am paying the price to remember things I lost :(

    And as for being an adult;
    It's hard for me to consciously project, it's usually spontaneous. But, I have trained my mind to let me be consciously aware of leaving my body. So I know it's happening when certain things happen. Most times I'm not aware of them all, maybe a few of the signs in any one projection. The main one is the feeling of falling upwards into a vacuum, or swirling. I like the fact that this is one I am aware of every time, because there are times where I'd really just rather sleep than project, hahaha. A few times it felt like I was still in my physical body and it was levitating upwards, in a circular motion. Now that was weird, thinking I was awake and not aware that I was projecting. I thought I had mastered levitation! Hahaha.
    Other times I hear really loud noises, like the sound of kids yelling, or times a crispy crackling sound. I've read that is you moving through your different bodies?

    And my major, most favorite of all---Seeing loved ones who have crossed over!
    • This is all really great. Thanks a lot Jacqueline.
      the floating sensation is kewel----
      yah the noises are quite common weird noises that arent really happening in the conscious state.
      Some people call me Eddie spagetti--- so I can identify with the meatball.
    • Hahaha, I certainly know what you mean!
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